HOW TO add your OWN PICTURE or DECAL in BLOXBURG in 2019

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So if you missed it go check it out in the video i show you guys away how you can download movies for free so in this video i will show you guys how you can add your own images into blocksberg. It s easy and everyone can do it so let s start so first go to the build mode. Then pick decorate and then decoration now look for a painting or picture with the size that you want your picture to have make sure that your picture has the same shape as your photo. So if you have a vertical photo that you want to import also pick a vertical painting or picture in game.

When you bought your picture. Leave build mode and go back inside. Where you place..


The picture. Then open your web browser and go to the roblox website. When you open the website go to create here you have several options to pick from decals is the right one as you can see i uploaded my image already multiple times. Because i had some issues with my recording software.

So when the page is loaded you have to open the image that you want this can take some time to load. But this depends on the amount of background activities on your pc. I will skip to the point where it s done now the image is downloaded it will not show the image yet because roblox is still processing the download..


But you can already open it so click on the image this page will open up. Now you have to go to the url bar of your browser in this link. You will find the code you have to copy this code by pressing ctrl c. Now go back to your roblox game.

Go to your painting. And press e. Or click change picture this window will pop up paste the code by pressing ctrl v..


And click add now the image will load and you re done as you can see it worked thanks for watching guys make sure to like and subscribe and comment. What you want to see next. And i see you guys in the next video. ” .


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