How To Import Facebook Contacts Into Twitter

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“From canada. I m coming to you on this awesome. Sunday. Here in victoria.

Bc bc and reaching out to do a little bit of training and today. We re to be working on some twitter moves in particular how to import your facebook contacts into twitter for those who joining me for the first time. I m sean charles also known as social media sean on many of the different networks. Including twitter.

Which happens to be one of my favorite social networks and i just want to share a little bit of information that hopefully. Adds some value to your online experience and one of the things that i ve noticed is that a lot of people who are really into social media or just starting out facebook is a lot of the times your primary platform and you know whether you have a few hundred or a few or a few thousand connections on facebook. There s a way to translate that and to connect with those same people on twitter. Now unfortunately.

Twitter. Doesn t allow you to do that directly. And so it can be quite a tedious process to find those people now there are some additional apps. Most of them paid for where you can get in depth and search your contacts and then figure out what other networks on but today.

I m going to show you a free and fairly easy way to find those people on twitter. And the only thing is there s a couple little steps. Because you can t do it directly so let s get started so if we go into twitter..


We can if we re on our home screen. We can go all the way over the right here. And it says who to follow now when we look at that we re going to go down. And we have some suggestions.

But we re also going to go by finding friends and as you can see there s gmail. Yahoo hotmail messenger. Aol and linked in there is no facebook tab. So all we have to do is a little extra step to be able to work around that and i ll show you how to do that it actually has to do with something called yahoo now being here in canada.

My default goes to yahoo canada. But as far as i know this will work in the us or wherever you re logging in from just the same so at this point. You might want to pause. This webisode and go ahead and sign up for an account or if you already have one we re going to sign it so we re just going to keep going from here.

So i m going to sign into my account. And let s get things rocking okay. So here we are and the first thing. I want to do is go over to the left and click on mail now i ve already done this with it within my network.

I ve already imported them so there s not going to be a lot of new contacts. But the process works just the same now yahoo has its own little social network. And honestly i haven t spent a ton of time using it..


But there s quite a bit of integration with the other network. So for those of you that do use it i d be interested to know what you liked about it or what you use it for from here. What we re going to do is get into our contacts. So right on the left here or scroll down to the context and were going to click on that now from here the second one down.

We re going to go to import now and here s the different ways that we can bring our contacts in here today for today s purposes. We re going to use facebook. So all i do is click on that okay sure and it s retrieving the data from facebook. So i have no new contacts imported because i ve already done it all so normally they re all going to show up.

Which is fine okay that steps. Very straightforward done now that i have my contacts in there i can go back to twitter because again i couldn t do it directly from facebook and i can click on yahoo again gmail. There isn t a function to do that at this point. But there is also a way to get them into gmail if you re interested i can can follow up with you on that as well so we re going to click on yahoo again i m going to grant it permission and here we go so right now on facebook.

You know i only have a few hundred contacts again it isn t my largest social networks. But most of those contacts are people that i know pretty closely and so i m especially wanting to connect with them on twitter. Which i ve pretty much already done so i ve done this a few times. Now but as you can see these are all the people that it s found so we ve got anthony who s a really good buddy of mine and it just goes through and of course.

I m already following all these people britt over at sticky media b. Tracks and sanfran those are some great guys foot butter of course foot butter guy and so as we see up here i keep scrolling down. There are some people that i m not following..


Dan and oh. He s a big guy in social media and going going forwards now every so often as we scroll down. We can see this person on twitter. Yet but might be findable by email let them know if you like to follow them.

Well this is going to go ahead and give them just some random email message i prefer to keep everything within side twitter. I m not really big on sending out mass emails. Although it could be an option. If you choose to do so.

So for me. I m going to go through and just select the people that i want to start following. Okay we can if you want to save time go ahead and follow all of them all 18 right now this number could be a lot bigger. If you have a ton of facebook contacts that you ve imported so for me.

It s as simple as this i could go ahead and click. It once or for me what i m going to do is i ve actually thought. I was following danny. So we re going to go ahead and follow him and all these other guys.

I ve pretty much gone through and followed kids coat yet of course. I m not sure i thought i was following him and so on and so forth so. However if you want to just go ahead and click that now from there pretty much i am now going to be following them and they re going to get a notification that says that i m following them so if i go to we just saw who i m following so we go to profile and we click over on following you re going to see these are the two people that i just added okay and pretty much it s that simple with my personal facebook account you know..


This is a place where i connect with both friends and networking colleagues and so on and so forth. I also have my business page now at this point. There isn t a way unfortunately to import your facebook contacts from a business page. But you can from your personal.

Which is which is really ideal because it s nice to know the people you re connecting with on a more intimate basis. If possible. I always try to connect the two so that when i m working with my facebook. Page.

Where i do more updates. Usually around social media and marketing tips. And so forth. I can also interact with those people on a personal level by being friends with them.

But that s a conversation for them another a so i hope you got lots out of today s lesson and look forward your feedback questions comments and have an awesome. ” ..

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