How to connect bluetooth speaker to laptop

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“Warm welcome to all of you guys my name is amnon and introduce me acknowledge acknowledge we camp in we go about looking at how you can play the laptop on any wireless bluetooth speaker. So presently. We have with us jbl flip three and this obviously supports bluetooth. So you need not have this specific device.

You can do it on any other device. Okay. So the first thing here is to pair both of this so there the laptop with the bluetooth speaker..


I simply need to turn this on so i ll do that by clicking on this and then clicking on the bluetooth symbol here so that this device becomes detectable by that laptop so even before we do this let s just simply play this here. So that you know that what is the computer sound. So this is presently being played on the laptop. Okay now if you are doing a windows.

10 or something let me just zoom this so that i can get this done for you so i simply need to click on this little search bar click on bluetooth and settings or i could have clicked on settings if i click on bluetooth it directly takes me to this part so i will just focus this more here. And you can see that the few. Many options here..


I need to first click on open so as soon as i click on open. You can see that definitely as of now bluetooth has been turned off and this device is already being used or list. So it s already lying there so the first time when you do this it will take some time to discover this okay so it s like a fine device kind of thing. So i presently turn this on and now you can see that this has been detected now.

It s already been paired so so far so good so this part of pairing is no and now as soon as i say i played this say for example. So this is actually being played on this night yes how much is my gf kikuyu hotel co. Op subjective over my geo made on you three who have me and the mumbai this a login cultural compound postage canoga to jessie my account..


Sweets cut down to village a criminal. So this is actually being played on the jbl flip three so i will just do one thing. I will turn this off and you can see what is the difference when it plays on the system itself so i turn this off and now i played on the so i hope you understand the difference and anyways how the pairing and all this done so i simply click on the bluetooth device. I turned on the like bluetooth thing and then basically turn on the bluetooth detectability option on the system and then why actually when i played this he basically made a bigger fiber.

Mother plan in tokyo. So this is how it s supposed to be done in case you were wondering on how to pair your laptop with a bluetooth sound device. You have i guess it can get easier than this so hopefully this helps in case..


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