How To Draw Pixel Art Yoshi From Mario! – Step By Step – 16 Bit not 8-bit

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“Welcome to jock heads john today i m gonna draw yoshi from mario. The strange strange little dinosaur all right 8 bit art today i m starting off with a sheppy if i was you i might start with a pencil and then use a sharpie after i made sure it s alright but i ve got it pretty good i usually i m really careful so you re just hoping. I don t make a mistake hasn t happened yet all right so i m gonna start with at the bottom of this feet. We ve got one two three up three up.

Oh yeah also if you re using a sharpie make sure you put something underneath the next layer so you don t ruin all your graph. Paper or maybe you don t care. But if you re drawing your parents counter with just without a pad. You should definitely put another layer of paper because you don t want to draw on your parent s counter with a sharpie do you know you don t all right next up.

We re gonna go up some more for his foot. We re gonna go up another three. But we re gonna go over step it over a bit up three there we go doo doo doo doo doo doo oh there we go three now we re gonna go up one two three four five over there we go down. We go down to two i hope this is enough paper his foot is looking quite large already and i feel like we might run out of paper.

I m hoping we don t sell it will calm down we ve come down the we re gonna go over. We re gonna make a tea here go over two more and then we re gonna go down to here one two three actually three now we don t even have to count we re just gonna join these together bum bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum bum bum bum little bit bit bit bit little bit little bit little bit there we go now. I m gonna go over here step up one over color that in and then we have got a one two three and that s two one two three it s thick comes down one two three yeah. That s correct.

So it s a block of six color that in cut that in then we ve got it comes out one over here add one to that and then it goes down goes down to his foot level. So this is gonna come across this is going to come down. And so okay we re going to fill all that is do do do do do do do we go. So everybody seems to really be enjoying the 8.

Bit art. I am glad that they are it s pretty fun to draw. And you know when you re done. It s gonna look pretty much like it s supposed to look right because it s very right or wrong isn t it very easy to follow instructions so i just went up to and now.

I m gonna go over on to and then i have to go this way one two three four five that s gonna be his hand like i said. I really hope i have enough room it looks like it s going to be enough. But wow. It s gonna be close the other sea is big i think it s because he s from mary of 2.

And there s a little bit more definition than the original mario or may have 3 sorry. I think he s from um. There is a block of 4. That comes up 1 over from this edge.

So 1 2. 3. 4..


I m going to fill that in and a bit there s a block of six that goes up it steps over one it goes up six. So we ll do that go that in and this one little here helps out doot doot doot and that s this is part of his hand. This is gonna be his hand area. Let s see there is this white spot.

Here and then there s a black spot here. I m gonna put this one up because it s gonna help me make another line. So just think of it going diagonal up over here so fill that one in and then that will help us connect this without counting so this is his hand there we go there. I didn t have to count.

I like that this one it comes up one. And then it turns into a block of 6 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. So we ll color.

All this in there. We go there we go. And there s a block that goes one up here kind of heading to the edge of his nose. Because i want to figure out if i have enough room pretty much now instead of later.

When i ve done all the rest of the drawings. So we did that one notch. And there is well let s finish. The notching up here.

There s a one of those tetris shapes a t shape. There right above his over diagonal. A little bit so it ll be like this so one of those tetris shapes. I haven t played tetris in a long time.

I should hide touches soon there we go. There s that mm hmm. Now we need his bottom of his nose. A mouth off the spot.

Here. There s three dots extending out one. Two three and then there s to keep thinking of that sound yoshi makes ha ha..


It s uh that s the closest. The fact that i can make to it i don t know it s a strange sound. But i like it um yeah. We re gonna we re gonna have room.

It s great. I think yeah oh sweet great um. So we step over one. And this one goes up four one two three four yep for luna doo doo doo all right so if you guys like drawing.

8. Bit and i often wonder do you guys like minecraft because i have a minecraft channel. Now it s called space time adventure. And oh.

Just in case. You not paying attention. I m drawing a little l shape right here diagonal up just three blocks and that s a spacetime adventure. It s a minecraft channel.

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So if you can go over and subscribe that would be one that would be amazing and then you can see all the new channels and if it s kid friendly so if your parents are worried about you watching strange minecraft channels. This one is cool it s no swearing or anything bad going on so check it out let s see what else do we have here. We got a really big owl. Um.

Sort of that got that diagonally. We got one two three three over and then three up one two three so it s sort of for up. If you think of it one way and then it s three over. But i was thinking of it as three over and you had the three done and then three up because you had that already so there s that s gonna be his eyes his eyes are starting.

And we re gonna need a nostril here take this one here skip one and just put a one block right here that is his nostril that is his nostril and what else to accent his eye. There is a diagnol down one right here. And i think i might draw this also in space on my adventure. I m gonna do a creative one my name is jetpack max in this series and i think.

Jeff beck max will be doing some drawing in the creative mode and some redstone. Some redstone tutorials once i get into that because i ve seen some pretty cool redstone devices out there so soon. I will have those up..


But for now we just have the survival episodes and they are a blast. We are having a rough time to start off. But we got a house now and we re just working on getting a little firm going. And then we do a lot of mining.

Okay so now we re down one we got that that s and around his eye. We re gonna up here and put another two just like this one mm hmm. There s that down one diagonal and diagonal over and then down four one two three four four total down. This is the other side of his eyeball and a debt debt debt.

One. Over one over diagonal down. One. Two three yep three so we re finding this fast just pause sometimes and just click a little bit back and check it out again or what have you i d like tossing it works good for me anyways.

What i m doing this kind of thing. There we go and across one two three. What is this i don t even know this is one of his spikes on his head like a stegosaurus spike or something because he is some kind of dinosaur um. Okay we re gonna go over a diagonal one then we re gonna go down diagonal to two and then over one this is a funny bock and i m gonna go over three yeah three i m not coming yeah i m gonna color it and i was gonna color it and i was gonna do the rest of these blocks.

But now it s just that way now this will then connect up to here so fill those all in easy. That s three of them up basically connecting to this spot. And then we go down down down to oh wait there s a block. This is right here.

It will just do two across there this is like a block of four that i just wanted to fill in my bearings. And then there is the one down here that i just did. There s that man yoshi has a lot of black on him this is like the most in depth one i ve done. It s taking a little while i think i m going to do is when i m done this i m gonna color it in time lapse.

So you can have the gist of this and then you can color it in as you see fit because you can use the well i m doing as a reference. But i m gonna do in time apps. Because it s gonna take forever say ah i got a dot here or diagonal over one pixel. Three across three across do and one down on each side here.

There. We go. There. Is a cluster of six starting.

Here. 1 2. 3..


4. 5. 6. Yep.

And there we go. There s two over two over one down diagonal down sorry one diagonal down. If you weren t looking. It s a diagonal.

We got another diagonal down and it goes over one that yeah i think you see is the most complicated. 8. Bit guy. I ve done yet down one okay we re almost done his tail.

I m going to do his hand. And then the color at time lapse. And we re almost there um okay so this little diagonal. So we go over to from there one two so that gives us this this is his tail area and then we go down three one two three down three and to there now we just need his arms so as i am.

I m going to kind of gauge. It from here. It s going to go down one and over one so it s kind of steps down there steps down. Now we go diagonal down over one so that s the two of them right here.

I go. And then there s the two of them here and that one s steps down it connects it s not diagonal it just steps down. It s two over then we have all the way down almost to the bottom. So that s three down color that in and then we ve got this one little one here and that takes us all the way back over to this edge of his foot.

So i diagonal that i go up sorry over one block diagonal up and then a tetris tea. So i call those go up diagonal one and then i go one over and this is all of the black. No wait there s not there s his eyes. I forgot his eyes.

I as eyeballs people s his pupils. Okay almost done the black gotta go way up here find the top edge of his eyelid come down to don t do those two. I skip two and then do two here skip two and do too that s just i miss pupil and then just skip make the same thing and we re over here and you just skip done there you go done that is all the black for josi yoshi josi somebody s gonna tell me how to pronounce it i m sure all right i m gonna do the rest in time lapse. Because this one is just going on and on and so click like if you liked it subscribe keep watching me draw color it in and see you on the next video.

” ..

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