Harry Potter World Premiere Prime Video

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” s after you mr. Potter can t be wearing it really don t stand a a chance. The weather has been absolutely miserable today. But that hasn t stopped fans.

In there hundreds to london s leicester square some. Even camped here overnight. That s right we re here for the world premiere of harry potter. And the deathly hallows part 1.

Such great chemistry. Does that come easily for you both i m erika. I think it comes pretty easily after you spent 10 years with we ve grown up together..


So the chemistry. Just develops really i think quite naturally along the way. What was it like you know completing the filming was it quite emotional. It was very on the day was extremely emotional.

I was in floods of tears. I just felt quite less like i know i was gonna to do but but no it s not it s nice it s nice to be you know far enough away from it now to sort of enjoy a night like this now. You ve been working on these films for such a long time well the kind of memories you re going to take away from your character amazing. It s been ten years that a childhood.

It s hard to pick like one moment. But i think probably the first the first outset was pretty special because i d never done a film before being on a set in that environment. It just was just crazy..


I loved it and you ve obviously you ve you know you ve completed filming. Now what was that last day like was it quite emotional. How did everybody feel on the last day of filming. Yeah.

It was very it was kind of a very surreal surreal moment for us. It s that kind of day you never think. It s gonna come and then it came round. And it was it was just surreal.

It s gonna i don t even believe it s kind of done now. But it is lovely to sort of reflect back on it. And i missed it already so much..


So yeah. Yes you love dialogue film. I live in peterborough. Which is where i love film is how does it feel to be at the world premiere.

Yeah. This is isn t it the world premiere of harry potter. It s really exciting. I mean.

This is now the seventh time. We ve done this and each time it gets bigger and bigger. And more crazy how are you cold and and and enchanted..


What s the best thing about being in a harry potter film then what at least. I don t get out much. So. It s very nice to be invited to this we d love to have given you on you should have said no you took the film s finishing.

How do you feel i m really excited like i mean i m not sad because i m so proud of what we ve gone over the last few years and and i really think these last few have been the best we ve ever done and so i just can t wait to get a cinema and see how it is and i can t wait for next week. When everyone else is gonna get to see the film it s fantastic it s fascinating it s like a cultural phenomena. It s a bit like when daniel radcliffe arrives in the building it s like the beatles my ears are still ringing from last year. Yeah you can get i can t get used to this you can t even take it for granted are they yeah you expect students to be there.

But it s like you re headlining glastonbury bad word to say about harry potter. We can t blame them really the films out next week and fans will not be ” ..

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