How Do I Find My Windows Product Key Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95

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“Is up guys. This is pc gaming 300 back for another video here for you you guys and in this video. I m going to be teaching guys how to out what your windows product key is i say windows product key because this will work for any version of windows. After windows 95.

So pretty much any version of windows. That you re using right now. Xp vista 9895 2000. Xp.


It ll work for pretty much any windows operating. System. Olas almost be using windows 10. Or something so this will teach you how to find out your windows product key and and it will also show you pretty much all the information any type of important information on your computer like your system specs your system id all that kind of stuff so what you want to do first is you want to want to go to your browser of choice.

I m just gonna use firefox for this and you want to go to google. Okay just go to google and in google. You want to type up bell arc advisor want to search search you just want to search that up it ll be the first link and if it isn t the first link if it s not there then i ll leave a link in the description just to make it easier for you guys so click on that link and all you want to do now is you just want to hit the download button um. It s only 3 or 4 megabytes.

I believe so once you download it ll give you a bit of a box..

And it ll ask you if you want to download it you kick. You click yes and then will download very quickly and then you just click on the click on the installer file. And then once you do that you the program will open up by itself. So you can just open it up like this hit continue and it ll also ask you this you just want to hit yes.

And it will also ask you if you want to update. The security definition. Just doing right now for me. But for you guys it ll actually ask you you just want a yes.

It s basically updating the profile of the computer..

It s basically looking for all the information now once all these the loading things have finished. It s just looking for all your information. It s updating stuff once you re in it once it s finished doing that it ll automatically open a page like this where it ll show you pretty much all your information at the top you can see operating system it ll show your system specs your system model circuit board to find out your actual product key want to scroll down and then under here over here you can see software licenses. It shows you all the software licenses of all the programs that you ve purchased and in here.

They ll say microsoft windows seven eight whatever version of windows. You have over here it says windows 7 home premium 64. Bit and over here as you can see is the product key for that right here it shows you the product key. This is very important information because you don t want to give this to anyone else.

And it s important because if you ever want to reinstall windows or recover..

Windows. You re going to need this product key. So it s pretty important if you want to install windows or something you need this product key on the computer just so that it s completely legal and you don t have to do it illegally and as i said there s also opening up randomly. But yeah after you re finished it ll it ll open this up so basically that s how to find out your windows product key hope you guys found this video informative hope you please leave a like please subscribe share and favor check out some of some of my other videos.

Hope you guys had a wonderful day and i will see you guys next time ” ..

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