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“Is going on youtube. Everybody all my madden fans i got some good news for for you guys man 19. Just came out literally just now if you guys want play this i m gonna show you guys how to do this i am on xbox currently i don t know if this works for ps4. But you guys can check for yourself.

So what you guys what i want to do is go to the store go to the xbox store or ps4 store type in ea access e a access i repeat ea access and you re gonna want to download the ea access hub. It is completely for you guys just so you guys know what you do that not that one don t download the five dollar membership. One all you got to do is download the ea access hub. So make sure you guys do this correctly just like i said ea access hub there you go you re gonna click that you re gonna install that i already have it downloaded it s completely free like i said again install that on to your xbox or your ps4 and guys.


If you re watching this video. Right now be sure to hit that sub button and drop a like thumbs up cuz. This is gonna work for you now once you get there it ll show you you know it ll tell you that you have to get a membership a five dollar membership a month now i will come out with a video on showing you guys how to get this for free this five dollar membership. It s completely easy.

But for right now i m just gonna show you guys how to get you know matt nineteen early as possible right now today and be able to play it so once you get there you re obviously gonna have to sign up here and have to choose your plan you can do a month or a year. However you want to do it for me i just did the month 5 pretty easy. And there s a way to you know actually get behind this and get it for free. But right now like i said again i m just gonna show you guys how to get this and play this right now whether you want to spend five dollars or you don t want to spend five dollars now go back into ea access hub.


Once you you know added that membership and go over to game trials at the top. It says game trials and then go over to man. 19 click on man 19 and basically you re almost done all you have to do is click try now. It is 43 gigs of storage onto your hard drive click try now once you hit clock try now it ll pop up this screen in this.

Screen i ll. Say. 000 man 19 get it once you hit get it ll install on to your hard drive on your xbox or your ps4 depending on which console you have and it ll say download content now you re gonna hit okay don t waste any time just hit okay it s gonna load a little bit it s gonna load and then it s gonna install completely as you guys can see right up at the top it ll say installing 0. It is now in the process of installing so you are maybe minutes away depending on your download speed for your internet being able to play man.


19 now for those of you guys that don t know i don t know how this game is going to be obviously. It s a trial. So if you don t like the game. You obviously can you know request a refund and not get the membership basically you have 30 days membership is actually due.

So you won t be charged instantly after those 30 days you ll have to you know purchase the membership. But that s how you get it for free guys. As you can see it s downloading right now onto my hard drive on xbox pretty easy pretty simple like i said again guys drop a like and subscribe to the channel. We do a lot of men content on this channel hope you guys enjoy it hope this worked for you let me know in the comment section.


If it worked if it didn t let me know in the comment section. I ll try to help you out and that s it for this video. Guys hope you enjoyed go download. Some men be sure to add me on xbox.

If you re on xbox. I will be screaming man 19. Maybe we ll play sometime thanks for watching guys i ll see you guys in the next one peace out ” ..


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