Hologram Vinyl – Star Wars TFA Soundtrack

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“Turned up today and i thought you might want to see it of course. It it s a star wars. The force awakens soundtrack on vinyl music by john williams this one comes with a 3d holographic experience now i ll try my best to demonstrate that to you later on. But let me just show you what else you get if you decide to pick one of these up well of course you get a beautiful gatefold sleeve with really nice artwork in it two discs of heavyweight vinyl.

And this booklet. Here. Which i ll just slowly flick through just to give you an idea. What you get in here.

Now this of course is only the kind of thing you can get if you buy vinyl. If you get a download or a cd or any of that kind of stuff you miss out on all this of course you do pay for it and you pay through the nose as well. But if you re prepared to pay that you too could have a lovely collector s edition of the soundtrack. With this beautiful booklet.


Let s just have a look at one of these two discs that we ve got so of course as i mentioned heavy weight vinyl take it out here you can see this side. This is the b side coming in scratches in the middle looks like someone s had a go at it with a compass or something. If you flip it over you just get the normal label in the middle of the side a but side b. That s got this holographic experience.

So it s not often you put side b of a record on first. But i wanted to try this out so let s put it on here and see what we ve got well initially you can t really see anything i thought hold on a minute. What s going on here. So i ve got my lamp as moving it around all over wasn t quite getting any kind of holographic experience.

Then i tried it with a very directional light a little torch as you can see here pointing that down on the record. There. You go. There s your holographic experience.


Now of course you re looking at this in 2d here. Although i have uploaded it in 4k sort rubber best. But you re not getting the 3d aspect to this these things actually look like they re hovering the one of the bat looks like it s hovering above the record and the one of the front looks like it s down inside the record somewhere. I m pinching there where approximately it looks to my eyes.

When i m looking at the record. So this is a rotating tie fighter. Now it rotates when the record rotates if you were to stop the disc the tie fighter stops rotating. But it s still there it isn t the rotation that makes it appear.

It s just the way the light shines on those actions in the center of the disk and as you can see i move the light around the tie fighters move around as well now. If you do decide to get one of these disks bear in mind you will also need a directional light pointing at your turntable. I could really have done with having some sort of angle poise or spot light on there. My studio lights have to wider spread to enable the hologram to appear.


Now putting the first disc in here. I put them in in the wrong order. This one has the millennium falcon on it as you can see again. We ve got two millennium falcon s the front one is down inside the disc itself and the one of the back hovers above.

It it s not quite as impressive and effect as with the tie fighters because it doesn t have that sort of same 3d aspect to the fact you can still look through it like a wireframe. It s more like you re looking down on it. But still a very impressive effect. Nonetheless now if you re thinking what happens.

When the record reaches its end. Well your stylus works scratched all across the hologram area. Now. There s a locked loop at the end so.


It just stays there until you lift the arm off the record. Now you might also be wondering what would happen if you put this on a vertical record player. At least perhaps one person out. There is wondering that well it works on that as well of course.

It doesn t really matter. What you re playing it on as long as you ve got a light pointing at it from the right angle. Now if you tire of those holograms which i m sure you re not going to do. But if you do don t worry you ve still got a brilliant soundtrack from john williams.

I m afraid i ve had to talk all over it but copyright reasons. But i think you know how this one goes anyway. But that s it for the moment as always ” ..


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