How To Force Uninstall Programs That Won t Uninstall In Windows 10

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“In this tutorial. We are going to show you how to remove stubborn applications from from windows. 10 that you cannot uninstall by traditional means alright okay so for this tutorial. We re gonna use gig buddy as the as an example program that we re having problems on installing alright.

So we re gonna take you through the traditional way just to say we did just so you understand just so you know alright just in case. You know you re making a mistake. There so i wanna stan first approach. We are going to type in control all right and then we re going to go to the control panel desktop app alright next.

I would go ahead and change your view by to category just to make it easier on you and then click on uninstall. A program all right this point locate your program and just simply right click on it and select uninstall when i select yes here and then run through the uninstall the app. All right if that uninstalled your application you re pretty much done right. But most likely you probably would not have come to this particular tutorial.

If it was you know that easy so all right okay. Let s just say for instance you go to the control panel. And you don t see your program listed there all right in you know the uninstaller program alright. If that s the case locate the programs icon if it has like a desktop icon or even from the start menu and right click on it and then select properties alright and then click on open file location all right okay.


Now from within this folder alright. This is for geek buddy here. We re gonna look for the uninstalled shortcut and let s see if it even has one no it does well here hold on interesting. I don t really see one in here for this one okay.

But your program may be different all right. But like i said if you don t actually see your an uninstall shortcut in here all right just this technique actually won t work for you. But if you do simply double click on the executable and run the uninstalling application hi. Now the third approach alright third approach would be to use an application uninstall utility alright.

But to do this what we want to do is make sure all right that we close the application. We re trying to uninstall all right so i m gonna just look down through here we re gonna find geek buddy here within task manager all right you can just press control alt. Delete simultaneously one time to get to it. And then we re gonna select it in the task just gig buddy and there s still some of the notification.

Something else running. I some kind of go ahead and close this to if i can get away with it maybe. I can t so let me just scroll down here real quick alright in the task in the task. Okay that actually we re gonna get rid of this too cuz we need to make sure it s totally closed alright okay now once our application is closed.


We re gonna go ahead and open a web browser alright then we re gonna go to google and then we re gonna type in iobit uninstaller okay io bit uninstaller i m gonna try to slow down just a bit because a few you all have actually mentioned that you know we have a tendency to go a little bit swiftly through the tutorial. Let me slow down just a bit give you a chance to catch up alright. So once you ve typed in i hope it uninstaller go ahead and click on the it s most likely gonna be the first result in your search. But make sure it s a bit calm okay and then click on that link alright next click on it should say the iobit uninstaller.

6. Or whatever version all right they re actually on by the time you actually watch this tutorial click on free download alright and then click on download again the second download button will be at download calm of course alright after that go ahead and install the application all right and i m giving this just a chance to download here even though i already have it installed. We re just trying to go somewhat real time here okay and we re gonna continue shrink that down okay so we re gonna go ahead and open the application. We re just gonna say we ve just installed.

It okay yes at the uac. Okay now what s gonna do all right it s in the upper left we re gonna select all programs or you can just select recently installed programs which will narrow the list down okay all right so what we re going to do is you can install uninstall a group of applications here by checking each one or you can simply locate your application and we re using geek buddy for this example. We re gonna click on the trash can over here right underneath operate operation okay all right and it s gonna ask if you want to create a restore point. We said we suggest you select yes here all right and it will take some time to actually create it you know maybe maybe a minute or two all right after it s done then a waxing move for with uninstall.

But for the sake of this tutorial and time i m not gonna select it but we suggest you do all right so we re gonna click on uninstall now the first thing it s going to do is it s gonna call upon the applications. Uninstall utility. Okay now we re going off the basis that this failed okay all right widget. Why you ve actually come to this tutorial all right so.


What i m gonna do is just to you know treat things as if that the applications built in uninstaller failed. I m gonna cancel this and we re gonna let the out bit uninstall a work without any help from the built in uninstaller alright. So we re gonna click on powerful scan in the lower right and we re gonna give it just a minute alright now you can actually see what it s actually located in the system. All right okay these are the registry entries.

Which are countless all right and these are the the files. It s actually located all right. Which are also countless all right so what we re going to do is it s gonna automatically select all the files so we re gonna go ahead and click on delete in the lower right and then we re gonna click on okay all right and all right okay we can actually see what it s actually removed all right next. We re gonna go ahead and click on close all right now depending on your application at this time.

We would actually suggest you go ahead and restart your system. All right to complete the uninstall. You know just in case. There were some files that cannot be deleted.

You know while windows was actually still you know running all right so just in case. You know you missed some of that i m gonna go ahead and use byte fence as another example all right when i go ahead an click on the trash can again remember you re gonna click on create a restore point before and installing all right we re gonna go ahead and click on uninstall all right it s gonna call up on the uninstaller. Let me know here s the thing let the uninstaller one if it can t ok now this one. We re gonna let it let up built in on installer run now after it s done the owners.


The iobit uninstaller will run right behind it and check for any left over you know any remnants. Nice. We re gonna go ahead and close that all right now this one the uninstall the building on this doll is actually run. But that s okay all right.

It s done now we should have cleaned up everything but just in case we re gonna click on powerful scan and i m also noticing that the geek buddy shortcut is here i got to delete that but i ll do that after this okay now. It s saying. There are no leftover a lot no leftover items all right so. We can just go and close this okay all right and since this is actually still left.

I m gonna go and get rid of that okay and the same thing still applies restart your system you know just in case if there was some leftover files. Okay and that actually should do it all right now this actually completes the this tutorial on how to uninstall stubborn programs from windows. 10. That you cannot uninstall by traditional ” .


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