How To Fix Beats Wireless Not Turning On problem (2013-2018)

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“Everyone this is a video that i just had to make and i have to to cut right now the other day. I won off ebay a so called defective of beats by dre headphones. The beats wireless. Which are fairly new they re about the same sound quality as the solo hds they come in the glossy white as well as black.

I got the white ones. I think the winning bid. If i can remember was like 76 bucks after tax shipping. Included.

And it s off of a seller that i got stuff like defective stuff. All the time off of and i usually try to buy defective because i m a pretty handy guy and i try to fix it you know save a few bucks here and there so these headphones are virtually brand new there was no wear on them whatsoever came with the box. There s the instruction manual. There s a little pamphlet inside there with a cleaning cloth sticker is still sealed the case.


We all thing you didn t come with was the the auxilary cable. So i ll get talked to the the main point. Because you see all the stuff here the issue with these was when i bought them they were being sold as is because they would charge or sorry. They would say they would not charge and they would not power on so i bought it and i plugged it in to my computer for bit.

And like the red light on the side here. Which it s not charging. So you can t see it it was red. It would stay red for like ten minutes.

So i took it off. I put on again and eventually it it turned green. So i m like okay so it s charging because i had like i couldn t find a tutorial on how to tear. These apart figured maybe the battery was bad so i was just going to replace the battery.


Anyway you have to go from like the inside like pull all this stuff out get to there in anyway. It wasn t important because this this is the fix for this specific issue. So the charged light screen that still would not turn on so here s like the control panel right here you can see the blue lights flashing because i just paired it to my galaxy. Which is right here it s the usb cable for it so i couldn t figure it out they were charging you re not powering.

All i thought maybe a wire was damaged maybe it was water damage. But no apparently this is real real big problem that a lot of people are having with this specific model. So i googled it for a few few hours trying to figure out how to fix it and i actually did come across a fix i just did this now like i m shooting this video. I m at like i m two minutes into video.

I just just solved this and i got these today so i want to share this everyone so because i think there s a lot of people actually from best buy that are claiming these don t work. And it s just a bug with it so what i did is i plugged them in when you plug them in the lights red when they re done charging the lights green. What i did was i what i ve read to do and i test. It there s a few variations of this is i held the power button.


Which is right here alongside so let me folks figure out quick. So there that s better so power button. Which is right there on top has the little power symbol you hold that and i held volume up. Which is the plus sign different variations of this technique.

Say like volume down like that but i tried these that didn t work this is the one that worked for me i held and i counted power simultaneously with volume up for 120 seconds. Which is two minutes you can go over by a few seconds. It won t kill it and the technique that i use says to hold these for one to two minutes to to be on the safe side because you know you don t want to undercook anything right two minutes and then try to power on normally. So what i did is i held them.

I counted out loud press. Power and they came back to. Life. So what was once a.


Defective 7600 broken pair of. Headphones which retail for to 9999. I fixed in about two hours. And it s virtually just two buttons these right there hold them together click count out loud 120 seconds go to power on normally and you should see the red light flash on and then you can find it with your whatever device you re trying to pair to so again.

If you have any questions. I m hoping a lot of you will because i m going to try to help you out leave on the page. I ll get back to you soon as i can and i m going to try to save your headphones thanks for watching. ” .


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