How to FIX Your Chromecast Sound Problems!

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” s no shortage of streaming boxes you can buy for your television. But it s s just 35 google s chromecast is one of the best built entirely on the platform that allows you to stream from your phone tablet or laptop. Chromecast is great for watching netflix listening to spotify or just about any other use case. You could think of unfortunately sometimes chromecast experiences sound issues that can ruin movie night and caused endless frustration.

Let s take a look at some of the ways to troubleshoot sound problems on your chromecast first things first it s important to narrow the problem down to your chromecast with an ever widening expanse of accessories for your television. It s always important to make sure you locate the source of the problem before you begin troubleshooting start by testing..

Other media sources plugged into your television. Whether it be a cable box. A game console or a blu ray player. If you can hear sound from the other devices.

But not your chromecast. We know that something s wrong with your google device not your television or speakers..

From there we d start slowly narrowing down the problem try switching your chromecast from its current hdmi port to a new one to see if that fixes. The issue. It s also important to make sure your chromecast is receiving the correct amount of power over its microusb cable. If you have its power cable plugged into the usb port on your television try connecting it to an external usb charger.

In a wall outlet with all this out of the way dive into the google home app on your phone while something is casting on your device select the chromecast device from the main screen in google home and you ll get a basic remote interface. The circular interface here is the volume slider..

You ll need to ensure that the slider is turned up in order to control your chromecast volume. It s really easy to accidentally mute your chromecast without realizing you did so definitely check your volume settings if all of this fails factory resetting your chromecast is the best way to go unlike most other devices resetting your chromecast. Only takes a few minutes. And doesn t truly lose any data.

So there s no reason not to do it if you re having a major issue like no sound. The easiest way to do it is..

Through the google home app select your chromecast device then hit the settings button and the triple dotted menu icon you can start by rebooting your device to see if that solves the issue. A factory reset should clear up any issues right away. If you ve tried all that and your volume. Still won t work contacting google for a replacement through a warranty claim is the best way to go if you enjoyed this guide make sure to check out these other videos you might like and subscribe to tech junky for brand new videos every day.

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