How to get Skyrim building materials (Lake View Manor)

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“Quarried stone that you will need the thorn. Oh. My god a dragon is attacking attacking holy so this is the lakeview manor house and i m sure that will the same for the other houses they ll just be around the house area. Where you can get your materials.

If you want quarried stone. It is to the right of the building area on this light. A piece of rock here..


If you want clay then it is to the left of the building area on this different other piece of ground and if you want firewood just cut the logs on this wood chopping block right here with an unlimited amount of resources from every resource point and that is the lakeview manor house ok youtube so we ve come to river woods to get the sawing logs. This is the front entrance to river woods go in turn left across the bridge and the guy that sells you the stone logs should be standing here. But for some reason like he just doesn t come to work. And i ve tried this or other lumber mills as well.

I think. It s just like a glitch right now on ps4. If you want him to come to work you have to go to his house river was agreeable enough..


I suppose each other right here village hit clock. The door break in he ll tell you to get out and then after he tells you to get out. He will go to work try wait in all hours of the day and stuff. Odd.

Just will not go to work. Now. He s working to work..


Yes and then we go over here older. If actually at work for one just get an axe and bring me all the wood. You can chop just talk to him got business. Here and read like to buy some lumber.

Some building a and this is that is how you get them until next time okay so if you need straw. We re still in river woods just go to the general store. The river wood trader..


Thank you so have you got the sales. I make all this junk me i call them treasures and you can get your glass. Here as well. If you need it and straw are you fucking serious another dragon.

What the fuck okay go thanks for watching the video. If this helped you out please hit that like ” ..

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