How to Get ALL Classic Link Outfits in Breath of the Wild

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“Since the e3 trailer for breath of the wild debuted talk ran on and on on about the iconic green tunic. Seemingly being left behind in this new zelda installment. Now that the game has been out for a full week. Fans have found that quite the opposite is true nintendo.

Is said in multiple green outfits across the game. And today. I ll show you how to obtain each one you can absolutely collect the green outfit in the game. But no one said it was going to be easy in order to get the cap of the wild tunic of the wild and trousers of the wild you re going to need to complete all 120 shrines found in the game.


If you need any help completing that i ve linked a map down in the description below then according to reddit user mitch three three one five and several others after completing every single shrine three chests will appear behind the shrine in the forgotten temple. The hero set throws. It all the way back to the very first legend of zelda costume design in order to obtain this outfit. You ll need the 30th anniversary legend of zelda link amiibo this amiibo like all other amiibo can be scanned once a day to receive special items this amiibo in particular has several possible daily drops.

Three of which are the cap of the hero tunic of the hero and trousers of the hero like the last set the time set also requires an amiibo this one requires the ocarina of time link figure. Which also has several daily drops. Three of which are the cap of time tunic of time and trousers of time this set brings back the white sleeves and legs that we all fell in love with in the nintendo 64 classic ocarina of time the wind set is also an amiibo exclusive set. But unlike the last two this set can be obtained through two different amoeba in order to get the wind set.


We must scan the wind waker link amiibo or the smash bros trim link amiibo this set contains the cap of the wind tunic of the wind and trousers of the wind our last amiibo exclusive set is from twilight princess. The super smash bros link. Amiibo is required in order to obtain this set which includes the cap of twilight tunic of twilight and trousers of twilight. You know the drill.

One of my favorite available link costumes is another callback to ocarina of time in breath of the wild you can become dark link without the help of any amiibo. But it is a very long process first you must go to a call of stable where there s an n cps wants to see a picture of the mysterious merchant kills him in order to find kill 10 you must travel to the zoo nakai shrine on skull lake on the left island of the skull shaped lake you will find kilted. He tells you that he loves monsters and then disappears. Now he will spawn behind several villages at night.


If you go to hit a no village after dusk you can find him to trade. However. He does not use rupees rather he trades with his own currency mon. You can get mon by trading kilt in your monster.

Parts. The dark hood dark tunic and dark trousers costs 1999 mon 999 mon and 999 mon respectively. So you will probably want to take down several mini bosses before trading with kilson to get dark links. The dark links set will also give you a slight speed boost making it slightly more valuable than the default time set clever fans of data mind the game to reveal several unused outfits.


These include the sky set and the fierce deity s set. These are presumably attached to unreleased skyward sword and fierce deity amiibo figures. But only time will tell well that s all the classic outfits that have been found so far if anything is discovered in the coming weeks. I will update the description accordingly you can also find links on more info to everything i covered in this video down below.

I hope this video helps and i ll see you next time ” ..

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