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“And video creators have you guys ever spent hours on hours editing your video where where your clips are synced to music your sound design was on point your color was awesome and even your transitions just flowed ever so perfectly you got it onto your phone texted. It to some of your family and friends. They said. It looks awesome and then you even maybe upload it to youtube.

And it looks great. But the second that upload finish is on instagram. There s nothing but artifacting pixelation and muddy colors and your life. That is not my video that is not my video.

Why is that happening over the past year. It s been super frustrating. Seeing sponsored ads and the bigger instagramers have such clean and crispy footage..


But every time. I would upload a video it just never looked good and as a creator. It was so disheartening because instagram and youtube are like the two biggest platforms to share your creative work it has been guessing those instagram really likes supporting creators are they trying to go back to how it was originally where they want you to just upload phone images and videos well either wait. I think i found the perfect settings for you guys and i m gonna show you how to do it in adobe premiere.

Now let s keep a couple things in mind instagram compresses your video. And it seems to be that instagram is doing a lot of compression and videos that are very contrasting and your blacks and shadows that are super dark so there s a couple things we could do after you edit your video and your footage for your client. Or for youtube. I like to copy everything over and then just make some quick adjustments i like to boost my shadows and i like to boost my contrast this will help the compression now another thing that is important is having the right sequence.

Settings. So what i did was i made a custom 4k sequence setting and i ll show you guys how to do that what we re going to do is go up to file hit new click on sequence and then we re gonna pick anything i ll pick like the digital slr 1080 whatever and we re gonna click on it next. We re gonna go over to settings and make sure that we re going to put in the right information now the first thing we want to do is set our aspect ratio of 3840 by 2160 the next thing we want to do is make sure our timeline is a 23976 time stamp for your time code..


Because that s how it should be when it comes to doing cinematic films. That s just the industry standard that s what you watch on movies and tv. So make sure we re gonna go get that set up the next thing you want to do is go to save as a preset come up with a name i usually just do like 4k and then i ll put the parenthesis and 23976 and then we re gonna just hit save and now you re all set up then we re just going to select it open up a new sequence. And now we re ready to put our footage in there now another thing that is super important is i upscale all my 1080 footage to a 4k timeline.

Where as you might think that it s going to be compressed even more or you re gonna lose some data and detail you re not believe it or not i thought this was bogus when i first heard cody blue mention this but after seeing a bunch of different youtubers doing it i said let me give it a shot and it actually works really well now on a lot of platforms. They will favor 4k footage like youtube for example and they re gonna give you more bitrate for your 4k videos where the 1080 videos. They re gonna compress a little bit more so you re gonna actually have cleaner footage out of your 4k timeline then a 1080 timeline. Even if your footage is 1080.

Just try it out trust me on this guys so now that you re done editing your video. It is time to export it so on a mac just hit command m. Or go up to file export media..


Now we have to do a couple things we re gonna name our file so click on it name it whatever you want and now we re going to go to preset for preset we re gonna click on we re gonna scroll all the way down click on youtube 2164 okay now we re gonna scroll down a little bit more and once that s selected and we re gonna check off render at maximum depth and at the very bottom we re gonna click use maximum render quality then you re gonna hit export and let adobe premiere do its thing now your video is done exporting and you want to get it onto your phone. Do not text it to yourself don t message it to yourself via facebook or email to yourself if you re on an iphone use airdrop or dropbox. If you re on an android use dropbox. There will be no compression getting it from your computer onto your phone now.

It s time to go ahead and post that on instagram and the footage should look amazing. This is what has worked for me. And i want to thank. Daniel shifter.

For giving these tips and tricks. So by combining everything together your video should look way cleaner than your past videos that you have posted on instagram so let s start a conversation in the comments do you guys have any tips or tricks on how to get clean video on instagram let me know in the comments below. I want to hear what it is that you guys have been doing and having success with your videos like i said this works for me personally it may not work for you guys..


But after taking those tips and tricks and doing them i have the best results possible i want to thank you guys for checking out today s video. If you re new here hit that subscribe button for those of you guys who like this video. Please leave a thumbs up believe it or not it really helps out the channel letting new viewers see my videos and if you guys want to stay up to date on all my videos hit that bell right up there for notifications. So every time.

I drop. A new video you guys are alerted until next time guys. I m jason anthony. I ll see you later peace ” .


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