How To Fix Apple Magic Mouse Gestures Not Working

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” s up youtube is a printed atp 101 and in this video. I m gonna gonna show you guys how to fix your magic mouse so this had this one about three years now. And yeah. This is it right here.

But it has a problem by the gestures wouldn t work so it wouldn t scroll up and down all these little gesture that it s built in you slide off your double tap you swipe to the left. And all that all these gestures wouldn t work for some reason and i stopped using it so i have this other older mouse that i ve been using. But i ve been renovating my office today december 31st and for a new year. I wanted to pay my office and do like just switch it up i ve got new lights for christmas like video lights.

So i m just setting. It up different get rid all of boxes off my desk. And it s a new look. So i found this in the drawer.

And i m like i forgot about it so i m gonna try to fix it so the gesture isn t working that s the main probably the gestures is not working. I would have to end the click you know you the right click for the options or left click yeah right click are left click. Whichever one you right click over here. And the options will come up that stuff would there s no gestures at all so i decided to try to fix this so i m gonna show you guys how to fix it actually work so i ll put it back together i m gonna show you guys how to do it so obviously you want to turn it off and you want to open it up and take the battery out and you re gonna probably gonna need some double sided tape for this i didn t have any so another problem with these apple mouse is the battery compartment is a little bit too big for a lot of other batteries.

So the ones. Apple give you the ones that come with works. But a lot of added batteries you just want work for some reason..


It s too big you probably have to put some paper in there to kind of adjust it but so know you got this part right here. So you re gonna have to take this apart to fix the hole gestures. Because there s a there s a there s a clip in there that you like there s one connector and sometimes that gets loose so you drop. It it might come open and then it might slide out a little bit so certain gestures won t work i would just stop working altogether.

So you want to pop these sliders off these are really hard to come off thing. These are broken like it literally yeah. There s pop these off. I should remember what side they go on i don t know if they re having a difference after you do that you just want to push the most let s take this little piece off and this is where the double side tape comes in so right around.

Here is all double sided tape. Do that double side tape. Yeah and now to take the butter batter this whole batter part out there s some circle right in here on the fourth side. So there s one where he s got like a circle and then something hooks in it that doesn t help blow it so you re gonna have to pop the hook.

The circle off and then it ll open so let s find a circle for some reason to have one light on i m sure my screwdriver so basic you want to pop these little bit circles off it s hard to see. But if you re doing this you ll see what i m talking about so you want to pop this one off just be careful not to break anything pop that out just about this one. I m difficult just like that do you do that yes. Why don t we pull it out so this is a little thing right here let s hook.

Then with this so this is the problem right here this thing right here this little compartment right here. So you see the switch. So this is where all the gestures and everything is but this right here might be loose..


So this thing right here say clips in to this bit. So you gotta slide. These in and then you lock this thing. Over there s a little mechanism right there.

It s hard to see right now. But right at the end right here. It s actually something beard as you put it just like that you see it popped up so. Though you thought you want to keep down.

So. If that comes up so that comes up then over time these little things right here might move around and then the gestures won t work you might slide out a little bit even though. It s glued in right. Here.

It still might if this pops up the connection. Won t be as good no. So that s where the problem is because you re doing all these gestures up here nothing is registered because the clip. This thing right here my popped up when i opened this the first time when i fixed it it was already open so that s why the problem.

I couldn t use the gestures. So sit it back and slid everything back in and then i pop that down to hold everything in place. And then it started working so let me put it back together..


I ll get these clips so clip. Just like that you hear everything clicky and if you have some double sided tape definitely want to use the double sided tape to do your thing you want to get the light. So they re like you want to make sure you get the little green light is right up top right here. So you want to line it up with that little hole right.

There that tells you that your joint is hooked up. So you just want to fit this thing place as best as possible you see this side is not going to hold on so let s see if i can find some tape. Okay. So now i have some double sided tape not a lot.

But just enough let me see where the light is so i got this correct. So i decided the clicky part okay so after that s done you want to put your batteries back here power. It off. Yeah.

If it comes off okay. There we go the light is on so get our song just like that up there in place. So lost connection. Let s see.

If it gets connected some justice. Yeah. Okay so now the mouse is working so..


If i go. What are you now you can see all the gestures is working again. So i could so let s swipe up and swipe down just like that at the switch between pages you go back and forth. We ll do the double tap.

But do all that kind of stuff so everything is working as they should so now i could actually use my mouth again and get rid of that old mouth. It s not the best mouse. But it does work so to my subscription and now when i left click. It s actually working.

I still get a menu option like i used to or right click before that wouldn t work. So yeah. This is real cool. I m actually glad i found this so guys if you re having any problem with your magic mouse and you want to fix it up it s a little bit white up here does i need something better i mean i need some better double sided tape.

But it s working. I mean so yeah. There you go prints add a tip. You want i want rate comment.

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