Hisense H8F Series 4K ULED 55 Inch Android TV – $500

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“What s up everybody s shibui floss back again with another video and today. We we re gonna take a look at the hisense h8 series 55 inch 4k u. Android tv now you can pick this up from amazon on best buy i ll put links up in the description the price on this one 500 bucks. I repeat 500 bucks for 4k u led android tv.

What a time to be alive now on the side note high sense is sponsoring the giveaway on this so if you want to enter follow them on facebook. I ll totally find a cup in the description too 500 bucks is a great price. But 399 is even better so make sure you enter that giveaway alright. So let s go through all the features on this one this is the hisense h8 series 55 inch 4k u.

Led android tv now this is hdr smart. So you got your led technology. Boost color. Contrast.

Brightness and motion. You got full array local dimming. More zones for greater contrast range. They got dolby vision.

Plus. Hdr hdr. 10. High dynamic range enhances.

Details. Now you get a wide color gamut expanded range of rich colors. Your motion rate is 240. So that eliminates lagging scenes.

But you got em emc now since this is an android smart tv. You re gonna run all your streaming services so you ve got netflix youtube hulu hbo now youtube tv movies and tv barbuda you got fandango you got your google assistant built in it works with amazon alexa. It s completely netflix ready you got your dbx tv. And over 4000 apps and games from the android market alright.

So let s unbox..

This and see what it is alright. So once you take the tv out the box here s everything you got left you got your quick start guide plug in file. It you got the plug got a remote control. That s voice activated and has some of your streaming services built right into it you got netflix youtube google play and vudu tv and your google home assistant button you get some batteries and this is gonna be his stance now let s take a look at the actual tv.

Now this is the bottom of the tv. If you notice you got four different slots two on each side that s gonna be for your stand. So you just put them in just like this. And it also comes with some screws tighten the screws up now this is how the tv s gonna look from the side this gives you an idea how thin.

It is now let s take a closer look at the port s now here s all your ports on the top. You got your antenna. Cable input. You got a usb you got three hdmi you got an optical input.

And another usb now this usb is 5 volts one amp. This is just 5 volts now on the back you got 2 3. Rca jacks. So you got left and.

Right and you also have video you got a 35. Little b. The headphone jack you got a service jack. You got your ethernet connection and another hdmi now here s the back of the tv.

Now here s your ac input. That s what you re gonna plug it in alright. So here s the front of the tv 55 inches. And on the side note.

Here s your energy guide and according to the estimated yearly energy costs you re looking at 28 bucks. Alright. So let me plug this in and we ll power it up now once you power up the tv. You re gonna be on your setup screen now if you want to set this up using the android phone or tablet.

Just say ok google set up my device then follow the directions..

Now i m just gonna copy the rest of my account information over and then we re gonna test this out alright. So now it s asking if i want to install the following apps you got facebook nest spotify. Twitter and plug in services and radio services. You got your file manager and youtube tv.

So i m gonna go ahead and install all of these let s register. The tv and we should be good to go now that everything is all set up let s take a look at the remote control on the top you got a power button you got your input button that s how you re gonna change your sources you got a full number pad you got red green yellow and blue multi functional buttons. Got your menu you got your tv. You got closed captions you got your navigation arrows you got an ok button you got back apps and a home button.

There s a google assistant you got volume up and down channel up and down. You got a mute button. You got playing pause. Skip and reverse tracks.

You got nto for video. Descriptions. Mts for audio. Languages you got a stop button and you got four streaming services netflix youtube google play and vudu tv alright so let s check this out first let s try the google assistant so i m gonna hit that button what s the weather for tomorrow.

There it is now let s check out all the sentence. You got network inputs picture change that up if you want you got sound amazon. Alexis services. You got google cast apps.

Screensaver usage mode wake up send diagnostics and usage setup assistant enhanced viewing storage and reset about and help now you got your preferences date and time timers language keyboard homescreen googoo parental controls and all your accessibility settings now you got remote and accessories serial communication port add an accessory a bluetooth keyboard bluetooth headphones whatever you want got two remote control got all your personal information location security and restrictions. Usage and diagnostics. And all your accounts alright let s go back home now you got your apps. You got play next netflix trending on youtube top selling movies.

Google music google movies got fandango pandora top selling tv shows and youtube recommended videos. So now let s check somebody s out now let s try to watch a movie on netflix so i m gonna use that google button again play bird box on netflix okay opening netflix and here it is beautiful 4k display all right so now let s take it over to youtube. If you want you can hit the youtube button from the remote or you can use the google assistant. I think the google assistant is a lot more fun so i m gonna hit the button play floor see carter bmw cruz on youtube sure flossy carter bmw cruz on youtube in there it is all right so i m gonna dim the lights and we ll play some better quality videos all right so let s check out this video and listen to the speakers yo.

What s up in financial boy klaus back again with another video and today..

We re gonna be testing out to lose some of the 860 400 now i m out here with sony in beautiful california. That s now this new camera now like i said for 2019. One of my new year s resolutions was get out the house get on a roll. So now we re on a roll let s check this out laughter.

Laughter laughter all right so now let me show you how screencast works say you re watching a youtube video from your phone and you want to cast it right to the tv you re just going to press the cast button select the tv and that s it simple as that obviously once we got that said white shoes is officially hollywood. We got you a new column. We ve got a new column for you today i see you alright so you think if you can finally get rid of this this purple. One is probably when i m been through the wars.

We ve got and i can pause it ison and use the phone as a remote control that s pretty sick alright. So now let s try a little gaming. Got motor combat 11 here we go and i just thought of playing this game. See i got a bear with me you recall being a revenant.

I recall in quan chi slave. Let us purge that memory thing mein t. Fords. The authority simply means let s go alright.

So overall on a scale of one to ten. I m giving the hisense h8 series 55 inch 4k u. Led tv a major major major go for 500 bucks. The price is right now think about it like this for 500 bucks.

You getting a 55 inch. 4k. Led android smart tv. That has a voice activated remote control you ve got google assistant and amazon alexa.

You get screencast and chromecast you got access to all your streaming services. You got all the ports hdmi usb optical rca ethernet and a headphone jack and you get access to over 4000. Google apps and games all that for 500 bucks. This is a win hit me up in the comments.

Let me know what y all..

Think about this. And don t forget to go to hisense facebook page and enter that giveaway shout out to everybody brock won be on facebook foursquare twitter google shout out to all the google gangsters i ll see how holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up all buster and a special shout out to everybody biking with me on instagram download. I swear i m at full time on the percent full throttle and a special shout out to everybody blocking with the new stream on sundays. Yall already know street.

Gangsters are deaf get the drinks ready no meat boys allowed. Oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy. Underscore. Carter that s where i m at and a special shout out to the notification squad.

I ll see how in the comment section. Early hashtags. Oh yeah. One more thing.

Almost forgotten. Fellas. Ladies. Say.

It with me all. Y. all. Haters.

Or got trolls. Close your eyes. A bitchin bone chip boy floss. I m out deuces spot one to beam up.

” ..

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