How to Disassemble Asus G752V Laptop or Sell it.

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“Today. We are gonna be taking apart in the asus g 7 v. 2 v. V.

Gaming laptop so we re gonna be using a small phillips head bit this a 25. And first thing. We re going to do is open that metal or the rubber cover remove the screw and then just pull up and then it ll pop that cover off it looks like hard drive caddy is just laying loose this particular laptop. But it s just a few screws to remove that caddy alright and now we re going to remove all of the screws that are in the bottom case.

Here first gonna have to remove these little rubber plugs that are shaped as a hex key wrench and then there s a philips screw underneath. So we ll go ahead and remove those all right once you have those bottom case. Screws removed. We re gonna go ahead and pull that optical drive out and then get the three screws that were hiding it underneath all right so now we re going to work our way around the seam between the bottom case and the palm rest assembly and just get a little flat edge in there.

And you can start popping the bottom case off of the palm rest this particular laptop. There s one screw that s just not coming out so it might be broken underneath. Sometimes it can make it interesting trying to remove alright once we ve worked that palm risk free. All the way around we can go ahead and pull it forward and inside.

There s just gonna be a couple ribbons that need to be disconnected. So you just flip up the small retainer and pull the ribbon out and then repeat for the other one it s really hard to see. But it s almost the exact same and it s easy to see because it s hanging off the bottom of the palm rest. And we have a couple more on the right side so same deal.

We re gonna flip up and remove that ribbon can remove the palm rest and access the inside all right now that we have the palm rest off it s a good time now to go ahead and just pull this back cover bar. It s gonna be need to read need to be removed anyways. It s just got a simple pullout type connector all right so we have a good view of the inside of the laptop. And now we can go ahead and remove the memory stick just go ahead and spread those bars pop up and just pull it out.

And we can go ahead and remove all the little accessory bits at the wi fi card sd card reader and then the fans power button pretty much all need to come out before we can remove the motherboard..

So go ahead and just flip up on that connector and just as we go along. We ll pull the little connectors out of the motherboard. But for now we can go ahead and just remove small accessory boards in the bottom case. It s a little bit of tape.

So go ahead and move that so for the wi fi card. It s just one screw. And for the antenna is just gonna lift straight up on them to pop them out then you ll just be able to slide the card out of the connector alright. So for that usb type board and the connector just comes straight slides straight out just grab a little tabs with your fingernails to remove that that s like just a couple of screws and a connector for the fans.

So we can go ahead and remove that as well since it s partially covering that usb board. Once you have that connector pulled out and remove the fin and just to illustrate why it s good to use cans of air to clean out your family heatsink. This fan looks pretty plugged with fuzz and dust so it s not really cooling. The motherboard.

Very well and on this particular laptop. The motherboard is bad. So. That s probably.

The main reason is overheating because once those fans get dirty and heat sink is clogged. There s no way to move air through and no way to cool your processor alright. We ll go on the other side and remove this fan. As well just lift straight up on that power button board and pull free the little connectors and you can remove it and free that fan connector get rid of the tape that s kind of covering everything.

Here. It looks like we have a fan pretty well freed up so we can finish removing these screws and remove that fan this one s pretty well plugged up as well all right go ahead and free. The rest of the display assembly connectors for the video cable looks like the wi fi antennas are already pulled out. So.

Now we re going to go ahead and just finish..

Removing the usb board and then after that we can separate the motherboard from the case right so we ll just go along and remove the connectors that are still attached to the motherboard just check underneath. Looks like we ve got all the screws alright now we re going to finish removing the screws that are attaching the motherboard to the case alright it looks like we ve got the screws. It s always good to just give it a little wiggle and make sure that you don t feel anything else holding the motherboard in looks like we re almost there. But maybe this heatsink here is passing all the way through so i ll just go ahead and remove this it looks like it might be easier to remove the display assembly ahead of time it feels like there may be something else holding down the heatsinks on the motherboards.

So we ll just go ahead and finish. Removing the little connectors and such that go to the goose blade and also the tape all right so we re gonna go ahead and remove these hinge. Screws and see if we can separate the display to give us a better better view of the motherboard. So it looks like the two screws on the outside need to come off as well to separate the display assembly and on this particular one since it s broken.

There is a screw cap right here that is holding it in because it s broken. So i m gonna go ahead and free that and then we ll come back to the disassembling. It okay so we got that broken screw off now we re going to separate the display assembly from the rest of the laptop. All right so we already removed the back screws for this little cover looks like we re going to need to remove the other screws.

It s once you have the screws out you can finish removing the rest of the battery alright so again cover it a couple more screws that need to be removed to remove that motherboard just a little ass check and make sure that s nice and loose and for the motherboard. You don t want to pull from this side at all you want to pull from this side because there are ports that are poking through the bottom case. So whenever you re removing a motherboard you want to do it from the side that does not have the majority of the ports. I ll just kind of wiggle.

It and and move it laterally out of the ports on the bottom case. And then you can remove the motherboard that s about it for the bottom case. Looks like there s just a few screws for that subwoofer and then that s pretty much the last component to uninstall from the bottom case alright back to the motherboard. The dc jack.

I just will just come off so you re just gonna lift straight up while not bending the piece of motherboard underneath. And that will allow you to remove the dc jack and then for the heatsink. It looks like we have eight screws. So we re gonna go ahead and remove the heatsink and it does not matter.

Which order you remove the screws but if you are reinstalling with thermal paste you want to tighten these down in the order that is shown by the stamp two numbers just to make sure that the heatsink is tightened down evenly..

But as far as removal. It doesn t matter at the order. And we ll just go ahead and gently pry and kind of wiggle to get that heatsink separated from the processor. Sometimes that thermal paste can act like a pretty heavy glue.

But in this case. It was pretty easy and that s how you remove the heatsink right now for the display assembly like most of their laptops. You re going to access the inside of the display by removing the front bezel. So we will go along and just pop that bezel off the lcd simply all right so we got the top off.

There and you can see inside the display assembly that there s just a few screws. There s gonna be two screws on the top and two screws on the bottom of the lcd to remove it and the hinges and rails same fills bit just a screwdriver to remove that you can probably just get this whole bezel off to show you there are some screws on the bottom. If you want to remove the entire bezel so you re gonna remove those two screws caps and then remove the screws underneath. But as this display assembly is gonna stay complete we re just gonna go ahead and skip that step once you get the bezel off.

You ll be able to see inside real easily. And it s just a couple of screws to take off the hinges or the lcd display and then the wi fi antennas and web camera just held in by adhesive so that s all all you really need to know to disassemble the lcd display it s actually quite easy comparison to the rest of the laptop just pop that bend it back in and of course. You can see that reinstallation will be just as easy as well. There s only a couple screws at the bottom to actually remove in the rest of it assembly.

It will just kind of pop off. So. That is it that is how you disassemble an e seuss g. 7 v.

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