History of California The Animated Californian History In a Nutshell

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“Was settled during the last ten to fifteen thousand years ago. It was one of of the most diverse areas in north america. After the contact with spanish explorers. Most the native americans died out from european diseases.

The first european to explore the california coast was juan rodriguez cabrillo. He was working for spain. He died in california and in his expedition. He found nothing no wealth no advanced civilization.

No agriculture california was of a little further interest this land wasn t so explored in that time for example san francisco bay..

Escaped discovery for two centuries until it was finally discovered by land exploration in 1769 and 1579. The english explorer francis drake. Claimed the land from england calling. It nova on the terminal.

The albion was often used on european maps to link to the territory north of the spanish claims in california in 6002 spain. Explored. California s coastline from san diego as far north as monterey bay. The spanish colonial period is officially between 1769 to 1821.

The spanish divided california into two parts baja california..

And alta california. As provinces of new spain. The eastern and northern boundaries of alta california were very unknown as the spanish despite a lack of physical presence and settlements claimed essentially everything in what is now the western united states spanish missionaries began settling up 21 californian missions on or near the coast of alta california. Beginning in san diego.

During the same period. Spanish military forces built several forts and three small towns pueblos. Two of the problems would eventually grow into today s cities of los angeles and san jose in 1821 mexico gained its independence from spain. Even if population begin to rise up california continued to be an isolated territory.

Several battles between us and mexican troops due to some territorial disputes led to the united states congress to issue a declaration of war against mexico on may 1846..

The mexican american war had begun of the were mexico was forced to relinquish any claim to california to the united states. The unexpected discovery of gold in 18 49. Produced a spectacular gold rush in north california. Attracting hundreds of thousands of young men from around the world.

More and more immigrants came in some of them returned home without any world. Some of them remain in california for gold exploration or for new opportunities. When people came in business ideas began to start new homes were built the port s expanded. The settlements became towns and cities california played a small role in the american civil war and became the 31st state of united states in 1850.

The coming of the railroads in 1869 linked its economy with the rest of the nation..

And attracted here a lot of people this land was no longer an isolated place more and more people came in and in. 1900 we could find 15. Million people in these states california continued to grow rapidly and soon became an agriculture and industrial power the economy was wildly based on agriculture oil shipping tourists or film today we can say that california is a center of innovation companies like apple google facebook or even youtube were created in this place because of its opportunities from 1900 to present days. California population evolved from 15.

Million to 39 millions thanks for watching subscribe for more history. ” ..

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