How To Connect PS4 DS4 Controller To PC Input Mapper UPDATED 2020!

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” s going on guys khristian here and today. I m going to be bringing you you a video on how to connect your playstation 4 dualshock. 4 controller to your pc the app. We re going to be using for this is called input mapper and we can download it from this website as you can see on the screen here so we re going to go over the installation process and then how to connect the controller to your computer.

So let s hop into it and get started so the first thing you re going to do is go down in the description. And you can go to the link down there and it ll take you to the page that you can see on the screen here if in the future you are on this video and that link is not working. I will update it just give me a comment down below so i know but you just can google input mapper and that ll take you to their home page here and then in the top bar you just go down up to the downloads page click on that and then we can go inside the input mapper folder right here. This is an alpha version.

So it s not going to be as stable as this version. Here. You re definitely going to want to use just the regular input mapper that says. It s the current development then from here you want to go through and just find the most recent build.

So that s going to be one point six point ten right now when you re downloading. It there might be a new one put out but as of right now that is the most recent one so we re going to go ahead and you can see that there so just go ahead and click on voice as input mapper and then once you come to this page. We can go ahead over to downloads button on the right hand side and just click on that accept the terms above and then click on download once you do that you can pick where you want to save it to i want to put it in my software. Installers folder.

As you can see i have it saved already so we ll just replace it and then that ll download it to your computer. So now i can either click it here in chrome or you can go into your file explorer. And then find where you saved. It.

And then just double click on the file that we just from there you re going to get the pop up do you want to allow this up and you can go ahead and click on yes saying that you trust the app here we can pick where we want to install the file to our computer. So it s going to default to your c drive. If you want to save it somewhere else you can click on these three dots here and put it wherever you need it to be we ll just leave it at the default for now agree to the license terms if you agree and then go ahead and click on install that ll go ahead and install input mapper on your device as you can see it s going to run through there and then it will pop that out if you d like to go donate to the developer..


You can go ahead and click on this link here two dollars we ll get rid of the ad banner on your program. If not you can just click on finish now once we re done with that we can close out this and we can close out the browser. And we re just going to go ahead and launch input. Mapper.

So we can click on that and then once we launch that you can just ignore the errors that pop up it s nothing major if you have anything like that and now from here. We re going to actually connect the controller to the computer now you can do it one of two ways you can connect via bluetooth or usb. So if we actually take my controller now and i plug it into the computer. Then that ll just go ahead and connect your device to your computer.

That way so. As you can see idle make. A dinging noise. That it connected over usb and then you just got to give it a second to kick in and actually connect once it connects you can see in the top left corner of input mapper.

Our controller one popped up there so that means is connected. Now this alternate way to connect to your computer is via bluetooth. So in order to do that you need to go on your ps4. Controller and you re going to hold down the playstation button in the middle between the two joysticks as well as the share button in the top left corner of your controller at the same time.

So you re going to hold those both down until the light on the controller begins to flash and once it does that you can go into your computer so if you go into the bluetooth settings via here or you can go to the search bar and type in blue shoes and other devices and now we re just going to click on add bluetooth device click on bluetooth and then wireless controller will pop up so you can click on that that ll connect and then we can click done and we can x out at this page. So then you can just turn your controller on by hitting the playstation button and that will pop up and now you can see that it s connected wirelessly on input mapper so inside the app. You could also change the key bindings of the controller. So to do that you can go over to the profiles tab and go ahead and click on new profile.

So you can rename it up here or just leave it as a new profile. So we can just say profile. 1 and then you can hit save now for mapping you can go ahead..


And if you want to change what the left trigger does you can bind it to anything on the keyboard. You can bind it to anything on a controller. So essentially what this is doing is it s taking your ps4 controls and turning them into xbox controls for the computer to render through windows 10. So you can change your left trigger to be lb or rb.

Or whatever you want you can also bind it to mouse controls. If you want to do that as well as media controls. If you re going to be using it for watching movies. So again.

Remember you can set different profiles. So if you want to set up just a profile specifically for when you re watching a movie you can do that and then when you connect it you just switch over to that profile and have it set to do these so that would be how you would keep on all of that stuff so it looks like the gyroscope here. If you map that you can control so it looks like that controls your left joystick through using the gyroscope and the controller so it would tilt by basically tilting your controller making it kind of more like a wii remote and all that is just kind of their jitter compensation. Less jitter more lag or if you want last slide you can drag this for each profile.

There and then we have just configuration here. If the the trackpad on the controller is set to count as a mouse. So you can use it as a mousepad if you find yourself bumping that while playing games you could turn that off here. And then you can adjust the settings for it as well you could turn the light bar off if you want and change.

All the different settings for the light bar as well as just some miscellaneous features down here axis tuning. If you need to set anything. If your controller is off there s auto launch and macros also here so then whenever you make a change just make sure you click on the save bar. And that will save it and then you go up here to select.

Which one you have for each specific controller. So if you have two controllers connected you ll have the second one showing up here. And you can just go ahead and change..


The profile on each one individually. So that you can have them doing whatever you need them to do so that is about all i have for you guys today. If you liked the video make sure you give a like down below. If you want to see more videos like this do you take video those drone videos.

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the website. So for example. If you have a web page full of links instead of opening individual tabs. You can actually force click one of those links to get a preview of that page before opening it which i think is very useful now if you look really closely at the trackpad you can see there is a slight amount of movement and that s because.

The four sensors need some movement to detect pressure. Now force clicking is a software features so if whatever you re doing doesn t support it you won t get that sensation of the secondary click now you still get a clicking sound. But it s a little different than the traditional trackpad. So let s go ahead and take a listen to the difference.

The macbook pro. So features a set of stereo speakers and they sound excellent. So. Let me go ahead.

And play. A sample clip and compare it to the 13 inch macbook air. We ve designed the force sensing multi touch trackpad this adds..


A new dimension of interaction. We ve designed a force sensing multi touch trackpad. This adds. A new dimension of interaction next up let s take a look at our geekbench scores to see how those new cpus perform so we can see we score about three three three one on the single core score.

And seven thousand eight on the multi core score. And that s an improvement over my haswell powered macbook pro from last year. Or from 2013. I have a late 2013 s.

Squared about twenty nine forty seven on the single core and sixty to ninety nine on the multi core. So not huge gains here. But their gains nonetheless now in terms of the speed of our ssd. Receiving big gains here on the read speed.

So we go from seven thirty on the last generation to thirteen hundred on the new one the right speeds about the same seven hundred versus seven hundred next up is cinebench. Which will give us an idea of the graphics performance of the new macbook pro so in terms of opengl. We squirt about 30 frames per second and the cpu squared about 318 now we compare this to the previous generation which scored 22 frames per second and 220 seabees that s a pretty big gain here so graphics is definitely the biggest gain in terms of system performance so in the end the macbook pro retina display remains my favorite macbook out there is the right size with the right capabilities and the right price tags so for 1299. I think the base configuration is the perfect computer for almost everybody out there.

I think. It s also a great bargain in terms of its value life as well as its performance. And it s great display. Which is one of the best out there and with a new update you get better performance better battery life and a new and improved trackpad.

So that s going to do for me in this video hope you enjoyed it thanks for watching. And i ll see you ” ..

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