How to Convert a PDF to Word Doc Without Software – PDF Conversion Tutorial

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“Guys welcome to another gaging gadgets tutorial video in this video. I m going to to show you how to easily convert pdfs to microsoft word documents using google drive method does not require any additional software and all you need is a google account and then access to google drive one thing. I do want to mention is while this is free you might lose some of the pdf formatting and the images that are in the pdf. But you will retain all of the text.

So as you can see here i have a pdf and it is a sample resume. So the first thing we need to do is simply open up google drive by going to drivegooglecom..

And if you get lost check the description i ll have a write up down. There that you can follow as well as all of the links that i talked about so once you get to google drive go to new select new and then go to file upload now we re just going to find the pdf that we want to convert i have sample resume right here as you can see it s uploading in the bottom corner and once it s complete it ll show in your files on google drive now all we need to do to convert it to a word document is simply right click. The document go to open with and then google docs so now. It s going to convert that pdf into a google doc.

Which is a word processing software from google. And as you can see here..

We now have all of the text in some of the formatting from the pdf that i uploaded the amount of loss of formatting will depend on the pdf itself. But as you can see it s really not that bad and i could replicate this resume using all of the text. I have retained from this conversion. Now the next step is simply to download it as a word document so that i can open it up in microsoft word and to do that we need to go to a file.

Then go down to download as and select microsoft word now we just name the file and now as you can see it s saved on my computer. I m just going to open it up and as you can see it s opening up in microsoft word and there we go we now have our converted pdf open up in microsoft word..

So that s how you convert a pdf to a microsoft word document using google drive if you ve any questions about this leave a comment below i ll get back to you as soon as i can if you d like to see more google drive tutorial videos check the link in the description. If this video helped you give it a thumbs. Up. And please.

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” ..

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