How to Install and Use uTorrent Safely

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“What s up guys thomas berke. Here with another video telling me talking about utorrent. Utorrent. More specifically how to safely install and use it now.

Utorrent is one of most popular bittorrent apps. Out there it s kind of what started at all in terms of torrenting in terms of how to do it easily so in this video. We re going to show you you know how to download it here we are on the utorrent website utorrent calm so pretty much what you re gonna do is pick between utorrent free and utorrent pro. So what is the difference between these two well whether utorrent pro.

You re paying twenty dollars a year which isn t really that bad if a price here s actually a good breakdown here between the different options here you can have the ad free the basic and of course. The pro so you can watch it torrance without waiting it s kind of funny going to the products then giving you all this information. But here. It is once you kind of pick the free version that kind of tries to show to you now.

It does have a pro a plus vpn plan with cyberghost vpn..

Now cyberghost is an okay vpn. But by no means is it the best vpn to use with utorrent you torn a cyber co. So just kind of partnered together tor guard actually is gonna give you much better torrents peace with utorrent probably around close to what you would expect without using a vpn whereas most other vpns are gonna cut your speeds around in terms of you know maybe a fifth so if you have twenty megabytes. A second on for a download speed you could expect around maybe four or five maybe even two to three.

Now. It s already gonna get still at close to twenty megabytes. A second for downloading so click on the link down in the description down below. If you want to check out tor guard with utorrent.

But today. We re going to be showing you how to install utorrent here with the basic plan. You know you do have these other options here if you re interested you re gonna go ahead and click download now with utorrent you re gonna want to be careful because they do try to get you to download some you know kind of questionable things. So this is says ad aware my malwarebytes actually blocked it so we re gonna have to go back and figure out how to get around this we re gonna be careful here to make sure not to you know download anything we re gonna manage this exclusion here as you can see here this is already kind of a red flag so here we have the utorrent classic.

Which is what i m gonna be talking about today all right so now i am downloading..

This is a page that s gonna look like so guys. This is where you re gonna have to be very careful with utorrent. It s probably gonna try to get you to install things you don t need so make sure to read everything so far that seems okay you re where online scams. They charge money for it i picked you only about utorrent calm.

Okay never paid for free forward okay. That s fine just a license agreement optional optional offer add a we re web companion so this is one of those things i warned you about improve my internet by clicking accept you agree to the terms and privacy policy. Agree to install add aware web companion we re going to delightful ii decline avast free antivirus by clicking accept you agree install it we re gonna go ahead and click skip now this is pretty much just if you want to have some icon. So i m gonna go ahead and disable these this stuff looks fine pretty much just adding exception for the firewall and now we should be pretty good to go you re just going to want to watch out for that stuff guys when you re installing it so see what it looks like looks like it tried to load something up here.

I m some kind of ad or something and my you black origin actually blocked it alright guys so here we have just for the purposes of this video. I found a royalty free song copyright free you can use it for whatever you want let s say you want to download this file. We re just going to go ahead and click on it and then when we do this open utorrent and then when you go back to utorrent you re gonna pick where you want it to download so we ll just pick downloads that s fine and now it s gonna be connecting so one thing i do want to mention guys is that if you re not aware when this starts downloading. I ll show you a lot of people don t know that when you actually torn stuff you re part of what is called a peer to peer network.

Now what this means is that other people are sharing this file and you re downloading it from them..

So if you look in the peer section. Here you can actually see the ips of whoever is in this network. Now. This is a small file and i m really many people sharing or distributing it but in a large file you d see tons of ips.

Right here. Showing and sharing the file and this file might even download. Because it barely has any cedars zero cedars you know i m not sure if this is even gonna work really. But normally you would have tons of ips right here showing everyone who s downloading his file.

So it s just how copyright companies and trolls and various people track these downloads and they therefore send there s an ip it looks like they therefore send a an email to the internet source. Proud of your own psyche or whatever and they can track you down and send you that email and give you a warning so what you re going to want to do guys is either use a vpn or proxy service. I mentioned before click on the links down in the description there below if you re interested in my recommended vpn provider. But it s pretty simple though you pretty much just use a vpn app.

Which you install and connect to a server near your location or you going to the proxy settings here go to preferences and then you re going to want to go to something like proxy server connection tab pick socks5 for the purpose of this video is to do 12 arts proxy proxy poor org something like that and then you re gonna authenticate and use this computer for connections and you just type in your username your stuff like that and click apply..

And then okay you re pretty much your ip is going to be protected in this bittorrent swarm. Nobody s gonna be able to see that ip that you have so anyways guys. It s a pretty simple video just showing you how to install utorrent how to stay safe. While using utorrent.

How to watch out for some of those adwords that try to get installed. While you re installing it but anyways guys if you like this video. And you want to see more videos like this make sure to comment. Let me know like comment like it like my video.

And yeah. Leave a comment. If you want and i ll see you again on the next video. ” .


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