How to Convert PDF to Audio and Video

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“Folks shirt is sitting here again with the compressed time come and in this video. Video. We re going to be talking about the things that you re going to to convert your pdf ebooks into audio formats and video formats. Now you really don t need anything like high tech or anything like you see here in my station.

You really don t practically every single computer like desktop and laptop. Nowadays comes with a built in microphone. And if it does then it comes with a built in software that allows you to record yourself through that microphone right now depending on how old your computer or laptop is it might not come with a you know they ll take microphone. So that s the case.

Just go ahead and get one like a walmart or best buy you get a cheap one for like twenty two the relative bucks okay and if quality is like your main concern and your pocket. I want to get something like this which which is like a really high quality microphone. Now this is a row podcaster microphone. It runs about 300 bucks on amazon probably get a cheaper run on ebay.

But this is a really great microphone. This is the one that i actually caught all of my podcast episodes with so you know quality is a main concern of yours then you know you might consider investing in something like this alright. It s not then don t worry about it because really for a non premium product. All you need is it s just a public microphone.

That s it okay so in order to convert your pdf goes into the audio format. It s really simple all you got to do is just rip up your audio software. And it comes with here with your with your laptop okay if not you d be able to the internet. I use wiretap text record quite already those with no allows me to do a little bit better quality you know adjusted stuff but anyway just turn up your audio recorder then open up your pdf recorder folks my butt open up your pdf right in just weak or just saying you know hey how s it going.

This is you know joey to see me and today. We re gonna be talking about the you know the baddest course ever and if you just read it just read the entire course you know and do a little bit of an accident. You know a do stuff that way different than the e book okay. It s sort of like an added bonus and also you know do a few little takes.

Because when you first started on especially. If you ve never done this before it ll actually sound like you re reading so try to sound like you re actually talking to them and just explaining to them it helps you stand out and it helps you sound like you know what you re talking about okay. So once you re done with that you just render it up and then make sure you render it in an mp3 format that is the best format for an audio. I don t know what the other ones are but trust me the best format that the internet likes and something that s easier for your customers you know just open and it s not positive it s an mp3 format okay now for your videos okay that s a little bit different yeah you know you re going to need a screen capturing software.

Which means that it s a software that allows you to capture certain things over the entire desktop. Okay now i don t know if any computer that comes with one you actually have to kid want to go out there buy one i use for my mac. I use screenflow okay and i can t remember the price on it. But it allows you to record the entire thing here.

Okay for pc. Yeah. I would recommend camtasia now. I haven t messed with the pc and forever.

So i don t know i can t show you how to use it..

But it s practically the same thing. That s screenflow which i will show you how to use the same thing with camtasia. So basically what you do here is the same thing as an audio. You whip up your your pdf or for road book here just make sure it covers the whole thing crank up your screen capture software and they just basically read it you know just scroll down reading this thing just saying are you doing this and then right here we re gonna show you this alright and if you ve got images that s something that will stand out and give it like an added bonus.

If it comes to a section. Where you re talking about i don t know let s say uploading a video to youtube. There s a certain trip and you do that no one else knows right well. If you re doing a screen capture then take them to you too and shown that trick that no one else knows okay because this takes some like it s almost like they re looking over the shoulder.

And like oh cool. This is better than the e book you see so always do a little bit of at living. Add your own little flavor and extra stuff when you re doing audios and doing videos. Okay now when rendering the videos.

I like to do it in mov format or mp4 format either one it s the same thing. I would not do it like an flv or anything mov and mp4 is what i highly recommend that s what youtube likes that s what the internet likes now what i was doing. Which is what i do now is i upload everything to youtube back then i used to use like s3 amazon. Which is a private server.

You could upload anything like videos. Audios or whatever it cost me to get a lot of traffic. The begin up at you can get very costly because they actually paid for then suppose you re getting a lot of traffic you get the idea. But you to know i think they start about a year ago.

They actually have a private section alright wait before it was only public and that was actually public. Where everyone sees it or the other one which is actually private. Which is only the people that can that you give that link to are able to see that video. No one else sees it so it allows you to make them private especially.

If you re selling a product. Which is what this whole thing is about right you re selling a product. You don t want to you know give it to everyone in the world for free. So youtube allows you to do that so i ve been using youtube now to do that for all my private videos.

It s free back you know i don t pay for anything. So. That s what i would recommend so that s pretty much it for this video turn the civic piece over free. e last few parts of its pretty long by the way i know that uh not physically what i do but i just knows of both one session and i thought hey why not so if you enjoy the longer video just let me know oh i guess so i got the revive thing.

It s got a 2 minute. Cooldown 120 seconds. Is what it says but i m trying to my got it we got company. Nothing that s gonna be a problem.

Oh there s lutely killing everything before re this gun shoots are weird bet..

I can t really block and kind of show you oh my god didn t realize this thing s fully automatic wait it s eight shots. But they spread up somebody above me. I think y all. Leveling up has made this whole entire level like i was told that hey if you level up the enemies will just scale with you so i m 36.

They ll be like 37. Still i don t know maybe. That s not till later on this is a whole lot easier now i like that i prefer it this way rather than me struggling for 20 minutes in each area trying to get kills and praying. I don t get like downed or whatever.

But getting from 22 to 24 took a long time. But then when i i ve been playing out all day without recording grinding a lot of side missions out of allspice farm. Certain bosses. What the hell what the hell just happened you what our guys sorry for the weird cut.

I had a crazy instance just now where i fell through the map. I got blasted by something and i just slipped into like total darkness. It was just it was pretty scary. I should be rejoining up here in a minute.

But yeah i m just trying to continue onward. I think they ll rejoin. I sent that guy that tweet or whatever all right nice yeah. They re getting back in there.

Now i feel like we have a boss fight coming up i might refill my bullets. But see so that s c. So that as well a lot of these weapons were given to me by the way. I know i m like packing some serious heat.

Now. But we might have a boss fight right here this feels like just about to fade to black. What s next alright locate key fragment get to the container. I mean that s it right there follow me hold on let me get up top here there those crazy huh.

I went through the ground like that i i got bopped by grenade. I don t know if i m sure or not by usually like glitches it doesn t like to put those in the video. But it s like because i didn t do anything art install here we go a little dangly check out nice moves there oh kill rats. It s like multiples.

Oh cause. It s a fat ass hold on well you judge so are you coming back. I m excited to try out the other skill treats for mr. As well.

What is this like cryo ball or something..

Oh god oh. It s up on 31. Oh. My god you know this absolutely getting laps.

That s insane anything good. Though hold on a lot of money at least hold on no yo that was man. I would have thrown that fight for years. Somebody was melting.

That help all right laughter. Oh wow. The report. Oh.

What is that let s take hold on okay. Fine. Let s see anybody oh they re up here. Okay.

Yeah. I thought maybe like the enemies are spread out. Oh here we go big melt. Let s go like you the key fragment and your whole shit.

This is crazy voice acting mmm take up the hard drive all right give hard drive to marcus call it marcus fenix over here he might be down. There that s the guy you level up all your stuff with by the way that s uh. I ve been over there lots recently thank you our incarceration was not without fruit. We may have a plan to open the vault.

Without giving the calypso s what they want again. Now that we know they re after the power of the vault monster itself. We can hurt them tanis is looking into a way for you to destroy the monster. Before tyreme can take its power again so sanctuary has a voice now oh i heard from clay.

He s got a lead on the next fragment go meet up with him all right mission rewards got a good amount of xp for that surprisingly. I was kind of worried about that all right talk to oh going rogue talk to clay right. I wonder what the next like i guess like the next. Big area is gonna be i think we ve already seen most of them know where i m going hope enough they re all following me there we go clay s back on the other planet are a zoom out suit.

We re gonna go even six here we go all right where s clay clays. ” ..

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