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” s get youtube. Ischium and stars back out again with some more meta 17. Content content and today. I m gonna show you how to actually connect your playstation what you call it disconnected to the to your actual ea account.

I ve tried to like watch. So. Many goddamn videos about this and none of them actually helped none of them got to the freakin point wolf and other like fifa and like probably like ufc they they got there as under eyes like you can understand it that s how i have to understand this frickin process. I have to watch a fifa video to understand how to connect my ea account to the actual mutt rewards so right here this is just a picture.

This is not your actual ea account reward..

Thing okay so i m a log in to mine and i m gonna show you how it s actually my account you know i m saying like they re gonna show everything that i ve earned so far so as soon as this loads up then we ll be able to see my wife. I don t yeah okay cool cool cool all right so this is the overview. This is my actual you know everything i ve been past legendary like everybody is probably past legendary by this point. But i just realized that it wasn t connected let me show you how to actually connect it so everything that you have earned can be transferred over to matt and 18.

I literally just figured out how to link my accounts in my ea account. So this is what all you have to do bro is it s just it s so simple like i feel like a retard for not knowing this so basically all you have to do when you re trying to connect your your account. All you have to do is go to settings and ea account. If you re on the website.

It s gonna say you signed in you did you did everything on a website..

And it says that something like it s not a site like your profile cannot associated with your psn or your gamertag or it s not linked with your gamertag. And this is why like you have to have the same exact email as the ea account. Email address and you have to have that same account as your origin. Email.

Like you re gonna have to sign up with origin and your ea account has to be the exact same one if you can t get back in to like if for some reason. This email is like um. The one that that s on the screen is something that you can t get to you have you have password resets sent to there you can t do anything like to get into it. Then you will actually have to call ea support which i just did probably like 10 minutes ago and they re gonna all you have to do it is action to switch the email.

I literally just have this email switch from the account that i couldn t access..

So yeah just call them it s very simple it s very easy they re gonna switch it for you all you have to do is just answer a few security questions and hopefully you know you pick something that you will remember. But other than that if they re this it s pretty straightforward just go in there go to mut rewards com. Sign up and use the same exact email. That you use on playstation for your origin.

In your ea. Sports. Account. And you should be signed up with more rewards like the first i think the first picture that i ve seen it was congratulations.

I signed up i literally figured it out at the end of the year so hopefully everything that i ve done so far will be transferred over to madden 18..

So i can get you know all this great stuff because i m legendary and yeah. I want my stuff. But thank you guys for watching hope this helped out a ton yeah. It s probably other videos on there.

But i haven t watched the other ones that pretty much that helped out with what i needed to be helped out with but thank you guys for ” ..

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