How to activate iMessage turn on off iPhone iPad iPod

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“Guys until this time. I m gonna show you how to activate your imessage okay okay and how to fix it if um. It s not working properly you can some stuff onto it anyways. We re going to go into settings right away.

So that s his icon right here. Okay now we re just going to scroll down all the way till. We see messages okay under messages. It s where you activate everything so let s just go under there okay so right here you have to make sure.

This is green okay if it s not green right now you need to just switch it just by tapping on it and till. It s green okay so just move that circle there until it s green. If you see green. There you have it active it s all good now just in case.


Before you get all excited now go into sent. And received okay um. Well actually just before doing that do this. Then make sure.

This is active just in case. Your imessage is not working for some reason it s better if your iphone sends a text message so have this on for sure okay then next we re going to go in here. Okay under here um here you re gonna add another email. Okay.

If you don t have an email right now it may be just active with your phone. Number. Which is here on the top yes can t really see on my screen. But on your screen.


You re going to see your phone number that s very important that you have your phone number right. There. Now that you can t pretty much edit out okay um. It s good that you have your phone.

Number. There because they can reach you at your ia message with that phone number now you also want them to reach you and you want to reach other people. Throughout your imessage using your email. Okay or icloud.

So make sure to have a hotmail or not a hotmail and specifically. But you need yahoo or something like that gmail hasn t been working that great so if you having difficulties. I ll just try another email gmail. There are some complications sometimes not all the time okay.


But there are difficulties with gmail and imessage just don t get along that well okay. So you can add several emails here so people can reach. I do imessage in several ways. So they re that way for sure you re gonna get all the messages.

And you re gonna be able to send messages to people okay as as well as if for some reason they re not getting your messages from another iphone. Make sure to add their email into their um. Contact so in their contact information. You can edit emails so.

If you have somebody s phone. Number you might want to put their email. If daiya message is not getting to them on time or it s just not working. It s because you re missing email.


Okay. So basically that s how you activate it make sure you have at least twenty months. I would say plus your phone number so you re good to go that s it for imessage guys if you guys have any questions comments. If i same thing you re having problems just i ll leave me a comment.

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