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“I m going to be showing you is how to repair your jvc big screen screen tv. What i ve got here is about a six year old jvc 1080p. What s going on now is you try to turn it on and it gives kind of the death ring. If you might the power button.

Just blinks real rapidly for about 30 seconds and shuts off and the tv does not come on whatsoever and i ll show you what exactly it s doing so here we are go ahead and try to turn it on sounds like it s going to turn on you get here. The fan kick on and there goes the blink. What s happened here is the bulbs burn out again really good tv. But it seems the bulb burns out about every two years so we re going to show you how to replace that it s very simple on this particular tv.

If you look to the left hand side. Generally. Where the bulb is located look down here on the bottom in the back..


And you ll see a panel of the screw and a bunch of warnings on it and that is where your bulb is located and we ll show you how to get it out of there so here we re looking at the access cover for the hd lamp. What we re going to want to do here is we ll just remove this cover just one phillips screw make sure not to lose that screw and well there s the bulb and in this case. There s two screws holding this bulb into place once those screws are loosened. There s a little handle that pops out and you pull it out easily one screw on bottom one screw on top now that the screws are this the bub pulls right out and here if we look at this bub.

I don t know if you can tell in the picture. It is very much blown. There s glass fragments in there and everything else and inside here. There s a fan for cooling.

And it s very dusty so what i m going to do is i want to get a vacuum cleaner and a toothbrush and very carefully clean that out the best. I can before i put the new bulb in just extremely dusty in there so i m going to go ahead and clean that out then i ll show you how to put the new bulb in that s pretty clean. It s really hard to tell if my camera..


I m sorry about the picture. But if you look in there look i got most of the dust up there is a little the magnifier in there and i m going to get a microfiber rag and kind of wipe it off it looks a little dusty and then we ll put the new bulb in so. What i got here is a replacement lamp for the 8jv chd dlp big screen tv. I ordered on amazon 50 dollars.

It s a kind of a knockoff replacement. But the jvc om1 replacement is 200 and i picked this one up for right around 50 bucks. And it s just as good we re going to go ahead and see how long it lasts. I figured hey if it lasts six months.

We got just as much money as the jvc bulb the last two years good and pull it out of the box that is it what you want to do is take a look at the bow and for some reason or another the lettering on it this is warning high temperature. You want that upside down. So go ahead and flip..


It upside down just stick it in and the same way you removed it just go ahead and push it in still going to be a little loose go ahead and tighten the screws up and i say tighten. But actually you don t really want to take them just as soon as they snug up that s plenty the snug the screw snug the screw make sure it s nice and secure yep. Nice and secure. We re going to go ahead and reinstall.

The cover there you have it we re going to flip it around and hook. It back up and try it out so now that we ve got the bulb. Replaced go ahead and try it out oh look at that working again. And it says.

The name bob needs. Two hours to break in properly. So go ahead and give it two hours..


The picture looks a little funny little discolored for the first hour. Too don t worry. But it should come right out of it. But it seems mine looks pretty good so we re back in business.

And that s how you replace the bulb on a jvc. ” ..

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