Haverst Moon – Light of Hope – Switch Review

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“Everybody its michelle from lwt. I m gonna be doing a review of the harvest harvest moon light of hope game. Today harvest moon light of hope is the newest in the harvest moon series and for anyone not familiar with this series. It s a popular mesh of a farming and a dating simulation game when you work to revive a neglected farm through growing crops mining.

Ores and raising livestock at the same time. You re also making friends in the town and ultimately have the option to pursue a bachelor or bachelorette to marry harvest moon light of hope was published and developed by natsume and released for ps4 and switch last month. I played the switch version before getting into the game. I want to touch quickly on some of the history of the development behind the game.

Marvelous who made the original harvest moon series started their own north american publishing division. Called exceed and left their previous publisher natsume. Without their flagship franchise. Now sumi still owned the harvest moon.

Name. Though. So they started developing a new harvest moon series in 2007. Which still used the same name these games are released in north america europe and australia.

But not in japan. While marvelous games had to change the name of their game series to story of seasons for those regions. While story of season is the true successor to the harvest moon legacy. The newer harvest moon titles have struggled to live up to their namesake getting into light of hope it was originally released on pc on november 14 2017.

Which was a first for any harvest moon or story. Of season title. The special edition. Was released on may 29.


2018 for switch and ps4 making. It the first harvest moon or story of seasons game to come out on console. Since harvest moon animal parade. The game is released coincides with the 20 year anniversary of the harvest moon series after two failed attempts to update.

The series with new mechanics that they thought would help differentiate the titles from the japanese ones light of hope goes back to the basics and draws inspiration from the first harvest moon title. Which came out on snes harvest moon light of hope takes place in a harbour town you re shipwrecked by a storm and wash ashore in a town that has been essentially deserted. The dr. Lighthouse attendant rescues you and your goal becomes to revive the lighthouse and rebuild the town so that the previous residents will return the game features new characters.

But also sees some characters return from that soomi s previous games in the series the last valley and sky tree village. This is an interesting idea for this series since it adds something to tie the games together and could become more interesting as more games in this series are released the focus and light of hope is building back up the town around the lighthouse. The town restoring system provides an interesting progression system updated from sky tree village. You know what materials you need to fix up each building so that sets out your tasks.

And as you fix up building as the old residents come back to the town this provides a really interesting pacing for the narrative. It allows you to meet new characters more slowly than usual. So you can get to know each one better. And it has a good feeling of seeing a community come to life since certain residents have requests and services.

It s a good way for the game to open up as you get further into it with the series going back to its roots natsumi drops. The experimental terraforming gameplan that really hurt the previous title. The gameplay is much more like a traditional harvest moon. You have the traditional farming elements you prepare the soil planter water seeds and then collect your crops weather elements can affect your crops and there s a new game mechanic that allows for random crop mutations.

But you can influence later on with different types of fertilizer by upgrading your tools you can also till in water multiple plots of land at a time as you unlock more of the map. There are also different types of land to farm on which allows for new crops and mutations when you look at the information for a specific type of seed along with the season it grows in it will also tell you what type of land it thrives on mining is also returned to this title. When you unlock the mine. There are 100 floors to explore so upgrading your hammer will make a big difference as you explore deeper into the mine similarly you want to upgrade your ax to chop down hardwood trees as the game progresses to gather materials for restoring bridges and buildings foraging and fishing remain.


The same as you explore the forest and shoreline around your farm. You can find items to forage and places to fish. Once you ve obtained a fishing rod raising livestock is still a big part of the farming gameplay once you repair your chicken coop. In your barn.

You can adopt chicken cows. Sheep. Donkeys and a horse. They require daily affection on top of being brushed.

Fed. And they ll give you produce once your friendship meter is high enough ranging from eggs. Milk fur or wool. More animals become available later in the game as you progress through the story.

You can also adopt a dog and later a bobcat as a pet socializing and dating is the other big aspect of the harvest moon titles in light of hope you have the option to play as a young man or a young woman and you can marry and have a child in this game. There s still no option for a same sex relationship natsumi. I said those will be introduced when the time is right this game is five bachelors and five bachelorettes you can interact with as well as two additional bachelors and bachelorettes you can add 3d. See as these possible partners gain more affection for you you ll unlock for note event cutscenes in addition to talking to them you can give villagers.

One gift daily to increase your friendship level. This game. Also has introduced a special request system as i mentioned before that allows villagers to ask you for specific items. Completing these requests will also increase your friendship level each villager is favorite items and least favorite items.

Luckily there s no penalty for giving someone an item they hate. Though once you ve maxed out someone s affection and seen all four hour cutscene you can begin collecting the required items to get married laughter light of hope also introduces some new festivals. Including a dog racing festival as well as a brand new two player mode you can unlock where a friend can help you on your farm. Once a day in the two player mode.


You have the option to request help for free or by exchanging. A gem which you would mine from the mine. Without a gem. Your partner will have two hearts worth of endurance and will no longer be able to farm with you once that is spent training a gem to request help will add more hearts to their meter.

While in two player mode. Your partner has to stay on the same screen as you if you move too far away. They will be transported to your side while moving around your farm. Your partner can help feed pet bathe and collect produce from your livestock.

They can also clean compost in your field. They can pull up weeds harvest your crops until the ground they can also plant random seeds not from your inventory. But from whatever is available for that season and water plots on a 3×3 grid. This is especially great if you haven t bought all of the available seeds.

Yet. There s a chance your partner will randomly plant something you haven t grown yet. Although depending on how well organized you like your farm that might be a negative point for you you can also venture away from your farm with your partner. They can help chop down trees and break rocks.

But only up to the same size you can currently manage so if you haven t upgrade your tools they can t break larger rocks or cut down hardwood trees for you they can also help dig up seashells on the shoreline and fish. I think the two player aspect is a very interesting new feature in theory and you see a lot of potential in it if you would develop more but as it is right now. It s not really worth the gems to me. I like the efficiency of my partner watering and sowing.

Nine seeds at a time and i love the randomness of the seeds and then they don t come from my own inventory. I wish there s more flexibility for me to leave the area and to work on other farm tasks. While the second player doing those chores it really detracts from the usefulness of the feature. When i have to stand there overseeing and getting in the way like the previous games in the series the art style in this game.


Is more cartoonish than story of seasons and while i don t mind it that much the college of graphics. Here is a huge letdown everything just looks really rough it looks like a 3ds game with blurry graphics. And a lot of jagged edges. It s bearable during the typical gameplay.

But when the camera moves in for a cutscene it really stands out the iron style can actually look pretty good if the graphics were clearer. I d love something that was more style shaded like an evolution of the save the homeland style since i could allow them to design the game in a way that s simple. But still looked really good overall. Though i m happy with the changes in the game particularly after the disappointment of spiky village.

I love it they ve gone back to the basics and given us a really charming fun game that takes steps towards living up to the previous titles in the series. It s not quite there yet. But i did enjoy the game. A fair bit so they re definitely moving in the right direction.

If they continue to build more on some of the ideas here do more work on the graphics in particular the next harvest moon game could be pretty good. Most fans of story of seasons won t check out this game on principle. But if stardew valley has taught us anything is that competition is good in this genre. So i recommend checking this game.

Out if my review is interested you and keep an open mind for the future. So thank you for checking out my review. Mike and i are always doing more so please subscribe. If you enjoyed it and i look forward to talking to you ” .


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