Hart 36″ Roller Cabinet and Chest At Walmart

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“Everybody welcome back got a great video for you here today sound at my local local walmart store. And saw some of these new heart storage solutions. And they are nice now before we get to that i wanted to invite you all to come see me on a youtube stream. It s going to be the after dark show with joe smith.

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I mean i m a subscriber. Myself now that is friday the 13th so it s gonna be much safer than going out. And you know running into someone like this guy over here. But without that so don t forget also my harbor freight video here for this weekend be put a link to the video right up here gonna be a parking lot.

So yeah..

So don t miss that either. Now let s have a look at this new heart storage solution shall. We hey everybody here at my local walmart notice. There s been a little bit of buzz about these heart storage solutions.

This is gonna be the 36 inch 6. Drawer roller chest. And they ve got another version of it over. Here that is also a roller chest.

But it s a version it s a 5 drawer instead of a 6 drawer and it s got the wood top and we ll look at it in a minute. So that you can see the the casters and all now the reason. I m i m doing a video on these because i looked at these really good before and i m gonna say they re similar construction to the skee. But not the husky there they re making a transition in husky right now between what they re calling the industrial and the heavy duty.

So it s not industrial or heavy duty husky. But i d say it s equivalent to husky. It s probably a step above the really cheapo cheapo kind of craftsman stuff you get it s it s pretty well built from what i can tell this is a 36 inch roller chest that has a matching top chest for it the wood birch of it comes with a power strip. This one does not because there s a power strip in the top tail of the chest that goes with it the logo that you see it looks like it s just an applique to me i think they kinda cheaped out there when some of the other materials are premium.

But they re 100 pound slides. The bottom drawer has two slides on it i don t know about the second drawer up. Because the only one they have here is inside of a package but they re soft clothes fall bearing drawers 100 pound slides and i m gonna give you a look at the top chests. See if i can get you guys up here.

It s got a pretty generous top till on..

It which is something that you don t get on the us. General 36 inch wide this this color is part of the drawer. It s it s not plastic overt or anything so it s kind of this nice muted blue and blue chrome. Look the drawers soft clothes.

I don t know if you re seeing that you get up here do a good those work pretty good and look at how heavy duty. The chest. Handle is they kind of chintz out. I think on some of these applications are just stickers or whatever.

Even the us general was better than this applicator. The power ports have a overload protection and usb charger ports on them and as i said it s 36 inch. It s kind of really super generous top till on it it comes with liners. But there s no yeah you know as much as they re happy about their heart logo.

They they don t have any stampings in the liners. Let s see if this drawer. This floor does have i told you here. It has that dual clyde ball bearings first thing.

I would do is grease these up and you have a single one on that next bigger drawer. But the soft close seems to work very good. This is a deeper drawer on this wood. Top version.

Where the roller version has three shorter drawers that are made more for wrenches and sockets..

So it totally makes sense. The liners are nice. But as i said there s no like logo pressed into it or anything like that. But it s just about the quality that i would expect to see based on you know what i think the gauge of steel to be and that is as i said the husky 5 inch.

By 2 casters are similar to what come on the tool carts for the us. General and they work very well. There you go you can see that caster is in pretty good shape. So that s it i just thought you guys would like to have a look at it i think i ve been getting some flack about the hart tools that i ve been reviewing and looking at.

But i just went up and down the aisle of my walmart here. And i gotta tell you they are in my opinion hands down a step above for sure above the hyper tough that we re used to seeing at walmart. So if you get a chance you know be be a little more optimistic and stop in and have a look at some of these hart tools. Because i think you guys are going to like them you know it s just like anything else where you got to be a little bit careful about what you re picking for instance.

This hart ratchet. Here that you only seem to get one twist off of before it locks up again 92 throught right there it it locked up and that is hard to move. But you can t get it to move and it feels like cheap plastic. But i don t think it is and so you ll get a few turns and then right there it locks again this is not even off the shelf.

So hart you guys got to fix that kind of stuff. It s an extendable ratchet you guys have seen these at at harbor freight. The pittsburgh version of these and there s this one here is the heart has a lot of slop in it compared to the pittsburgh. I thought it would be very similar because you know some of this hyper stuff hyper tough stuff is very similar to what you re used to seeing in the pittsburgh line at harbor freight.

I ve noticed that the packaging looks very similar on these wrenches to what you might see in pittsburgh brand at harbor freight..

So i really do expect when the dust settles heart will be a step above this so don t count it out until you ve gone and seen for yourself don t let somebody else set your opinion go and look for yourself. Maybe buy a test tool or a handful of them and try them yourself. And then make up your mind. Now.

I just wanted to wrap up real quick by letting you know that although us general at harbor freight. Does not make a 36 inch wide roller card and chest. They do make the 26 into 44. Now if you take the width in inches.

And kind of do some fuzzy math. With it then you ll you ll find that the 36 inch is just about the same price since its heart would be the difference being that although us general may have a little bit thicker gauge steel in their product. This heart roller cabinet and and chest. If you buy it as a combo are going to come out to about the same amount of money and you re going to get the soft close drawers.

You re gonna get the built in power strip with usb charger. And you get a top. Till. So that s something to think about a us.

General power strip with a couple of usb chargers on it it s gonna cost you about 30 bucks. Now don t forget to like subscribe and share these videos with your friends it makes a difference on the metric on youtube and i would appreciate that if you are coming up on your weekend make it a good one ” ..

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