Hisense 40″ HD TV Review

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“Right so i m going to do a quick review of the 40 inch high high sense tv. It s a tv. The brand that i sold that walmart. I sure is sold at other retailers.

But this one is sold at at walmart that s where i picked this particular one up black friday special a hundred dollars for a 40 inch hd tv. It s a smart tv. But it is 1080p it does have a good picture. This is no tuning straigh on the box.

It is just you know just exactly how it is i just got my playstation hooked up to it that s the main thing. That s being played on it and you know the picture quality on the box pretty gonna plate maylene for video games..

I haven t done any fine tuning to it at all. But you know the picture quality has been good. I m sure if i did fine tuning to it it would be a lot better sound quality is good too. I actually have two of these tvs on i have an older version upstairs in the living room.

And this is the brand new newest version of it. The remote is exactly the same sound quality is actually really good so there. This one s not quite as bad as the other one. But my other one is a super loud straight straight out of the box.

When there s weights like just just replay. That but sound quality alone so turn it up i mean just for a tv..

No it s not bad you know some people you hear that they complain about the tv song called being pretty bad. This one s not too bad input. There s plenty of em plus. Three hdmi is you got a regular component input.

I think there actually is a usb for like media tool itself and then i got like a tv. Antenna or a tv. Tuner built. In you need to hook up an antenna to it so playing for anything you might want to hook up to it overall quality of tv.

Algorithm is being very good they are wall mountable. Which is nice and you can also you know hook up virtually anything to them that you have the hookups for a sambar idea that means salim are hooked up to it so you know overall quality in tv..

Like i said. It s very good i would give it a you know a thumbs up probably a good solid. You know i don t know if i could go five all five. But four and a half all five stars the tv.

I ve upstairs. I have had that for years that one there s five going on five years old not one single issue with that i ve had this one. Since black friday. No hiccups with this one also if you re looking into these.

And you can score a good deal on it i would highly recommend buying one you can always get a roku box or stick roku stick or fire tv or never hook. It up think you have a smart tv..

But overall quality of this tv for being a cheaper brand tv is very good. I would definitely recommend a good way to save money this one i picked up for hungrybox still the one i have i think i bought that one when it was new for about 140 or 150. I think these now retail for about 160 to 170. Which still isn t that bad for a full hd 40 inch tv.

So if you are looking at one of these and like i said. If you can score a good deal on it definitely go ahead and buy it very easy to set up very easy to use and you know just overall nice. Sleek black black design on there and the tv itself is you know i would rate. It right up there with some of the bigger name brands as far as just ” .


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