HOW TO DOWNLOAD ANDROID APPS ON CHROMEBOOK!!( even though if it s not compatible with play store)2

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“Guys. It s me again and today. I m actually going to be clearing out out of what i did on my last video which was on trying like how basically do like how to download android apps on a chromebook now i m gonna explain even more and try other apps. So um.

Many people have actually like asked me to do this again and on the comments. I saw two people that caught they commented they were new thank you for subscribing anyways so we re gonna continue on this back again and we re gonna learn how to actually download another app. So you guys can have the actual proof of this thing. So let s get on with this because you guys are just driving me crazy right now alright.

So let s just get on with this what do you have to what you re gonna have to do is you re gonna have to install arc welder our boiler is an app on chrome store that basically like allow you to install android apps and as you can see i do not have android apps allowed on my chromebook so you can do it if you have an app store not see doesn t say android apps whatever it is and i m if you type about chrome os convert i m version 70 64. Bit and i still don t have it and it s kind of annoying to be on with you so i just want to install android apps. And yeah. But something you can install this time you cannot i m gonna go through a list that you can okay don t worry so um.

All i m saying is right this is just like i don t have andrian allowed so i m gonna explain to you guys how to do it so now you go to the chrome store right and you re gonna no actually go down to the description. I ll leave a link to it because there s two of the art folders. One is unofficial and one is official you cannot find the official in the store. If you type in but you can find it on the link now just put down below when i go to app info and the view and store boom chrome googlecom.

Students tour so again i ll leave the link to this down below you ll click on the link. And you will get to this 2002. 4. Hundreds.

34 people have stored this with us was not correct and a million users. I ve actually got this chrome. See like the version is 54. And it s not updated that much this is why it s out of it so you know boom you can find it on the link below and then what you re gonna have to do is there is and what she s called right an android thing that you can basically like transfer like em buck converter.

I don t know apk. But you re gonna do is apk this thing i don t know i really don t know so it s right pandora. And now we re gonna try something else so we re gonna either you re gonna open up shop in your google play store cuz..


I don t have it on my chromebook because you know it s not so you re gonna go to hook. I m gonna go to google play and then after we ve got all of these open. We ve got our quilter installed. Now i m gonna do what you guys can see first because you re gonna have to do something to get to this position.

Okay alright boom. You know what you re you re not really so when you open our folder they just so you do download not launch app and the thing is right i m gonna actually um uninstall it because i m gonna actually uninstall this because i want you guys to know everything every single step that i do on this video. All right god damn. I can find it alright nevermind.

So we re just gonna i m just gonna start with this right so you re gonna have some problems while that thing is downloading the screens gonna be glitchy because it has a lot of files in it so i m just saying that so it s gonna for a moment. It s gonna go away like when it says don t worry it s gonna go it s gonna go away. But this is going to come back so do not worry about that just leave it alone. And do whatever you want all right says welcome our exam or whatever that says but you don t really care about that you re going to choose and then this thing s gonna pop up then right there you re gonna type new folder and you re gonna go r33 wait oh all right you re gonna basically do this boom you re gonna click on open and then you re gonna be in i m pretty sure that after you click choose again right the things gonna pop up boom then click on that don t click more once just once trust.

Me just once and then click on open and then boom. There you go either a apk. But we don t need that right now. There are the top charts well now real not really so you can do whatever you want or those i really don t give a crap but we re gonna try it s for a lucky day alright.

I don t know why but let s just try it it s an app for no reason at all i think it works again. I think i don t know so you re gonna copy this right you re gonna copy it and then you re gonna paste it here to the link that was down below the converter slash you download apk you re gonna paste the link you re gonna generate download link and what this does basically gives you every single thing that was so play store and you re gonna go clear. I m gonna go generate download link and then basically let me click this and then it s gonna download the lucky day app that apk which means basically the google play app so after that you re gonna open your files. You re gonna make sure that that thing is in there well before you do that you re gonna you re gonna also make sure that your chromebook does not support or does support because if if it does support google play store then there is no way while you do this.

But you could still do it so basic you can check that out again. He s going settings and then go there and then you can basically click click advanced and then it has to show a google play thingy on one of those things android apps or whatever it shows but for me doesn t so you know that s that s the thing so after its downloaded you have it right there download complete you re gonna exit out please you just asked that out and what you re gonna do next now he s gonna open arc welder. It s you re gonna add apk then you re gonna add the apk that we just downloaded which is the lucky day app and then hopefully gets it hopefully it gets the screen and air it look like everything about it i really wanted to get everything about it. And yeah come on it takes a while i m not i m not gonna lie to you boom.

We got it boys alright so i would leave this think like this because i ve done this before and like this is perfect. So you so it does so he doesn t mess it up myself don t move any of those things and you re not gonna go down unitas do download zip and it ll go bad you re gonna go test okay. Just just test and click on test..


It is gonna take a while to actually do this okay. I m not gonna lie to you it s gonna take a while to like get on with it and stuff so make sure that you wait wait some you know give it wait boom. It s opened again. It s gonna get them some time.

And the main goal is for you to have lucky day in here boom. Lucky day boom as any other app. This works with lucky day is well it works with you know and other apps. But i didn t want to take time you guys more megabyte louis you know more chances you haven t get of getting it faster.

So i picked lucky day you have to kind of wait some because again it s a chromebook and you know it s it s a test. And this is something very developed that people that work at android places didn t do so they didn t really know how to do it. It s good and stuff. But this is completely secure nothing no bots no viruses water whatever that is going on so nothing really bad happens when you download them so i mean i don t know like i don t really know but as far as i know i ve done multiple of them and nothing bad happen to my chromebook for like a three years.

So you know it s okay alright you will access skip the video. It s alright boom. Okay good so it says the lucky lucky. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you re gonna add.

Yeah. Yeah. This is this true that doesn t work. But that s because i didn t do the update.

I didn t do the update it says update. But let s don t find some other stuff that can actually work let s try pandora because i think that works right i did try last time. I think it works let s do this let s try pandora guys..


I think pandora works. I really i really do think it works alright let s just try pandora because you need to the update there s updates on the crumble going on so make sure you update your before we try those alright so you re gonna download you re gonna generate download link and then you re gonna open the pandora see the parent the pandora s this is way more faster. Then you know it should be and boom you open that you open arc welder. Actually and then instead of doing that you go to go back.

Add your apk and then after you go to pandora and then you open. It and then you should be ready to go i think all right good see now leave it at the same rate. I m not gonna lie to you leave me the same right you re gonna go to test. And you re not gonna really go cancel if you want to dot.

If you want to download more than two things or more than one thing you re really going to cancel in every single one. But all i m saying is that spotify work because i tried it amazon worked. Because i tried it it s like like a radio or pandora. I think it s about a work i don t know i really don t know.

But again. It s gonna take a little while for the process. It and that s hope that it actually works because if it works and i made a bama yeah. I made it like a fam on youtube alright.

So you can skip the video to the thing again if you don t trust me. I really don t know about you when you can just skip the video when this opens. I guess if you can see down so i don t know cuz. This is taking a long time this is taking a long time.

I m playing with my chick talk well not that oh my god open already. I disease not opening again. The possibilities of this i want it that s like the most you can do and it depends how you wife is really because if it s bad then it will take some. Like two minutes.

Oh boom. It opened. Yes..


It opened yes bam boom. You have pandora pandora as an app on your freaking chromebook. You cannot find pandora on the think store and as you can see you can he says login and everything if i choose to login. It s gonna come up to this i really don t want you guys to know what my thing thing is you know what i m not even know i don t even over he goes you guys like you guys know it right like now it just works and i don t know why i should open it.

But you know okay well i got something wrong what did i do you know what i m just not gonna be another all right looks like you have enjoy would you like help boxers account. No i don t remember my own pandora account. I guess. I m gonna have to make a new one yeah.

What s that yeah yeah. This is the whole video. It now has turned into me opening a pandora count whatever. The berthier is just gonna put it down there because yep like somewhere there and then now the zip code.

I m gonna kind of you know i m gonna kind of do this right wait that s not my zip code anyways. Wait should i put my realtor up in my rich super. My real or not you know what no or i don t know should i just like go fake or sit up in my real one let s go like this i don t i don t know i m a male okay yep okay i guess that s a zip code yeah. It s signing up yeah all right we did it boom now you can listen to pandora.

Exactly let s let s let s just yeah they just do break. I don t want to get copyrighted. But i m just saying that this works okay this actually works no no no turn down turned out okay good so it actually works and don t delete this app. Because then you re gonna have to do the whole thing over again say guys wrong video make sure you subscribe down below.

What species hear some joke you know this that s a lot all right just subscribe down below that would be so appreciated. I do other videos. But i just want to explain more ” ..


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