How To Get The Mercenary Pack! The Sea of Thieves Episode 23 SoT

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“Of watchers welcome back to the channel. And i hope you have an awesome day day okay guys so this one is gonna be a quick video. I want to you guys some pretty cool stuff now. What i m going to do first to do i normally do i am 30 29.

25. So i ve upgraded my ship. See we got the green. The green one there look at that and we ve got the green.

The green settles pretty cool pretty cool. But well well show you guys is now jack got the the mercenary pack. And i didn t think you can actually get it. But he found a website.

The website is called gang flip. Now what you do is you signup do the normal stuff sign up we. Emailed. Rare stuff like that and then type in ca fees.

And it will come up with the mercenary pack. Now you can get it really cheap. Just change. The top change.

The relevance in the corner to lowest price. And it will come up. But now you can actually buy it and that s what i did i got it for 800. Which is pretty cheap especially for it being exclusive content.

So i m gonna do is i m not actually worn this yet. I m not how to look. But i believe it s this one yeah there we go this is the one so we re gonna put that on we put this on i m pretty sure that s it is well yeah. It is and we got these ones and the red ones.

Pretty cool. Oh gotta have that as well. So i think that s it just for the clothes is there any more so. Let s just have a look no that s good that s good that s good.

It s good. It s good good good good good good. I m pretty sure that s it nice okay. So this what this is what we look like let me just change this.

So you can see go into this. Let s point. And then you can see the gloves as well ah. It s too dark.

You can t see no well let s stand over here with actually we stand here this kit this looks like look if it ll get look good like that s pretty cool right let s do the point again that bad dude. But as you can see this is the mercenary outfit pretty cool now are i only want it really for the jacket. Because you can get i use a gold gun. Now the gold gun to me is pretty sweet it matches that and it s green for the jacket.

It s aa real much ship darby..

I ll be rolling in style be coming to kill you in style so gold gun gold go and look at that we have it with the gold gun. And then you can see oh that one so this time will point will point this time. Then you can see the gun as you can see this like gold buttons on it on the jacket. Which is pretty sick.

And you can just see that there s gold on his hand. Just there look at that look at that and then you ve got the heart. Which has got big golden. A green and gold that s the way.

I m going roses look okay boots look okay so good. But also what you get with this is get new skins for your weapons. Or shall. I say the gun and the sword.

Though let s go over to this one is it this one over here. Here is there is oh really yeah. This one is this one yeah. Sweet.

So this one is the black dog at the black dog pack. This one is what we re looking at this is the mercenary. One so we re gonna put that one there and also there we go green. One wash put it there so that sounds quick look at this.

Oh. I ve in the light big oh look at that it s even got a sight on it what an iron sight pretty cool you don t get that on your other guns. So that s pretty cool green gold. I m happy with that pretty nice pretty nice and out the sword.

The sword. Actually has on the hand just here it covers the hand so it s pretty cool it s nice gold cover on hand or i can t show you it like first person or third person whichever ways low. But yeah. That s what it looks like so we do is you go to goto.

Gameflycom. Live at it until jack no play jack check its link in the description down below guys. He s the one what a fan it on game flip itself and like i said is pretty cheap. It s going down in price because he said by a week ago.

It was like 40 and now it s eight yeah get it even cheaper maybe. If you wait a couple of more days you get even cheaper than that still looks pretty cool this guy looks sick look at look at this gun there s a shoe. Any different ivan that iron sight is quite good actually you don t normally do it. It s like the other gun.

Let s show you the other gun real quick doesn t have a sight. Though we got this one got a pistol. There you go. Oh l.

See no sight for this one you can still shoot. And you got pretty good aim. But just having the iron sight could be could help a lot of people go for eight dollars. It s worth it it s definitely worth it i m happy with it like it s pretty but cool and that looks now look sick that just looks sick i mumble happy with this so what i m gonna do is i m going to get the outfit that i won so wrong one it s over here so this is what i m gonna rock like i said i m gonna use it for just the coat that cuz.

I think that s pretty cool the jacket..

Though is it this one not that one this one there we go. There is so i want the black ones. Yeah looks looking good when i go for the boots as well i don t want the silly hat. I don t like the hat that s looking pretty good now it s the red looking good or do we need the gray.

Yeah. The gray definitely looks better. What the hell. Okay.

Lo ha ha. Ha. What i know is gone. Is.

What s going. On. Oh. Yeah.

The green looks pretty cool. I m happy with that sorry i m thinking about give him a guy a beard. He s i don t want to salute that silly little hacks. It looks silly.

I like the big hat. The big hat looks pretty sick. I m just going to check the trouser now i don t know the trousers. I want that i want them that looks pretty cool so we re gonna go and check this one as well.

We ll see what else we can do coming. Making. Me bear. Ah.

I don t want the ginger beard. Man come on what s going on don t want no ginger. Beard. Now alone look at that good hey no no no one here that look good i found was gonna go for the pirate beard.

Yeah because all we we didn t change his we didn t change his belt. Though red belt. Now don t want a red belt. I m gonna go for the gray belt because it just matches because on the green jacket.

It has that sort of gray trim to it at the front. I m pretty happy about that so we have that i do really need to buy myself a tarp. Let s have a look dude. What do you have for me you have anything anything tops okay.

Let s have a look tops. This one. The apple are not liking now that s not gonna match me outfit. I knew this would do green and gray might be with that let s just check see.

If there s anything better green and gray or this one eight five six well not that we re not high level for that yet..

Though let s go different hairstyles mmm now we re worried about out so. I think i m gonna do is i want to go for this one boy that s pretty sweet and that ll match the style. Though where is jackie. There is there we go i can barely see it well let s take this one off.

How do you take that off that one. Oh no i m naked. No well we messed it up there. We go let s just put chuck it all back on got dad.

We ve got the belt. We ve got the pants got the heart and the head will take this off. I don t actually know how to take us off this one okay that one there we go so let s put my top on see what he looks like even without yeah. That don t make that s all that s right.

I m lucky with her that looks pretty cool. So let s buy a jacket back on just like that there we go we re rocking the green. We don t want a dress. We could buy a dress it d be funny actually to buy a dress look at the dresses.

We could be a woman. We could be the ugliest woman in the game dress. We got 10 grand for a dress really. 10 grand.

I m not having not arvind now i don t like any of these that s not too bad cuz. It s open. I ll do like the open bid. The friend now nothing like oh that s quite cool gold boots.

I deny that looks pretty good. That does look pretty good who else we got there nothing. There. What else is there so the tools actually did we get any new tools.

Where we go we re going to chest chest. Oh. We ve got a new compass. We ve got a new compass as well so we get this with the mercenary pack as well.

I didn t know you got that that s pretty cool let s have a quick look we re having a peek in it it s quite rare in the sun. So you can actually see what it looks like what i can show people hey hey your woman. Yeah. Do you like this does this do stuff for you yeah yeah good so we re gonna go check see what else we got cuz.

I didn t know you got this you got this at all this over here. Oh did we get anything else no i don t think we did everything we did blasting farm. We still got the compass. So you get the compass.

The sword the gun and the whole outfit as well that s pretty sick i m happy with that i m gonna keep this compass on because that s looked very nice. But what i want to do is upgrade this one or upgrade. My light because my light needs to be upgraded. Oh.

I can i m creating a light..

Okay we got by a new light. I want a new light that s what i want to do though. This dude is for guns actually come and get any decent skins. Let s have a look coming any anything bear.

What s this the admiral cutlass. Don t want that i m pretty sure we ve got the best or better sniper rifle. Notice. The sovereign.

One that looks like a gun actually without the air without the iron sight on it that s pretty cool folksy dog. I do like that i like that old look okay they start this is well cool. I m happy with this little thing here this is pretty smile. This one let s go and check uh.

I don t think i don t really know i don t like these when they just look tacky to be honest tackiness is not what one osprey called. I do like that now i think that s it bow to me i d do me anything care night. Oh i might get that i m not sure actually i m gonna keep my money because i do want to buy the pit of the front of the ship now i m thinking because i like the green color and now i ve got the green outfit as well i i m thinking about buying the gold lion head. Because green and gold it looks pretty good it does look pretty good so i can t buy that not yet.

But we re getting to get there. So i might just save my money and get there because we got a green ship. We ve got the green stuff. There let s go stand over here.

We can have a look there we go we stand there we re gonna do we re gonna do ana mode 1 mode. She would do should we do dancing or sit in or point. In what do we do cheering there we go yeah see that looks pretty good that looks pretty good. I m happy with that alright guys.

I hope you enjoy the episode like so it is gonna be a quick one. But yeah. That s where we got it from we got it game flip. It was pretty cheap.

I m not promoting it or anything like that it s just a fight let you guys know where it is because they are selling fast. So if you do want one go and jump on jump on the site have a look. There s not those loads of other stuff on those stand tall. Again.

We do it mankind didn t start this bus. Oh we re done the part them to get close join no not a kid. They re gonna get in everybody guess we ll talk to them i will it ends. Now.

This is people now the tennis ball four take up the colossus right like a lie you golden. No the jaws of hell reopen. Before you can even catch your breath. You re between its teeth.

Sometimes saving the people dearest to you is lead to the ocean to ” ..

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