Hidden Technology to Convert Low to High Resolution in Photoshop

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“It is impossible to actually increase the size of the resolution of an image after after you have taken the picture. We can fake it right in photoshop now there a new technology in photoshop to fake it better and let me show you how that works so first of all update your photoshop to the latest version. If you re a creative cloud. Member.

This feature is only available in adobe photoshop cc and not in previous versions like cs6. So if you re a cc member just update. Your photoshop then what you need to do let s have a look at this image. First let s have a look.

This is what five hundred by three three three pixels. Very small image it s not pretty much usable. But in case you have to use it and you have to enlarge..


It here s how you usually do it right you go to image and then image size you kind of increase it for example let s increase it to four thousand let s have a look at the preview. This just doesn t look right this looks fake right even if you try to change to like bicubic smoother enlargement. It s really really soft and not worth it so what you need to do hit cancel you re not gonna do it this way go to edit preferences and inside of preferences. There s something called technology.

Previews. Now if you re using mac. That would be photoshop and then preferences okay click on technology previews and make sure you. Check enable preserve.

Details 20. Upscale that s the new technology. All right so check that hit ok now this time when you go to image..


Image. Size you will see that option. Develop preserve. Details 20.

Check that select that and then 4000 pixels and then when you once you look at the preview. Let s have a look at this this is so much better than the previous and also you get one extra slider this new technology gives you that slider to control the noise. If you want it with the noise take it all the way to the left. If you want it totally without the noise take it all the way to the right.

But that makes it completely soft. So we can control that for me this value is fine. Let s have a look..


This is much better than something like automatic let s have a look. This is very very thick so let s go ahead and choose preserve. Details. 20.

Reduce noise value is fine 19 percent works for me hit ok. And it does a pretty good job. Now. It s pretty much useful right so that s the new technology.

Preserve details. Too point. Oh..


That s pretty message for this video. I hope this video helped you and if it did make sure to give us that i can also do not forget to subscribe and not just subscribe bring the bus that you my friend don t miss the thing. I ll see you guys my next one till. Then stay tuned.

And make sure that you keep creating thank you so much for watching. ” ..

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