How to Connect the Nintendo Switch to a DVI Computer Monitor with Picture & Sound

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“There mine s finch from my mate vince comm. And in this video today. I i m going to show you how you can connect up your nintendo switch to dvi courts on your monitor so let s say you want to hook up your nintendo switch to your computer monitor. But you ve only got a couple of ports to choose from it might well be a vga or a dvi always go for the dvi because it is actually a digital signal.

And it s a little bit better than the vga now in the pattern your volume entender switch you will get hdmi cable. But your monitor might not have a hdmi port on it hence. The reason you want to connect it up to the dvi now on the back of the dock. You ve only got hdmi out this another problem because there s a couple ways of doing it you can either buy yourself a lead similar to this one here.

Which is the hdmi one end and a dvi. The other end or you can use your original nintendo hdmi lead. But get yourself one of these little adapters these are that s really cheap you get them for a few power from ebay and amazon so a few dollars as well and it will have a female hdmi decide and the male lead the id outside and then what you would do is you would plug that in there and then you would plug this part into the back of your nintendo switch and you will plug this one into the back of the monitor now in this video. I m just going to use the hdmi to dvi leads.

Now unfortunately you won t be able to use your dvi cable. Because with these cables. Here you would need to use one of these adapters..


And this is a female dvi to a male hdmi. The problem is this won t fit in the back of the nintendo stock. So if you have a look in the back here. There s not enough room to get that in because they re quite wide because the dvi plug is bigger than the hdmi it won t fit in there can you see.

But it doesn t allow you to get it in there. So if you were adamant that you did want to use your dvi leads. What you would have to do is you would have to fit one of these and then you would have to get yourself a haitian. My coupler and then run the hdmi lead from here into the back of the switch.

The problem with that is you re starting to get a lot of connectors on this now. So that s why it is just best to use either hdmi cable with that adapter and plug that adapter into your monitor or i think the best way is just to get yourself and lead. So you re not going through multiple connections right all you have to do is nice and straightforward you just plug it into the back just nintendo dock like that and then let s discuss these other linden s the back of the monitor. So as you can see here.

I ve got a vga here and a dvi can do up a little some screws okay and they will have up on screen now the problem that you re going to notice is although you ve got a perfect picture like 1080p picture. We haven t got any sound. Because the dvi is not pushing through any sound..


Even though this monitor does have speakers built into it there are speakers on this monitor. Here and here. It s not actually outputting any sounds not really too much of an issue because what we can do is we ve got the headphone jack here. So all we ve got to do is get yourself.

A little speaker. So you can either get yourself. Some proper pc speakers. You know stereo speakers.

Left and right or. I m. Just. Using a little.

Bluetooth. Speaker here and then i m just. Plugging in a 35..


Millimeter. Cable into it. And then i m just going to use the headphone jack. And you see.

When i plug that in there. You will see that the headphone jack will come up on the top. There and if i was to lower it down here you will see that it moves down. And if i were to put the volume up you see it moves up and obviously you ve got volume on your actual speakers as well and then you will be able to hear it now non monetary get a nice crisp picture with a good refresh rate.

Now. Let s say. If you didn t have this little speaker. But you do have your gaming headset for example from your xbox or your playstation.

And what you can do is this is the wires. One you can just plug your wires one in there and then you can use your gaming headset and you ll be able to control the volume from your headset again hopefully you can just hear that now if you are having problems make sure you re on the correct input. Because if you ve got more than one input..


If you ve got a vga and a dvi it might not automatically find the dvi. So you might have to manually put it to it so normally you will have button somewhere on your monitor that will allow you to do this one to add on this one is hidden underneath here. And if you have a look there. It says input.

If i go to that one there i can then move it up and down between the different inputs. So you can have it on auto hdmi dvi vga levon dvi and then if you find that the pictures really bad obviously now this monitor has got hdmi. I m only doing this for the video. This says that would be best to use hdmi because then are you going to get picture and sound through the one cable rather than having to do a separate setup for sound right now.

If you find that the really bad you can change the resolution by going system settings and pressing a and then if you go down to tv output. Now it will probably already be on automatic. If it s not an automatic let s say if it was on 480p then what you would want to do is you want to change that to 1080p or whatever it can handle you might see that it will say there 720p so depending on what it can handle put it to the best picture that you can but i hadn t found that video useful please give a thumbs up if it helped you out take care bye. ” .


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