How to Build a 6x 1080 TI Mining Rig 420+ MH/s

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“Right so today. I m going to be reviewing the vetta six bei minor case case v series and basically i m just gonna show you how it looks when comes to you how you put it together and then the finished result and i ll kind of give you my thoughts on it. So let s get into this puppy. So just two trays in here.

Watch the hardware lots of fan guards sounds like a couple of acrylic psu holders. And what i m guessing is gonna be the ssd holder publish some rails and then probably be bigger that s it break these down. And it is the main rails so i m going to lay that aside and then i m gonna kind of knoll these pieces out a little bit so you can see what we got yeah as i suspected. We got fan guards and let s set those aside.

If i don t have the fans right now they re still in just wanted to go ahead and go i ll get the case assembled and so we re working with alright first up. We ve got what looks like a power switch. A couple of rails presumably for the hard drive. Maybe allen wrenches of three different flavors looks like some end caps for the rails.

Some motherboard standoffs. Some assembling screws some thumb screws which are presumably for the psu. Some little longer screws probably for the racks and a bag. Allen head screws.

A couple of track nuts. A couple of small allen screws and some angle pieces to hold the whole thing together all right and then we have little box. Which has some smaller rail pieces alright. Let s start assembling this puppy.

All right jeez. They weren t kidding. These instructions are pretty hard to see all right looks like we re gonna be taking seven and oh seven yes. Six fs six fs two fs4 and that should be good for now.

So let s take the fs four fs six goes away from it alright. So you wanna take your fs for and your f s6. And we re gonna be putting the six. We re gonna be mating the sticks with the four better find the right screw for that which i think is this one looks to be the biggest of the lot.

It s got an allen head looks to be the biggest screw. The lot and it s got an allen head and what i ll do is i m gonna go ahead and go on this side of the the rack. Don t put that screw right in and then i m gonna take fs six. And i m just gonna attach it to fs for like so and there s fs for attached to fs six.

Now. We re gonna do is one take an fs. 7. This is one of the long ones labeled fs.

7. Let nike in alright now we got our fs..

7. With the two holes. We re going to put the fs four in the forward most hole like this so that it all lines up you see how that s kind of gonna work so i m gonna take another yes. One screw.

I believe the cause i m going to drop it in there and i m just going to it s gonna screw it on there until it lines up like that and then i m going to take the other fs7. This is still step one guys take the other fs7 and do the same with it you don t to worry about cranking down on them right. Now. Because we re gonna go back and tighten everything again alright and then you want to take your last set or your one let your last put your other fs and we re gonna want to run it right alongside right alongside yeah.

That s for like so okay. And that is step one now. What you want to do is you want to get to episode ones and an fso. We re going to put the ss o.

And the episode ones in an h. Arrangement. So like these we re gonna put the bolt through and make sure the bolt is on the close side. You see there s a hole up here and hold on here.

We want to make sure. It s on the close side and then you want to attach an fso. Too to that fso one using that screw and then the same thing for the other side. We want to add an fso one to the other side.

So that we have that coveted h. Configuration and we want to set that aside for now and we want to do the same thing and do it all over again okay alright so in step three. What we got to do is we ve got to utilize these little corner pieces okay so it looks like you get one of these corner pieces. You insert a the stubby estava.

Stubby and then you put on one of these slot nuts. So you want to put these on there very lightly because the way these work is they re gonna they re gonna slide right down in that channel like so and so once you get it to this point you want to lock it down not too hard. Though because we re not done justifying or adjusting it so just leave it kind of these are kind of loose for now and then you want to take all right so. If you must want to lock lock that little nub down.

Even with the bottom of this so it when we attach this next piece. It ll go in alright. So once you have a little corner piece is installed go ahead and set it on your desk or a table. Just make sure that it kind of sits level and if it does then you want to go around to each corner.

And just kind of crank it down okay okay so for this build. I just had this little mini motherboard sitting around and i m gonna try to build this with this board. It main it may not work another board works and it s good. But i don t know if i m gonna be able to split successfully this 16 times port.

But as of right now. This is the plan that i m going with and if for some reason..

This doesn t end up working for me. I ll just go in there. And i ll get an actual mining board or one that ll be better for mining. So.

What i m gonna do is i m going to take these little standoffs and i m going to just go ahead and thread those in their place and so for this board it looks like the standoffs are gonna go there and there that should do it let s see yep perfect. I m going to go ahead and secure that to the frame all right so i didn t understand how this was supposed to work at first. But i think i ve got it now you got to use these little slot nuts and you got to go ahead and preload this slot with them. That s how it looks anyway to me.

Yes go ahead preload. The little slots with three of them like so and then there s one needs to be over here to on the side all right let s see all right move it twisting position. And then we want to get these other ones lined up so what can go ahead and get them started and that works pretty nicely my cool and there s the psu mounting positions in okay. So i went and salvaged an old psu that i had laying around just want to end up running dual ps use on this minor.

I ve got a 1600 watt coming in and that one is a 750. So i m planning on putting two cards on this psu and two and the rest of them on the other psu alright. So i went ahead and got the power button that shipped with the case and i went ahead and plugged. It up what i want to do now is just kind of temporarily kind of run it and i ll go back and clean all that up later okay now what we re going to do is we re going to hop back in and get these fso threes and get them put on for the second layer.

Now you want to make note. We want the outside piece this goes in to be on the outside. And we want the short end up by the motherboard. All right the next step is going to be they didn t even really label it i guess.

I thought it would be self explanatory with the fs. Oh eight remaining and we ll run it across the top here. That makes it really nice and sturdy okay. Let s see what these chartreuse pieces are it look real nice.

And then this looks to be the fan fan shrouds. So it s gonna be something like that something like that and the fans are going there. But i don t have my fans in yet so sit there for a while and let s take fs whatever. This one is it s not it s hard to read the label and let s go ahead and run.

It okay we ll get that on and i ll adjust the height once i get my actual video cards in and then these decorative fan shrouds will go on the front up there by the beam by the bone. It s done all right so it s the next day. And i got a couple things in the mail. One i got this ssd it s a patriot torch torch.

It was like 30 bucks for 60 gigs not a bad deal you know it s tall stuff. And then i got these five case fans. And i hope these are the right size they look like one 40s now they re one 20s all right so basically the way we re gonna assemble these fans is you take your fan you lay the chartreuse rails on the fan. And then you put a fan guard on and use the long allen head screws to attach it to the rail and i m just gonna put these on light for now not tighten them all the way until i get it put on the frame.

And then i ll go back. And do the final adjustments all right so we ve got it on there loosely so we got a little bit of wiggle room..

Now what we want to do is go ahead and consult step step. 9. Which appears to be we re gonna use the small small screws in combination with more of the slot nuts flip it like so so that i m no longer fighting. Gravity.

Then you should be able to relatively easy. Little puppies. Going that wasn t too bad right. There.

Let s try again all right. And let s try the other side all right so. Here s kind of the way. I have come to learn how to put these little slot nuts in for this piece go ahead and slide.

It in the slot. Take your allen wrench push it into place. And this is so much easier when it s laying on this front like this and then just have fun all right now with the minor back in its proper orientation. What i want to do is i m going to just go back and tighten.

All these fins all right so. I ve got all the fans installed and i got the wires tucked and ran pretty decently. Let me show you guys how i ended up doing. It i basically just took the wire wrapped it and then fed it down the frame channel and then went to the next one did the same thing next one and just all the way down until.

I got to the end and then i stacked the molex connectors wrapped it all up and you shouldn t be able to see that at all once once i get everything installed and then that s the view from underside. This is the power cable that supplies the power to the molex and so. Let s let s see. If this puppy.

Will turn on. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. All right so.

I got. My roseville. Hercules. 1600.

Wide. And today and we re about to open this puppy before we do that i m gonna make sure that the power is off to the current psu. Let s crack this puppy open. This is insane.

I ve never had a power spot of this big or this heavy wow. They really like their presentation..

They re cool assuming that s all the cables let s gorgeous shirt. They re just absolutely gorgeous. Oh these are gorgeous big fat power supply cable slide. It in there.

So big boy right. There son wow. And we ll go ahead put the throne. The throne screws in the throne.

Now. I m going to keep this as clean as i possibly can i know it s tough when you re dealing with these kind of wires. But i haven t making an effort to stay somewhat organized with this all right so i ve got this power supply splitter here and basically what it is is it s a plug to a second plug that only reads the turn on impulse and so i m going to relegate that to my 850 because that s going to be my supplemental and i will plug the main psu into there this house that s the first video car came in they got five more on the way they are the geforce gtx 1080 ti the gaming oc version there were the only ones i could snag so the ones that guy you re not that but the ideal cards for mining. But they ll work now what i m gonna try to do here is keep everything as close to original as i can so that i can resell these and under them there she is what a beautiful card all right so what we re going to do is going to start by removing the pcie cover to expose expose the connector.

I m just going to take one of these risers that we got ok like so okay alright next. We re going to do is we want to take our actual 1x pci express. And go ahead and find a home on a motherboard for it and then route this little wire right up through there and plug her in and want to run this sata power all right so the rest of my card is finally came in so let s break. These puppies open and put him to work oh look at that gloriousness that glory.

I you all right well here s the setup with everything installed hopefully correctly i have not tested this yet so this could go either one of two ways really really good or really really expensive don t check all the connections power data our data data data all right well here goes nothing i ve got power to all cards we re currently drawing 240 watts during boot phase. Okay so when i first booted up the cards would not show up i was getting 2 here 3. Here with every reboot it seemed like a different number of cards are showing up so the trick that i found and especially with the splitter is to plug in one boot to windows shutdown plug in another boot to windows shutdown. Do that 6 times.

And they should all load in one of the time and then on the last boot. You should see all 6. There and from their own as long as you don t change the ports. They should show up just fine alright guys so i hope you can hear me over the crazy fans in here.

But here is the setup in its temporary home currently currently as you can see i m mining with nice hash and we re getting 437. Mega hash off of lyra. Too. So not not terrible running at a decent temp the highest card that i saw was running at 72.

But yeah this is this is what i ended up with not the cleanest setup. But you know it works alright thanks for watching guys if you have any questions or suggestions or any comments just leave me a comment. I usually try to respond to every comment that i get so go ahead and leave that comment. If you like this video.

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