How To Edit Your Spotify Account (Bio, Picture, Songs, Playlists etc.)

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“I m hiper fuck round begin i m ah let s do it well it it s my rapper gang today. We re gonna talk about how you can edit spotify what a smart rapper gang today we re gonna talk about how you can edit your spotify profile ah yes. You can edit it you can change your pictures. You can change your descriptions.

Yeah. That s like that and you probably was not probably you have to get it verified first which is super stupid easy i already released a video on how to get verified on spotify in like two minutes of course is a review process but you can submit to get the check mark which everybody loved having because it makes you look and feel so authentic and everybody sees it and it makes you look even more famous it s like damn. I m about i m spot of uh they say damn i m verified on spotify right and the cool thing is you no longer have to have 250 followers any longer to get verified on spotify any artists can submit and get verified on spotify so make sure you check that video out i ll put a link below or you can go to the main channel. And see it because chances are i released a video yesterday from this video so let s get into it i m gonna show you guys how to do that right after the intro i m rob levels.

This is my rapper comm you about to get smarter okay. What i m gonna do is i m gonna go into a screencast boom ring into the screen and show you how you can edit your spotify profile and i m gonna show you what it looks like inside of the spotify for artists the profile. The backend of it and everything else like that it s super still bit easy okay let s get into it okay now i m gonna show you guys how you can actually edit your spotify profile. If you do not yet have a spotify profile you can do that by going to artists on spotify dot com.

And clicking claim your profile which is bring you to a page where you can get verified and i made a video on that already you check that out i ll put the link below is actually a video. I have released probably yesterday on this channel okay so this how you do it when you go to spotify artist spotify calm okay you re gonna click log in and then when you log in you re gonna put in your artist. Information. That you have already used to claim your profile and get your spotify account.

Okay and then just gonna bring you right here this is what it s gonna bring you to okay so you see i have almost 11000 monthly listeners okay doing great i need to release song more often i also haven t spent a dollar on marketing yet..

I m about to do a marketing campaign for my last song um actually starting next month. Influencer marketing and a bunch of other stuff like that so that numbers gonna try to go to 50 to 100000 in the next three months. So anyways. This is what it looks like this is how it is right here okay.

It also shows you how they stream. It shows you the gender. It shows you their ages. Which is freaking fantastic see and i can see other people that they listen to right.

Which makes sense okay thirty two percent female. Sixty eight percent male makes sense. Because i generally don t make female songs okay now when you go over here. All you gonna do is you re gonna go to profile.

Then click profile and then here. It s gonna show it s gonna allow you to update you click this it ll allow you to update your header image. Okay. Which is this background here and then also your your main image.

Which is this image over here okay right now you can see them already verified obviously okay..

There s my records now what you do here you can edit this you can add dates and stuff like that to this you can see your album that you have uploaded on your profile and then if you want to change your about and stuff like that which you re you are going to want to change and then click about you re gonna move down. And you can see here this is your vile. My talks where i was given up for adoption before seven was in you know juvenile detention centers homeless shelters jail and how i turned it all around in order to fire people and stuff. Like that okay.

Now you want to change this or you just click this little button right here. And then it allows you to change this it can only be so many characters and stuff like that makes you read this and that s really it you want to add other stuff you can go ahead and do that shoot i m like so i m gonna do that right now my instagram is rob level. That s a new feature and then the twitter s rob level which i never use twitter. But it s there and then this is run out level user name url user name is rob lowe.

I just do those people didn t know and we put http in. There yes actually guys want me on instagram almost at 300000 followers on there all right i m gonna save that bam now it s gonna be there s people who go to that profile can then follow me on instagram as well and everything else. Like that i m glad. I did.

This today for y all. Help myself out a little bit. So. That s all you do you go to artists.

That s spotify calm and you log in and you can edit all this it s that easy let s get into other stuff alright..

I hope that helped you know what time it is i got this right here man. It stopped a word of the day new words you could say new words for you bombs. And for your work play by the time you leave this video. You ll be smarter.

Than you was before today s word of the day is propensity s. When you have an inclination or a natural tendency to behave in a certain way for instance. People in south side chicago have a propensity for violence because it s their environment. Just used to it so propensity is the word alright.

Now that you re smarter you just got a lot smarter you gain some smart points go ahead and hit me with your like hit me. With your comment. We see your four bars for the day below along with in those bars use the word of the day. That s gonna help you retain the word you wanna get smarter right some bars any in that practice in okay then hit subscribe and when you hit subscribe hit the little bell because it s gonna notify you every time.

I release a new video. So you can read about smarter rapper. And i really see a new video every single solitary day. Whoa i mean we re growing like crazy right now 10000.


A month. I mean come on you just join the game come. On man. Join the gang alright.

Now. What else is there. Oh yeah check out these other videos and also if you want to learn how to get verified on spotify. Cuz you haven t seen that yet i m gonna put a link below.

But i also put a link in one of these videos also check out my other channel. Where i do a lot of stuff and my musics on there and everything almost hundred thousand subscribers on there this channels catch something like crazy any star released or constant on another channel. Okay i m gonna see you guys tomorrow check these videos keep hustling. I ll see you ” .


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