How to Export MIDI in GarageBand

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” s up guys today. We re going to be looking at how to export midi midi out of garageband. So a lot of you guys who are just starting out be using garageband because it s free and it s a pretty effective program. I still use it some myself.

However there are some limitations that start to be kind of a pain once you ve used it for a while and one of the main ones is you can t export midi files out of garageband so if you wanted to send midi to a friend or to a producer who would then trigger the midi you re kind of out of luck. But there is a way to get midi out of the program and for this. We re gonna be using gb2 midi..


Pretty useful and easy to use script. That s going to get midi out of the files. So let s head over to the computer and check out how to do this first thing. We re going to do is head over to the link provided on ascott troyer s website and we re going to download gb to midi so you re gonna click that link and it s just gonna download to your hard drive now that that s done let s jump over and take a look at our midi.

So what we have here is just an extremely basic midi setup. Just some electric piano and we re gonna go about bouncing this out and making a midi file out of it so the first thing. We re gonna want to do is select the region you re working with and if you have multiple tracks make sure you re selecting the track..


You want to export and then join them together and we re going to do that by doing command j. And now that that s together we re gonna head over to add region to loop library. We re gonna make sure that we re recording it as a loop and then you can title this whatever you want we can call this midi example one and then create the loop alright. Now that that s done we can go and find the loop.

That we created and then use gb to midi to extract the midi data that s hidden within the loop. So to do this we re gonna go to macintosh hd go to our user file go into our library. Go into audio go into apple loops and go into the user loops and go into single files..


And here s some other stuff. I was working with but here is the example that we just did so what i like to do is drag it out to the desktop and then run the program. This can also be used as a batch process we could have had 10 midi tracks that we did that combine and create loop out of and create a midi files with all of them. So let s go ahead and run the program.

I generally just go up to my spotlight and launch gb to midi next it s going to bring up a file browser when you run the program and we re gonna find the example that we just did and select. It and would you look at that there s a midi file. So now we can jump back into our session and drag this in no real reason to import the tempo here and boom..


A perfectly bounced midi file. So obviously not the most streamlined method and is a little bit convoluted. But if you need to bounce midi out of your garageband. That s the way to do it and as you can see though there are some extra steps it really isn t that time consuming so i hope you enjoyed this quick video and stay tuned.

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