How To Change Theme on Sync 3 English Version

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” s up. Guys this is tyler from homer shilling for tyler salesforcecom. Uh today. I i m gonna show you something that is ridiculously cool on here i m gonna my thing to daytime mode.

So one thing i love sink three to death. But the only thing that i ve never liked about it is this super basic looking blue screen on the back so i m gonna show you how to change that let me turn this back on so you see the buttons okay so what you re gonna do you re gonna press cde ject and the right skip button. You re gonna hold both of them down at the same time for a few seconds. So here i go they re pushed in and then it s gonna make a noise.

It might scare you don t let it all right so..

What it just did is it went in and it uh it tested all the speakers. What you re gonna do you re gonna go to testing settings hit that and you re gonna hit an able test settings now mine s already turned on so it s already like that. But when you look at it. It s gonna look like that what its gonna look like that so just hit that and then i don t really know what that does but i turned it on anyway.

But um. So once that s done and you go back come on now you go to your settings right now. It s going to show up on your screen. All right so testing settings so we hit that up here you got your your different different themes.


So there s really only like two main different ones uh. One being the ford gt. Which is the same. As the sync.

Three system in the supercar. Ford. Gt. And then some of the lincoln ones down.


So say. This is a ford not a lincoln so for example when i hit for gt and i hit that it s gonna load in and boom. Now. I got a whole different look for everything it looks really cool with nab too.

But i don t have nav. But but yeah so check that out how cool is that on just one more i m gonna show you the let me show you the lincoln here scroll on down here lincoln and boom. So there s your lincoln set up there and then this turn. It also goes to the daytime thing because obviously it changes up a little bit so boom so this daytime lincoln and then daytime.

Ford gt is gonna look just like that there you go so way cooler looking to the traditional seat three and anyway guys if y all have any questions about..

Anything let. Me know shoot. Me a message on. Here tyler.

Salesforcecom. And thank you guys and y all have a good night. ” ..


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