How to Fix the Teamviewer Not Ready Check Your Connection Error on Windows 10/8/7 [Tutorial

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“Everyone how are you doing. This is mdtech here with another quick tutorial in today today s at home. And she gets how to hopefully go ahead and resolve. If come across the teamviewer error that is not ready check your connection error.

So we re gonna go ahead and jump right into it and we re going to start by opening up the start menu just left click on start up on one time type in control panel. Let s match to come back with control panel to go ahead and left click on that so your view by two category view and then select network in internet select view network status and tasks underneath whatever internet is right over here that i m circling you want to just go ahead and type one it should be a hyperlink in here select the properties option select internet protocol version for tcp ip v4 and go ahead and select the property spawn once again now you want to select the use of following dns server address for the second area here. And you want to type in eat in the first selection followed by another 8 8. 8.

So you want to do. 4. Eighths in a row here evenly spaced just don t type them all in one of these areas you want to space it down and then for alternate dns..


Everybody you want to do 8 8. 4. 4. And when i say dots don t type in dots just type in eights and fours basically.

This is going to be the google dns server address by the way so you re welcome to. Verify that online if you. Choose. To.

Do. So. But again 8888 and then the..


Alternate. Is. 8844. Select ok.

One with that close out of here close out of all that we start a computer. Hopefully that has been able to resolve your problem. One more thing. You can go ahead and try would be to open up the start menu once again type in cmd that s my trick mac will command prompt you want to right click on that and then left click on run as administrator.

If you receive the user account control prompt you on the left click on yes and now in this i will be a command line window. You want to type in any. Tsh space..


Wi. N. Soc. K.

Space. Reset. Or eset. So.

Again. Any tsh. Space..


Windsock space. Reset hit enter and a keyboard run that command should take a moment here you will need to restart a computer. Which i would recommend doing and then once you restart your computer attempt to open up team. Mirror.

Again. And hopefully your connectivity issues have been resolved so as always thank you guys for watching this brief. Tutorial do those able to help you out. And i do look forward to catching you all in the next.

” ..

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