How to Get Midna s Helmet & Travel Medallion Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Austin John Plays

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” s going on boys and girls what s up world austin. John plays here and and the dlc pack is finally out and i m going to be showing. You today how to get midna helmet and the travel medallion. So as soon as your boot up your game.

With dlc part 2 active. It s going to be giving you a whole bunch of side quests and the one that we re going to be doing. Today. Is the twilight relic.

Now. Once you find m. Sicos journal. He s going to be telling you about a whole bunch of mises armor in the game.

And the one that we re going to be looking at right now is where he says the princess of twilight. The first one he talks about is the ancient mask the lives of the ruins of soldiers gathered that one s talking about majora s mask..

If you need help finding that one there s a card in the top corner bope click that guy but today we re looking at the princess of twilight whose stories are handed down alongside those of the hero of twilight her helmet can be found at the temple ruins soak and there were against the river now i already knew exactly where this would be the sage temple ruins right here on the map in case you guys need to find it so for this and all the pieces of the armor for the dlc. I m going to recommend to go into your hyrule compendium sheikah. Sensor and look for chests now you re going to find some in the area or here s a royal halberd. Just make sure you go around also once you have magnets this active.

It s going to make finding this a heck of a lot easier essentially the area you re going to want to look for is this patch of rubble right here right next to a rusted sword and shield pull it out of the ground. You get a beautiful purple. And gold. Chest.

With the letters. E x. On it. I think.

E x. Stands..

For extension. Like extension of game. And inside boom. Minah s helmet.

Keep in mind if you sell anything from the dlc you re not going to be able to get it back. However purchasing the dlc from one user on the eshop is going to make it available for all of your playthroughs. And that s fantastic now for the travel medallion for this unit make your way to the south a cal is stable because it s a separate side quest and you re going to find the super rumor mill volume 2 treaty here no matter where i go rumors they follow don t you make it a point to dig up rumors while traveling in any case. Today.

We re talking about the dream of teleport apparently. There was once an ancient medallion that lets you teleport places. That s fantastic. I hear the treasure chest containing this tool is located beneath a labyrinth in north east acala.

Well that s all i need to hear to know exactly where we re going to be going all the way to the northeast of the map is the low my labyrinth island so teleport over there now if you ve already done the shrine. Here or the whole entire shrine quest..

Then you know that it opens up this big path of wind coming up from the bottom assuming you ve already found the shrine here. If not i m gonna leave you a little little hindi hint in the top right corner right. There the book make that a lot easier for your life. You re welcome kids you may have not explored down there there s a diamond armlet headband whatever.

It s called the thing that gives you guardian resist up nevertheless hop on down. Here. Know. If you haven t gotten the diamond thingy.

Already then you re going to be fine. And these guardians are not going to be active. However if you ve already got in the second you jump down here again after a blood moon. All of them are going to be back and the second you re down here all of them are going to be attacking you and it s it can get a little messy not going to lie it can get messy essentially you re going to want to make your way directly underneath the entrance of the labyrinth and then once there you re going to find this chest right here boom.

Then travel medallion this mysterious tool is made using forgotten ancient technology place it by opening your pouch and registering your current location as a travel gate. Now i don t know where i would personally put the travel medallion..

I already have all of the locations set in the game. I mean you know the shrines and the the towers and things like that so i want to know where you guys are going to plop that travel medallion adil. Say tarrytown. It s like a short flight north of that thing right there.

And the great fairies right there. Don t say tarrytown just don t. But nevertheless. I want to know where you guys going to drop that java medallion leave a comment down below and in a couple hours.

I will have the additional six pieces of armor for you guys signals outfit and the phantom armor til next time austin john out you re sure to like this video and subscribe. I m going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days. And weeks till next time oh john out ” ..


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