How To Install Spotify Premium For Free On PC [WORKING 2020

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“Back to another video. I know i haven t uploaded a proper video. Where i i ve talked to you guys on how to do something in a while that just because of what s happened recently in my channel. You know i earn four point five thousand subscribers.

Which is insane. I ve got a hundred thousand views on my livestream. It just changed and i really didn t know why it s supposed to but i m back as you can see and in today s video as you saw by the title and the fun. Though i m gonna be teaching you guys how to install spotify for free or not spotify for free.

I m talking about how to instill spotify with premium for free just know that this is only gonna be for your pc. This isn t gonna be for anything else like your phone..

So just letting you know so without further ado. I guess let s get into it the first thing you re gonna want to do is install winrar as if you don t have it you re definitely gonna want it and if you don t know what winrar is if we just her head over to this you see this page here. You you want to mainly focus on these two at the top when raw x86 or x64 and if your honor. If you don t know what system you re on like if you don t know if you re a 32.

Bit or a 64 bit. If you go down to the bottom of your taskbar and right click on the windows. And then you want to go to system. And then when you re on system.

It should let you know right here system type as you can see here mine is a 64 bit so then i need to download the winrar 64. Bit as you would assume then and once you ve downloaded that you just want to go to it so right here..

This is where i would have had it downloaded you double click. It and it will come up with a prompt to download and you just click install by already have it so i don t need to install it so that s the first part on the next part you need to install this file that i ll have the links in the description. Don t worry about this this or this this is just my stuff. But you want to make sure you have this file downloaded and once you have this downloaded just double click on it once you have winrar installed and it will prompt you up with this and all you have to do is double click installer for spotify.

And it should extract it and then start installing it we ve just prompt on one of your screens. If you have mold pool or if you re just having one screen or won t be one easy. As and then once that s happened it will show you this screen. All you want to do is click the x on it and once you click the x so you should see this other file called script underscore spotify dot bat you re gonna double click it and run it and it might come up with an alert saying are you sure.

And it will come up with this and as it says press. Any key to continue you click any key and it will come up with this i don t understand it i didn t make it..

But you click ok and once you ve done that you just click the x once again and this page right here is completely fine so once you ve done that you want to go down to the bottom and click on your little search bar and you want to type run in and once you ve typed to run you just want to open it up. And it s gonna come up with this little prompt top right here. And all you want to do is type app. And then data and click the enter and it s gonna come up with something like this you re gonna click on local and then you want to find your spotify folder so for me.

It s right here and then all you want to do is click on a new folder. And you want to call it update make sure. It s with a capital u. And then once you ve got the update folder.

You just want to right click on it and click on properties go to security and click on edit once you click edit you want to click on the full control deny on every single group or user names and once you ve clicked an eye on all of them you just want to click apply confirm click ok click ok again and now once you ve done that you should be good to go you just close out of that folder close out of that folder. And then you want to click on chandi spotify and you should see your spotify up here you click on login i m gonna log in with my facebook so it s easier as you see right here i m on spotify..

And i can go on anything. Like one. So i can go to say like the fat rat. As he s got some good copyright free songs and for example.

I can just start playing the music. If i want it to as you can see right here. I ll click on it and i can skip as much as i want without getting an ad. No ads will come up ever so do this as long as it s helpful.

What was that being said i hope you enjoyed the video and if you want me to make more stuff like this just let me know and i will see you in the next one ” ..

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