How to Clean Your Filters – Shark Vacuum UV795 / NV755

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“Guys what s up today. We re going to be doing some cleaning of the the filters to this shark rotor rotator powered lift away vacuum cleaner so anyways. We actually a few things going on here so you get obviously. This is cool there s junk in there if you take this off there s a filter here that s pretty dirty as you can see very dirty actually and then there s another filter in there that s dirty.

So there. Then what we have is another filter here is a little handle here you push and then you pull down and there s a filter in here. Technically this one doesn t really need cleaning. But if you have like an air blower or something you can blow it out a little bit from this side blow.

It that way out so there s some of this clip comes out and the last thing. That s going to happen to everyone or most everyone is hairs. It s going to get rattled around so we need to cut that off so so today. We re doing maintenance on this vacuum.

Cleaner. And yeah. Alright guys first thing is first. I want to let you know that this vacuum gets used like crazy we use this for our business to clean homes.

So this thing gets used a lot and it is worn out that s why it looks so beat up. But in any case. Let s talk about this this thing here first so how do you clean this thing well we wear we notice too that when you just open a hair at the top piece. Obviously you pop that bottom thing out and the dirt falls out and then you got get this stuff out of here.

But you can tell some get stuck everywhere here. But let me tell you something what not to do to these vacuums. And it is not clean it with water because if you clean this with water first of all it will take a while for the water to evaporate. So you can t use it right away you have to let it sit around.


But the biggest problem if you use water this mess right here this stainless steel mesh for supposable stainless steel mesh. It will start to rust and it will rust really bad depending on your water quality. I guess. But yeah so we do not recommend washing this at all so usually what we do if you want to wipe it down with like a rag or something that s fine but actually you know clean it with water because you can like light down some of this stuff in if you wanted to but we ve noticed that if we don t touch it at all just get the dirt out and let it be the way.

It is then it will last a long time. And you won t have any issues with this thing. This thing will rust for sure okay so start with the bottom here. I push the button and the dirt fold out simple.

Then then we open the top and get this stuff out. Sometimes you got to bring this stuff out depends on what you got in there. Yeah. Normally this is all we do and we just closed.

It and we re ready for the next thing. So that s pretty simple enough all right this thing is actually if you don t have a air compressor to boil. What you can do is just hit. It i guess you can show this dust flying out of it there we go see that a bunch of it so so this filter does such a good job that it doesn t want to do anything so whenever you re cleaning a house as you can see how clean that is nothing gets through this thing.

It s amazing how good this thing works. So yeah just hit it like this few times. Then they want to start stops putting out stuff you re pretty much done. So you can put that back in and put the cap back in for example just slides up just like that and that s it anyways let s get to cleaning these guys all right guys so i m tell by the little things and normally what i do is i just run water police.

This is our washing especially this ting here. You don t want to be too rough with it because the second sponge and if you like as you can see right here she pushed you hard on it or whatever it ll rip easily so in this thing is really old by the way. I mean. This is being used to death so technically.


I probably need another one of these. But okay so what s in it for now. So this is just the piece that goes in there so you don t have to clean this. But you can usually i just rinse it off from the best.

So yeah. I ll just run water like this cool this thing. I hear will absorb all a lot of water stuff. So i ll just kind of do this with my finger to little ball folder access that s just awful more fun and you re gonna hear and maybe can see this been pretty messy jobs.

She got like the garage think that would be perfect for this you don t want to wash. It any other way today we ll roll this thing maybe and watch the machine or whatever they won t call that good either rolling. It is by hand. So you don t have to do this.

It will feel like a little normal house. You ll have to you have to do this like probably this once figured a month. Differently so it s all a big deal to be a stance in a limo. All you have to do it every couple weeks or sometimes new experience anyhow must remove it but leave it a lot hey let s all to do this one.

Now you can tell that this thing is old because it s a dark just to be just white so subtly you get whatever you do sometimes to blow on it we always see the waters clear then it s good enough. We re going to get a hard time so you so put the water finish feeding them. If you have black on hold on just keep working and working into the water is put a cord. I m giving the hair out of the one i want to go to see let s go to jump and they keep working it right there simple until all that wealth is going well and then you re going to have yourself insulting alright guys after about a minute you can see the exploit a clean overall so if i squeeze it the waters pretty clear so that s where you want it to be more ways once you get the paint all fold down satis comes in which was again and then the next thing is usually what we do is we just told them the dryer and dry it with other clothes these two pieces or whatever with whatever else will drink.

But if you had time and you don t care you can just leave them out and they ll dry. But do not put these back work because if you do you will stink up your whole system. So you don t want that so put never putting it back together whatever you do in the vacuum. Cleaner after that you you will most likely see people grow vacuum is it s the water moisture is opinion.


When the hoses or the filters it ll just take off that you don t want to be that so keep earth enterprise possible. So just wait like that thing you just wipe out with you on next in it whatever. But these guys you got to make sure they re completely dry so stick them to the driver you want to wait all right so we re back at the vacuum and our filters are drying and i you can see in here. It s pretty dirty.

What you can do is grab a rag and just kind of wipe it down if it looks like it s to get in and this is not to necessary. But you know you want to keep things tidy you can just kind of wipe it off. So you know looks a little better let me show you guys how to clean all this stuff over here so what you need to do is you need to get some like either a coin or something or a flat screwdriver. Here and pop.

These two bb unlock. These great tabs. So yeah. You re just going to get anything you have i just got this thing.

I m just kind of like that it has a little picture. There so on lock and unlock which way to turn. Oh yeah. But then when you get it unlocked did this just pops right open.

And that s it now you got pretty good access to all this so usually what i do now is i ll take scissors you warm. I i ll take the scissors and the reason. I use scissors is because you could use a knife. Because it has a little groove here where you can cut so technically you the knife.

But i don t want to cut into the wheel. So so the rope. Just did for me. Oh yeah.


I m one handed here. But normally i d hold it hey. As you can see works breathing. I ll just cut right through it see all this is a pretty simple job not too much if you don t cut.

These out what happens is the brushes don t work so good because they re completely covered as you can see here alright. So once you cut everything down. Then you just peel it off simple that if you re worried about touching dirt and stuff you can put some gloves on there most of this stuff is old fell by you can tell how much hair. That was and that thank you anyways you just pull off all the off of the bursar because most of the brushes are kind of holding or they re stuck in the bursty and that s pretty much it and your record becomes very nice and and powerful in picking up dirt records.

Because this brush you know me if it s not doing a job. You re not going to get good results. And we ll just put this back like that and walk all over this way. That s it we ll be down at this point alright guys so after your filters dry.

Then all you do is just pop and right back in this doesn t really matter which side just throw it in there and then i wipe this down just with the pail. So you ll just set this in either way doesn t run put it back in and you re done and now you got yourself a very clean vacuum or pretty clean vacuum. That s going to have a good power. So if you re losing suction or anything like that that s probably what you need to do just kind of clean out the vacuum.

So not too bad not too bad anyways guys hope this helped somebody. And yeah. I ve got another video on this vacuum of the updating of all the issues and the things that s been happening. But yeah.

It s been an amazing vacuum so if you want to get a vacuum like this i ll link in the description and thanks for watching this video and hope we ll see you next time on the next video and subscribe for more reviews alright. ” ..

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