How to Backup Photos and Video Files from SmartPhone to NAS

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“You guys today. We re gonna be taking a look at how we can backup backup all our photos and videos from our smart phone to our nest storage device. I ve got a synology nas drive here which we re going to be backing up all of our photos and videos now we know how important it is to backup. All your data on a regular basis.

The good thing about having an air storage device is all the data is stored locally in your home. Now a lot of people do use cloud storage and personally i m not a fan of cloud storage. I think it s a great concept i think it s a really good idea. But any type of backup is good i suppose.

But me personally i still like to have it in my own property. Where i can get access to it and also no one else can actually view it only me. And this is why i prefer to have an air storage device. And these are so affordable now base this one is on the expensive side.

But you can get more affordable and cheaper. Versions of nazareth s which will help when it comes to backing up your data. So what we need to do here is head over to the google play store and download. The app.

Which has been designed by its ontology. It s called des file and basically once we download. This we can get it set up. And we can also put in all our details which i ll show you step by step on how to do to connect to your nas drive externally with your mobile phone so you can copy over all your data via wi fi now you have to be on the same wi fi network here so we re just going to install this application and once this is done we can get to the setup process.


It s very straightforward and easy to do now so nology make some of the best network attached storage devices on the market. So once we got this installed. We can click on open and this will open up our des file. We need to do now is click continue and then we can put in our details.

Now you can use your quick connect id. If you ve set that up with your network attached storage device. I m just gonna put in my details here my account my password and have it s all setup for myself. So i m going hidden and quickly do that that s now done and you ve got a couple of other options here.

Which is http which i will leave ticked. I won t put the remember me on there i ll just leave that one ticked and click on login you should now. See the folder that you created on your network attached storage and i m gonna click on the little three lines in the top left hand corner so once this opens up. I m gonna go to the photo backup feature click on the photo backup next.

You need to enable. Photo. Backup. And then you have to give it permission to access your photos media and files on the phone.

So not she got this you re gonna need to put in your login details. Once more you can use your quick connect id or you can use your address your. Which is your ip your username and your account details and http then click on next and this will start to log in now once it starts to log in you will get all the photo back up here and on here you ll know if your destination. You ll choose a folder.


Which is your dcim folder by default or you got backup. All your new photos or you can backup. Just all the folders on that phone. So it s entirely up to you the way you want to set it up.

I m gonna do the dcim as the folder which i want to backup from which is on the phone and this is all your photos and stuff like that your destination will be a folder on your network attached storage. I ve got a folder called samson s9 plus photos and i m going to put on there a bunch of other folders which i want seperate. Which is my whatsapp and stuff like that so you can set yours up. There you want once you re done you can click on done.

And then once you re happy we ve using the wi fi and you can click on done. And you can keep the original file name. And you should now see backing up files take a bit of time to connect because you re going via wi fi there s not sure on the same wi fi network you should now see. All the photos.

Which are going across onto my network attached storage from my phone. Now. This is a nice way to backup. All your photos and videos and all your data from your phone to your network.

Attached storage and of course. This is all stored locally in your home. So we can basically get access to this at any time. We want and also if it s in the cloud.


It just means that it s not in your possession. Whereas this way. It s backed up to your own storage device in your home. Which means.

It s in your possession. So let s log into our nest right here. So i m going to just basically log in and we can then check to see if all the data has gone across to our particular folder that we chose so i m going to go to our file station. Here and you can see there s a bunch of folders in here which i curated and this is where all the data is all my photos and videos have come across from my whatsapp and also from my samsung galaxy s.

9 plus phone and it s also backed up all the sd card as well and this will mean that all my photos and videos are safely stored on my drive. And they are now in a raid configuration. Which means if there s any sort of corruption or bad drive. I ll always have a backup of those files.

And that s pretty much it really so if you re interested in getting yourself. A network attached storage. They re not expensive. If you get the right version that suits your budget.

There s all versions at there from so knology. Which you can use to do this type of stuff. And it ll be other stuff as well that you can use the network attached storage for like computer. Backups surveillance systems.


And all sorts of other stuff. Which i ll be showing you in the up and coming weeks. Now don t forget to check out our new merch store. They ve got some merch on there if you re interested in buying t shirts and stuff.

With my logo on them over the net. My name is ben brine from brent eight computers. Cody k. Frank s in for g bye.

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