How to Improve & Boost Cell Phone Signal for Verizon weBoost

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“Has pretty ngood cell signal. But even so there nare times. You ll find yourself yourself with weak cell nsignal or no cell signal at all. I ll show you you ncan get better cell phone.

Signal with verizon nor at the very least make the most of nwhat. You ve got first off. I ll start off with na. Few tricks that can help you out with your cell signal.

It can be as simple as rolling ndown the window in the car or being in the nright spot at home materials buildings and nvehicles are made out of like metal concrete nand even window tent can reduce the amount of ncell signal passing through and can sometimes even nblock it completely rolling down or opening a window nremoves one more obstruction blocking the signal from nreaching your phone. You can also try turning noff. Lte. For a better calls.

Lte signal and 3g signal. Nfor. Calls. And texts are on different frequencies.

You may find that nat. A given location. You re getting good 3g signal..


Nbut. Your lte isn t so great if calling over nlte is turned on your phone will try and use nlte instead of 3g signal. And you ll be stuck turning off. Lte will allow you nto use your 3g service.

Instead and make the call. It s easy to check. The nsignal levels of lte and 3g to see. Which one is nstronger at your location check out this video to nlearn more about this.

If you re at home make. A nsignal map of your house. Walk around your nhome and write down. The signal level in each room.

This way you ll know nwhich areas of the house get decent cell signal and can ngo to that spot to make a call you can do this with nthe bars on your phone. But they re not very reliable instead put your nphone into test mode. This will show you a much nmore precise numerical reading of your signal. This is available on nandroid or ios devices.

And it s easy to do check out this video. And we ll nwalk you through the process. Another tip..


When checking nthe signal level at your home is to be patient your phone will nusually take a while to update. The signal nlevel sometimes up to a minute so make nsure that you stay at each location for nlong enough to make sure that the signal has updated once you know which side of nthe house gets better service. You can leave the phone non this side of the house. So you won t miss a call.

If you re setting up a nsignal booster. Which we ll get into later this is nalso. Very useful information to know so you can direct your nantenna towards the tower. We ve got a video nhere showing you how to find your nnearest cell tower.

If you want to fix the problem nand improve. The sell signal that you re getting instead nof. Just doing work arounds. Then you ve got a nnumber of options.

Why not try wi fi calling in a nutshell wi fi. Ncalling offloads your calls to the internet nthrough your wireless router instead of nusing. A cell tower. If you live in an area with nweak cell signal or the building you live in is blocking the ncell signal from getting inside then wi fi calling nis a great choice wi fi calling is easy nto set up.

And it works. With most cell phones check out this video nand. We ll walk you through how to set up nwi fi..


Calling at your home. This will help you in nyour car. But at least you can call from home. Now another option for your nhome is a network extender.

A network extender ncreates. A small area of signal in your home nusing. The internet you plug the network nextender into your router. And then it will create nan area of cellular signal about 40 feet from nthe base station up to six people can use ntheir devices.

At the same time while in this coverage area. There are no monthly fees nfor using a network extender. It will just use allotted nminutes like any normal call. One thing to note is that na network extender.

Only works for verizon customers nso. Any other carriers within its broadcast range nwon t be able to connect or use the network extender. So if you live in an narea with no self service or you just can t get cell nservice within your building. But you ve got ninternet access then a network extender might njust be the right fit to learn more about nnetwork extenders or to see how to set one up ncheck out this video here another great option for nstaying connected with verizon is a cell phone signal booster.

These come in models for nbuildings or vehicles. So you can stay connected nwhile at home or on the road. A signal booster..


Works with nany phone and any carrier. And you can have as nmany. Users. As you like using it simultaneously nwithout a problem a signal booster.

Works by ntaking weak cell signal boosting. It and then sending nstrong signal to your phone and back to the cell tower. There are a number of nbooster modules. Available that fit any home or nvehicle.

So you re sure to be covered no nmatter your situation. And you won t need an internet nconnection to make it work. If you d like to know more about ncell phone. Signal boosters.

Then check out one of these nvideos here or visit us online. We ve also got links to nall the options below so click on any of those nfor. More information on any of these devices and please subscribe nto. Our channel.

We release videos nlike this every week. ” ..

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