How To Jailbreak A PS3 On 4.83/4.84 (Easy 2019)

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” s up guys what boys 75 to hear and today guys in this video i i m going to be showing you how to jailbreak your ps3 running 404. So first thing you need to do is obviously make sure you have a ps3 that can be jailbroken or downgrade apple. So what i will do is i will leave a link in the description. Where you can check what can be jailbreaking.

And what can t be jailbroken all fats can be jailbroken and some slims. So today. I will be using a slim. So and also i will leave a mint version checker down below and this big file guys go ahead and just download this this is what all the files are going to be using today.

So it s like a basically. Only one so i have all this like the custom firmware or everything you need to you know just get started jailbreaking. So yeah. So what we need to do today.


Is install the hybrid film with first so you know you know the dual you just copy it and you just make a ps3 folder update and put it in there and just install it on your ps3 which i will do right now. And yeah. I ll be right back guys. So.

Once the hybrid firmware has installed what you need to do now is head over to your internet search and just go ahead and search for ps3 exploit by the way this you don t need a usb to do this part. So that s really cool and makes. It a bit easier. So just go ahead.

And just select ps3. Exploit and go ahead and click ok on this one click flash rider on the top let me just zoom in for a second guys sorry about this so as you can see flash rider and we want to do just. Click. 48.


For hybrid firmware sorry about that and go ahead and just click right flash from hdd and select if you have a norm or an end so i have a law and that s going to take you to a new page. When there is an out you guys ok. And what you need to do is scroll down. As you can see here pressed right go to the the blue area.

These quick triangle go to file and then save huh get there it ll save give it a second okay and then once that s done go ahead and click initialize exploitation. Now this might take a couple tries so i ll be right back. And yeah okay guys. It s done i thought that that actually took like 20 seconds.

To do so that s good so now we just need to click passion or flash memory. And i will be right back once it s done okay guys so that is done so now. What we can do is go ahead and install the custom firmware of our choice. So i m gonna go ahead and install rebug so go ahead and download rebug with the files that i did that i download that i put together so i m go ahead and do that and go ahead and stall it and yeah be right back okay guys so to install our custom firmware.


What we need to do is just pretend. This is my usb. So what we need to do is just make a new folder and in all capitals just rename it to ps3 ps3 and then inside that you want to make update. And then inside that you would drag your custom firmware in and rename it to ps3.

Update. Dot pub. And then you just plug it into the usb of the to the ps3 and you would store the custom firmware and that s pretty much it so yeah as you can see just concerning christ rebug just click ok and let it let the install process just do its thing. And yeah.

We now have a jailbroken ps3. So the first thing. I would recommend doing is if you have installed rebug. It s just installing worry about toolbox.


So just go ahead and store that and just then after that guys you can install like multi man. And like do mods and make sure you make sure you guys are still like stuff that peers and patch. It all that i will leave again all the links in the description. So so thank you very much for watching guys.

I hope you did enjoy the video. Please don t forget to like and subscribe. And yeah. So thank you very much and i ll see you guys in the next video.

” ..

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