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“What s up you guys. This is not true here and welcome back to another another call of duty world war. 2. Video now in today s video.

I m be giving you guys a couple of tips on how to get a high social score and call of duty world war two now. I know a lot of you guys are probably still wondering what social score. Even does in this game. And truth be told.

I am in the middle of my sixth prestige currently and i still really don t know what the point of it is in the end game. All i do know for sure. Though is as you rank up you get rewards meaning from level one to whatever. The max level social score.

Is i m not sure what that is exactly as of right. Now you will get better and better rewards as you progress through those ranks. Now this is something separate from your multiplayer rank your multiplayer rank is pretty much your prestige icon something we re all familiar with social rank is something else you have to work on on the side. And some people are wondering what s the fastest way to get some social score.

So i figured i d put together this video with some quick tips that have helped me along the way now. I am only a social score rank 11. So by no means am. I saying that i m one of the highest social score players in the world or that you know these tips will skyrocket you to the top.

But what i will say is that this is what has helped me get that high of a social score. And trust. Me you want to work your way up the social score ladder. Because you can get some epic weapons you can get tons of armor your credits.

And you can get supply drops. Oh man oh man it s totally worth it so starting off right now..

I made a video yesterday. Talking about how headquarters has pretty much become public again at least for the the united states were in my area in california of los angeles. I know it s also been up in canada for a while and i do know that it s up in other regions. Some people still do not have public headquarters.

But when everybody has access to this you guys can use this tip to help a lot now you guys know as you rank up or as you do the daily orders and stuff like that you can get supplied. Draw bonuses or supply drop unlocks. Now. The biggest tip that i would say is that you never want to open these up in a solo headquarters.

Now the reason. I say that is because depending on the number or the amount of people that watch you open a supply drop. You will get one social score for every person that sees you open a supply drop. Now the reason i say that is because i ve done some testing myself.

And i ve gotten anywhere from a range of like three social score from opening a supply drop to all the way upwards of like 11 or 12. Now what you want to do is when you load into a headquarters is if you find a populated one that is you want to try to find an area where there s a group of people who might just be afk. Now a great area for this is right at the spawn location. If you spawn it at a headquarters.

Right at the top of the hill. Normally. There s already a cluster of people there naturally who aren t really moving if you have some supply drops. And there s a group of like ten people there.

This is your best bet to get easy social score for free. Even though these people are not doing anything and they are not moving or doing anything in the hq. Just because they are in your vicinity. When you re opening a supply drop.

You will get social score or credit for every person. That s in that area now the reason..

I say you want to do this on top of the hill. It s because sometimes in a lot of headquarters. If people are actually moving around there could be some people in the middle. There can be some people down to than one p1p.

But generally the most populated area of the map is going to be the spawn location you want to try to maximize how many people open or see you opening supply drops and if you have a microphone. What i do right before i open. My supply drops is i m always like hey i got i got like five supply drops. Who trusted me open these real quick and then all the sudden you see people just flock to you trust me.

It works and the easiest way to do it in my opinion is try to find like an afk group in an hq and for whatever reason. If there s not a lot of people who are at the top of the hill. Who are actually moving around in your headquarters. Maybe play a match or to save your supply drops play like a game of team deathmatch or to back out of the lobby.

After the game. Then you will be put into a new headquarters. Where hopefully with a new pool. New pool of people who will hopefully be afk or all grouped up in a similar location.

So you can just open your supply drop around them. Now it can be a little bit difficult sometimes because if people are moving around. You will not be able to place the supply drop. It will give you a red indicator.

You just got to find a sweet spot where it ll eventually let you place. A blue supply or the little blue circle on the mini map around all the people who are bunched up together. Now another thing. I want to note that has helped me along the way is a lot of people do not realize that when you are in the pregame lobby of games you can commend other people without being inin headquarters with them all you have to simply do is push a or x.

If you re on ps4. I believe and you will put put into a list of people and across each of the people..

If you push a or inspector profile. You will be given an optional. Recommend the player now as crazy as it sounds usually when i join a lobby. I have a microphone saw just got on the mic real quick and i ll be like hey i m gonna commend everybody for you coming back appreciate it and that s all you gotta say man some people of course.

They re gonna be little trolls and be like f you. But do not worry. It s crazy because oftentimes. I get at least one or two people that commend me back and although.

It doesn t seem like that much you do get like around a tenth social score boost for each person. And if you play more and more imagine every lobby. Where at least one or two people commend you back out of all the people you command wider in the lobby. Now the last and final tip is really only going to work.

If you have a microphone and this is kind of cheesy. But what i do when i m in hq every time i get into a brand new headquarters. I always go straight to the leader board. And i tell people yo who s trying to get their social score meet me by the leaderboard to commend me and i ll commend you back and i know it sounds kind of dumb.

But you d be surprised every single headquarters. I ve gone into without fail has netted me anywhere from like one to four people at least who come and command me just by saying that now you might have to say it once or twice on the mic because the first time people might not hear you that well. But all i say is yo meet me by leaderboard commend. Me.

I ll come in g pack. Let s get that social score up boys like you gotta make a cool fun or else people ai. N t gonna want to talk to you bro people are going wal talk to no weirdo on the internet. But i hope you guys get the point.

You ll pretty much tell people into hq yo. I ll commend you if you commit me back just meet me here it doesn t have to be the leaderboards..

But that s usually where everybody at least knows where it s at and you ll be surprised man. You ll sometimes you ll get a group good group of people will all just come and flock to you and it s pretty awesome and you get free social score just for saying something on the microphone. But those have been the three tips that have pretty much helped me get my social score up like i said. I m only so score 11.

But you do get some really good rewards along the way so i definitely definitely recommend you guys way up to social rank. If you guys are a low rank below rank five. I think rank. 5.

Is actually one of the best unlocks in the social rank system. You get an epic variant of the m 19 28. I believe or it s a tommy gun. It s like the last submachine gun.

You unlock as you rank up in multiplayer and you get an epic wilco variant and it s actually really good and one of my favorite guns in the game to be honest as an extended mag so i just want to make this video. Because i know a lot of people are struggling with how to get their social score up it s pretty much all on you man you just gotta go go out there command people. And hopefully. They ll command you back and also never open your supply drops.

When you re by yourself always always always try to do them in a populated hq. If not in a headquarters with a couple of your friends. Maybe three or four and tell them to all watch you open it so you can get credit for every person. But i hope you guys do it the video that s pretty much how to get your social rank up in call of duty world war two i hope you guys enjoyed if you guys would like to see more call of duty world war two tips and tricks be sure to let me know the concept of below.

What you guys want to see next thumbs up the video. So i know you guys enjoyed it and i think you guys for watching peace out nacho nation. ” ..


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