How To Add Optifine to ANY modpack! [2020 FTB/Twitch

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” s up guys. My name is sigma be here for troubleshoot and today. I ll ll be showing you how to add optifine and to any of you feed. The mod packs through the twitch launcher used to be the curse launcher up until twitch bought them out.

And so it s here you d usually go to mods minecraft and you ll see your mont packs here if you don t make sure you on the my mod packs page. So say we want to add optifine to feed the beast presents die. Off 20 or go ahead and click on it and we ll see at the top. What version.


It is if you don t see it up there have a look down here where it says updated blade version and then minecraft version look at what it is here and take note of it what we want to do next is hit the cog wheel on the top right. The folder go into the mods folder and leave this open in the background. Now head across to your internet browser of choice since i ve been download optifine hitted the optifine dotnet slash downloads link and then look for the corresponding minecraft version for us it was at one point twelve point two. So we ll find that which is here find the highest one on this list.

Which should be the most updated version hit download. Then wait for the added to be skippable. Let s hop writer. Says.


Please. Wait and we ll wait for the button to show up up. Here click skip ad. And then you ll be presented with this page hit the download optifine button and wait for that to finish once it s finished hit keep and we ll open folder.

Once the folder is open make sure to select. It right click copy go back to the other folder. We opened earlier which is the mods folder right click paste it in here once you ve done that optifine it should be installed and you should see it as soon as you launch up your game. Via the twitch launcher.


Just by hitting play you won t see it under installed mods as these are listed in the mod pack and not on your local system as far as i know hit play again. You ll see that when you land up in the game. You ll actually have optifine installed you may not know it s installed immediately. But you ll easily be able to tell if you follow these steps.

Number. One open up the game number two girl options followed by video settings. And if you see these options down here. Then you know that optifine is installed if it isn t obvious enough.


It s also in the bottom left here optifine hd iii ultra. Then you can go ahead and change these settings as you like and that s it off to fine. It should now be installed on the mod pack of your choice. Thank you for watching monies being taken over here for troubleshoot and ” .


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