How To Clean A Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

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“Right we are have a demonstration on how to clean a pool filter car okay okay the first thing we got to do is you re going to need water. No. I didn t get that hose on the wait will double the offer. I got it at sam s club this way.

I only had to buy one of them okay. So we re going to need water. That s the first thing take the hose with us okay. So i know what a lot of you are thinking you re thinking.

Hey buckley. How does a guy like you who s making all of these doping movies about crossing bridges. Like the golden gate bridge and so on why all of a sudden are you making these stupid films on how to fix coupons well there s two purposes first of all i m really i m wearing a bicycle helmet..


And i have a camera mount to the top of it so i m seeing what it looks like and number two on testing. The audio to see what kind of audio quality to get okay. Well as you can see the pumps running and this is a fairly typical setup for a pool. The cartridge is in that thing that looks like a fire hydrant.

That s the pump and this is where you put chlorine tablets. Although that never worked out well. We don t do chlorine that way chlorine and stun liquid. But anyway.

The first thing to do is to go over here and turn the power off this is a mechanical time switch. So all you do is you shut. It okay and then we can get started okay now sometimes what you would do first is you would look in that thing and see if that s dirty or there s leaves or debris..


In there. It doesn t appear to be the case. So i m not going to bother with it today okay so first thing is to break the air seal. This will make life a little easier and we re going to just unscrew.

It like that okay. And it just comes off like that okay yeah. Nothing ever works right does it now a lot of people there s that little plug at the bottom they open that up and they let the water flow out of it my usual autumn. I just let it sit like that for a minute or two that s that s the pool cartridge and as you can see it gets full of crap.

So all you do is you get a hose just start cleaning it like that see all the garbage coming out of it really nothing to it more uh dirty than anything these filters they last about a year year and a half they cost anywhere from fifty to seventy dollars depending on the model type. But like i say they re good for you. And you just you might get more than a year and a half out of it maybe three years when the paper starts getting crappy..


Looking. It s time to replace it this it is now almost the end of august. I put this in the beginning of january. So we don t even have a year yet so that s all just twist it around and clean the crap out of it that s pretty good okay now all you do is you before you put it back take a look inside make sure the it s not too filthy in there.

It s okay just put it in okay. It s in there like that make sure those the rod is in the middle and that that little hose is in the middle. The next thing to do is to check the the seals to make sure they re supple. They make special lubricant for that if you don t have it you can use vaseline this feels fine.

I guess it wouldn t hurt to put a little bit on i have a little tube. Here you can get that from any cool supply place or amazon. It s not a big deal..


Even these. Even these gaskets are available on amazon or at a pool supply place just rub it around that s it just you don t want that to get cracked and dried. That s what you re trying to prevent put that back on like that we find a plastic thing all right maybe. What i need is a new gauge.

Perhaps you know what i ll just just tighten. It hand tighten. It okay now we still have that lead valve open. I m going to turn it back on it s going to let the air out okay and when you get a steady stream water like that you just goes the bow and you re back in business blow.

The risk away pretty simple hey if i can do it you can do it and that s it once a month keep your pool clean ” ..

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