Honor 5X – Screen Repair, Charging port fix, Battery Replacement Complete video

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“We re going to be taking apart and nfixing the honor 5x from huawei. I i ll show you how to replace the screen. The charging nport and all the components inside you will need a size t3. Bit for this i will nlink all the parts down in the video.

Description as well as the tools that you ll need there nare two screws at the bottom. These are the only two screws that you ll need the t3 nbit for remove the sim card trays from the side of the device. And then once those screws nand. Trays are out you ll be able to take a pry tool and pry between the back metal nframe and the screen make sure you do evenly all along the outside.

You ll see all the nclasps here in a second here s the back panel of the phone you can see a little bit nof foam around the back panel for the battery and for the fingerprint scanner. It is a metal nand plastic mix another nice thing about huawei is they put little arrows on all their nmetal components. So you know what direction is up when you re repairing. It there s none screw at the side for the battery port and the screen port.

They re just like little nlego connections. Where you can just unsnap them from the motherboard..

There are two screws nholding down the metal bracket for the extension ribbon cable. That goes down to the charging nport unscrew that and remove it make sure that you keep all your screws organized there nare. 6. Screws down here for the plastic bracket remove those and lift that up this is also nthe.

Loud speaker for the phone. There are the two contact points. That just rest on top nof. The charging port so it ll get its signal.

There s one wire cable also attached to nthe charging port and then the bottom of the extension ribbon cable. Now that that s nsnapped off. We can set that off to the side. The charging port itself is glued down to nthe frame of the phone lift that off on the back side of the charging port you can nsee the microphone.

That s also there now for the battery. It is interesting there nis one pull tab that will remove the adhesive from one quarter of the battery..

But there s nstill permanent adhesive on all the other three corners. So it s interesting that nthey would have the pull tab there in the first place lift that off make sure when nyou re prying it out do not damage that screen cable right there i ve unsnapped nit from the motherboard especially if you need to reuse your screen or if you re just ndoing this repair to replace the battery. There are five screws on the top of the motherboard nand. Then the power button and volume buttons are plugged in here to the side you just nlift up the back of the little clasp and then you can slide out the connector for the volume nand power buttons.

There s one plastic bracket up at the top of the phone set that off to nthe side. Keeping your screws. Organized and then the top of the wire cable unclips and nthe motherboard can slide out of the frame. It also has a funky little hat just like the nnexus 6p and then the front facing camera can unclasp from the motherboard.

Just like na little lego same thing with the rear facing camera just unsnap that the top camera nthe front facing camera is a 5 megapixel and then the rear camera is a 13 megapixel ni. m just going to snap those back into the motherboard placing them over the connection nand pressing them gently in place. You ll feel them click down just like a lego now nhere is the screen of the phone. It has the plastic back then the lcd and then the glass non top.

So this is the part that you ll buy when you crack your screen or your lcd. Nyou ll just have to transfer over the vibrator and the ear piece to your new screen..

And then nput them back into place luckily for the honor 4x right now the screens are only about n30 dollars. So hopefully. These prices are the same for the 5x when they become available ni will link those down in the video description as soon as they become available. I m going nto go ahead and put the motherboard back into place snapping down the screen ribbon cable nand.

The wire cable onto the bottom of the motherboard right there and then plugging nin. The power and volume buttons make sure you do this or else. The power button will nnot function. This is the only communication.

It has with the motherboard lock. It down ninto place with the plastic bit. Then there are those five screws get those back into nthe motherboard as well then down here at the bottom of the phone. We re going to set nthe charging port into place and then i m going to connect the bottom portion of the nextension ribbon cable and then set the battery down underneath the fingerprint scanner and nthen.

I can set the extension ribbon cable on top you can see here that i forgot to nplug in my wire cable make sure you do that on your phone. Before you set the back plastic nbit down in there are 6 screws down there along the bottom and then the top of the nextension ribbon cable needs to be plugged into the motherboard as well as the battery nget those two screws and bracket in place..

And then the one screw and then this bracket nover. The battery connection then i m going to turn on the phone to make sure everything s nfunctioning before i put the back cover on everything looks good now my back cover s na. Little bit bent from a bend test video. I did a second ago.

I will link that here as nwell so i m going to bend that back into place since metal s bent. It never goes nback perfect. But i think i got it pretty close i m going to put the screen and phone nback into the metal housing and then clasp it down around the outside everything looks nlike it s working. If you have any questions leave them down in the comments.

Make sure nto like if this video helped you and all the behind the scene stuff is on my instagram nand twitter. Thanks for watching hope to ” ..

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