How To Fix iTunes If It Doesn t Play Music

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“Youtube. It s mitchell 1 1. 2. 694 and today.

I m going to show show you guys how to fix a common problem with itunes it normally happens after windows or you know just fooling around with your speaker s stuff like that but what happens is that when you try to open itunes. And you try to play a song it doesn t play this is pretty much what happens. So it just keeps staying on 0. No.


And it says play pause you go play it it just keeps staying at 0. So i m going to show you how to fix that problem so first of all we want to do next to the itunes and go to quicktime just type in and search. It wherever. It s at just click on it open it up and just wait for it to load.

Once it loads you re going to go to view or edit sorry edit preferences quicktime preferences and then when it gets when you get this box right here you re going to want to go to audio. When you get audio you should see the same screen don t don t mess around with anything. But what you re going to want to do right here on the top where send their devices where it says select audio playback and recording devices go ahead and click that you re going to get it here like this yours is going to say something different instead of the independent dual headphones kind of thing. But i says windows has detected audio enhancements for the following device and causing problems in the blah blah blah.


And would you like to disable. This driver enhancer for this device. You want to hit yes. It s going to pop up three times.

So they ll hit yes three times. So yes. This is something different so hit yes and then something different again hit yes well maybe. It s for so hit yes and all those and they hit ok.


Okay. And then close out a quick time. I m going to turn the volume down. So you don t get blasted out okay so thompson so garden open up itunes and we re going to click right here.

So we ll just click on the first song. So as you guys could see music is back up itunes running and you can listen to all your songs again so it s just a quick and easy fix for you guys. So i remember give me a thumbs up leave any comments. But i mean.


It s kind of self explanatory this whole tutorial. So to slim y all. And ” ..


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