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“Everyone this is cretins and welcome back. I m going to be doing another walkthrough walkthrough tutorial for you and it s not really going to be along the lines. What i usually do not that i have done much however it does have something to do with gaming. But not a game itself or an emulator.

It s a headset specifically the turtle beach headset dpx. 21. Or any usb interface headset. You may be having a problem with and i ll go ahead and explain my situation.

The reason. Why i m making this tutorial and i ll get on to tell you how to fix it i bought. A new headset. The turtle v8.

The turtle beach px 21s for playing on my playstation. Okay now these are supposed to be universal between playstation xbox for pc. Any anything you need these headphones for you can use it for pretty much is what they say when you buy it so i bought that so i figured eh. I could use this when i make my tutorials and stabbing to drag out my mic stand and set it up all awkwardly and have my face turned toward the micra.

I m trying to do stuff. That s just annoying. I could just put this headset on it s pretty nice one it s got good good microphone in it as its own amp. That come that comes built in its own preamp and so pretty much what happened was as i plugged it in and i was just using using them as headphones for a while.

But i decided hey i m going to make a tutorial today. So i go to make the tutorial and then an end there s no sound. I m like okay. Wait.

I didn t set up the recorded device. Whatever recording device puts that up the microphones not there will show up in the device list. So i figure. Oh.

It s a driver issue maybe i could just go to the website and download it from there i ll go to the website nothing there s nothing there there s no drivers. I go people are saying. Oh. It s you re a it s incompatibility through soundcard or it s a defective wire and embedded at it at a well none of that i don t i don t think that was correct.

I didn t think that was correct so i went and just fill around myself and actually stumbled upon the answer. And hopefully people will be getting a good amount of information from this and hopefully. It will fix their headsets whether it be the px 21 or any usb interface headset for the computer. Now if you re having playstation problems.


Xbox problems. This isn t that the place for for you to be you need to go find another video for that. But i left ur all set and done let s go ahead and get into the tour. Tutorial.

Now. This isn t going to be a long one mostly just me talking. But it s not going to be very long only take a few seconds. That s how easy this is it s just hard to find and navigate to if you don t know your way around a computer.

And yes camtasia simplifies everything about my computer for processing speed. I ve set it up that way it s not like a defect or anything if that s what you re wondering. But what you do is you go to control panel hardware and sound and under the hardware and sound panel. You ll see devices and printers now i ll bring up this and you ll see turtlebeach ip x.

21. Ed. Set down on the unspecified panel. When you enters you re going to double click that now we re going to do is you re going to click turtlebeach px 21 headset click properties okay this is the properties where the driver is however you ll see that you can t do anything with these and the reason for that is it is because you don t have your have administrator access.

So what you re going to do is you re going to go back to the general tab change settings and i ll bring up a new tab. And now you ll have your administrator settings. Enabled. And you ll be able to click all these buttons.

Here. What you re going to do is you re going to uninstall. It and i m not going to do that here because i m using the headset right. Now you gotta install it press.

Ok click out of this. And this will still be here. Don t let that confuse you just unplug your your your usb cord from your interface or your hub and then plug it back in and we ll reinstall our device drivers now this worked for me. I m not i m not sure why it did.

But it worked for me. And it i my device actually showed up in the recording section. You know the plate now playback. But the recording devices section on my sound card so that worked for me hopefully this works for you if you have any questions don t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Yeah. Please rate subscribe and comment and also let me know if there are any videos you d like like to see would you like to see walkthroughs would you like to see tutorials would you like to see basically anything i m versing a lot of things that i can be versed in other things so go ahead. And ask if i feel that i have the time to do it i ll go ahead make a tutorial for it and again please rate. Subscribe and comment and that this power supply is only 250 watts.


So that s not really that much but i really don t need a big powerful gaming machine. My main thing here what i m gonna be doing most of the time with this is rendering video. So that s really going to come in handy for me. So it does have onboard video.

I ll just leave the cap on there and another cap for the onboard hdmi. So if i wanted to i could take the card out then on the back. It s got again microphone looks like speakers out and auxilary in so i love the compact nough so the system. But what i want to know if i get inside here is what i ll be able to do now.

I ve heard this as a tool. This entry. It s not either that i m just not strong enough to turn these so i m going to have to go get a screwdriver and open these up so. I was i shouldn t say was i still am building shelves in here.

I ve got three units that i have to put together one of them s done. And it s gonna end up going back here. So i can put some stuff on the wall hopefully. It s gonna fit okay if it doesn t i might have to end up well that did work be right back all right hopefully.

This one will work yep works. Fine and you know me personally after this i m just gonna have them be finger tight because i don t really need to have them super tight okay all right very tight design in here. And there is not i don t know if you can see in here. See if i can close in for you so inside this unit.

There is not a additional pci express card. Which is somewhat unfortunate now i read there we go yeah. This just slides. Open see.

If that s a little bit better shot for you so. The one and only pci express slot is taken up and this is also interesting. So it has one 16 gigabyte memory slot. So let s check out see.

If i can get down low. Enough okay well this particular. Power supply isn t as bad as the other unit that the other person bought. This actually has a 400 watt unit in it but apparently this connector to their motherboard is proprietary.

So this entire unit is a proprietary system. I do have room here for see if i can close this again a little bit for one full sized hard drive. And i don t really see much room otherwise for another hard drive let s see how many sata controller ports. I have so i only see two sata port controllers that could be the deal breaker for me.


Because i have to have at least two more i ll have to think about it see if there s something i can do i mean i could unplug the cd rom. But that gives me only one ssd and my 4 terabyte. So i would change out the one terabyte that s in here for a 4 terabyte. But that is very limiting so i m gonna have to go over this motherboard with a fine tooth comb and see if i m missing something i m going to tip it up not sure if you can see in there.

So there s the two sata controllers right there and i can t put a card in here. And i also only have one dim in here one. 16 gigabyte dim. This unit has 16 gigabytes looks like a standard cooler and they do have the extra case fan up here.

I can put a case fan in the front. And i probably have one that i could use and i can put in but i got to think really hard about my whole ssd situation. Because i really do want to have all my ssds. But i want the storage as well and there s some kind of port here.

You know there s a port right here for an m2 ssd. But i don t want to have to expend more money to do an upgrade to get an m2 ssd. When i already have two sata ssds and it s strange. How the angle is it actually looks like it would kind of stick straight out.

Although it does have looks like a small screw hole here so that the m2 apparently can be pushed down. I guess i don t know i think might stick out at an odd angle. That is the strangest thing what to do well. I m gonna have to think about this and then i ll get back with you because without you know i mean at a minimum.

We really need to have three or four sata ports and i ve only got two so worst case scenario. I would have to go with one sata. 4. Right now and in the future maybe upgrade.

My sata to like a 512 or something like that all right folks well i m taking this computer back. And i m going to show you why i m taking this computer back first of all it has an mdot looks like two ports. So i think it could take for one thing. It is designed to take an op tain the second thing is i don t know if you can see that that horizontal gray colored bar.

There s there s two m dot two slots available in there. And i know one is for an m dot to obtain. And i think it can take them dot two sat it because it looks like in the bios. It can do that.

But you have to have the model that has a special bracket that goes right here in this area and to hold the two cards in and of course. I don t have that so you know i even if i did get to m dot two card. It d be another one hundred and forty nine dollars well at that point. I might as well just get a new computer.


So this has two sata ports and oddly enough. I m gonna see if i can get down here. Do you see the black cord with the three or four wires coming off the motherboard. If you trace that cord.

It literally goes down here to this one right here. Which is the only power supply for a harddrive and it s run off the motherboard believe it or not so it s the only upgrade. The only upgrade you can do is replacing the hard drive ii sata controller. I was thinking i could just unplug the cd rom if you look here look at the power connector for the cd rom so it s a basic.

See if i can get that in focus. It s a very basic power connector because the cd rom dvd drive is actually a design for a laptop. So it s super low power. So you can t use that with another drive so they have this additional bay here.

But you can t put anything in it so this is completely non upgradable now. I did power it up and check the risin seven 1700 processor. And yeah. It was decent specs were good.

But you know i don t want to buy another hard drive. I ve already got two santa s in my other computer. So i just want to move them over so i m gonna take this back. And there s a better computer.

I can get for you know another couple hundred bucks way better that lets me put in four drives and it also has multiple slots. So i can add other devices. I can also do sli and put in two cards. It has something like eight usb ports.

This one is usb port challenge. I mean. It s only got the two on the front which i ll put it back together and i ll show you but it s going back now if you were just buying this for you know kind of your average user type thing that isn t into upgrading maybe wants to put an ssd in the future in where the drive is not a bad deal. But you can get a lot better for the money so anyway.

I will edit up this video and you let me know what you think and i ll be bringing back another computer. I have one in mind. And we ll go over that computer as well so thank you for watching if you re thinking of buying one of these probably shouldn t and like and subscribe let me know what you think and i ll see you next time ” ..


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