How to Make 40 INCH BUNDLES into a Wig in 30 Minutes VERY VERY DETAILED

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“You guys. This is glamazon tey and i m back with a new video now now today you guys i decided to collaborate with west kiss hair. And we re to be doing a video on how to create a wig made of hair glue believe it or not freakin. The hair glue now this was my first time attempting a wig like this and i ve heard so many things about it sounds like i need to try for myself.

And that s definitely what i did and this method proven to work and it was fairly easy so if you guys are interested definitely stay tuned first things first though you guys i m gonna be doing another hair giveaway with wes cos hair. I said i know my babies want some long bundles so i know i needs to get it together so if you guys are interested in getting these bundles definitely definitely flower west kiss on all their social media and me as well or instagram snapchat and youtube. And i have everything linked in the bio and also just comment below what hair type you want and we will send you those bundles baby 40. Inches.

Know these bundles are having now is two bundles of 38 inch. Three bundles of 40 inch. And so nice first to get started you re gonna need a glue gun and some glue sticks needle thread and scissors and a dome style wig caps of your choice. I use this one because it didn t have the netting and it wasn t mesh.

It was just a full cap so i could feel like it s really a wig now here is the weight head that i m gonna be using of course you need one of these because you don t want your head to burn off and then here is the frontal manager guys. I said it s a 20 inch front and it has not been plucked. But as you can see it s fairly good now. I m gonna go ahead and crumble elastic bag and just put that under the cat so i can stretch it a little bit more so it s not so tight.

This is optional. I do it sometimes sometimes i don t but today. I felt like it and with this from souls..


So let me show you guys so with the frontal. You can see it has two little tabs on each end now they re basically circle. Now that s what we re going to measure our tabs up to the end of the blade cast now we re doing this and gonna make the front of your funnel seem floppy and seem like it s not in shape. And let me tell you something this is really really good because this lets you know that everything is falling in place.

Now. As you see i m putting that little tab to the end and i m pulling it tight a little bit. And i m actually gonna go ahead and pin. It so that s how i know that my wings secure and then i m gonna put one more pin in the middle.

Just so. It s not moving back and forth. And you know everything is pushed a little forward it s really floppy. But it s all good because when you put the link away.

She gonna be laughing okay now this is gonna be the only sewing you re gonna be doing on this week. That s because i don t feel secure with having a glue gun frontals down i ma just be honest so i m basically gonna go ahead and not my thread. I m just gonna sew through the three layers of the cat so that i say three layers at the rim. You can see that it s a layer of cap.

It s a elastic band and then it s another layer of cat so basically i m gonna stitch through all three layers and make sure it s really secure so when we go through cut off that elastic band in the inside or the cap on the inside. We re not messing nothin up so just throw through all those layers and then when you get past the elastic band outer part you re basically you re just gonna be sewing through that one layer right here. Which you really have no choice..


Because there s no other layers. So i hope that kind of makes sense. But i m just gonna go in and out over and under and just keep criss crossing a little bit like i m doing just making. Sure everything s secure pulling a little tight not too tight.

Though and then i m just following. Along the guidelines that i made for myself with the pushpins. So this just makes everything easyy fall into place and make sure everything is pretty secure and it s also pretty repetitive if i can say so myself. But it does ensure that you re having a great foundation and a sturdy foundation at that now we re sewing onto the other end basically.

We re going to finish off the same exact way through sewing through the whole three layers of the elastic band and all that jazz so we can make sure everything. It s put now as you guys see we have some flaps on the in and that s definitely okay we want those little flaps. We want them to stay there they re gonna help everything look natural and fall into place. And yeah.

So no worries about the flaps. No worries now this is the fun part this is where we re gonna start the gluing process. So you guys see my cap is pretty firm. Everything is flat.

So i m gonna go ahead. And put a little bit glue and then i m gonna put the track over that glue and then glue a little bit more and then do it again so. What i do this is because basically..


When you do the glue gun method the glue dries. So fast. That it really doesn t have a chance to do one more layer and then put the glue on it so i just take your piece by piece now. It s okay.

If it gets a little bit messy cuz glue pretty much dries. I don t want how to say it it drives pili so you can pretty much peel. It off so. It s not really no mess with the glue gun.

And that s one thing. I really do like and another thing is when i was doing this i wasn t able to double the tracks up so that s why i did them fairly close together. So with me doing them close together. I was able to get more hair into it and with this being these long bundles they can easily go thin.

So that s why i definitely one of my tracks to be like very close together and you see a little pieces of them sniff out if they weren t able to get within the glue. When the glue was high so i just go back and retouch them so it s no big deal. And i just kind of did this in a u shape kept brushing everything out making sure everything was secure. But i ain t gonna guys we re doing this this hair did kind of it was so long it was kind of hard for it not to tangle in certain areas now we re doing this now.

I m gonna go ahead and pluck the frontal you guys know i always put the frontal that s nothing new. I do that so it can ensure the hair is gonna look natural and everything is looking for all this so i thought the foundation is pretty much done i m literally just gonna flip the wig over now. This is the easiest way for me to bleach the nuts..


You know ablution a nice you know that makes the wig look a little bit more realistic makes the hair look. Good and whatnot like jonah might win a wig and i m not saying. Bleached. Okay.

Baby. Now you can do one or two things. With the flaps. So basically you can apply the flaps with elastic bands and this is a wig.

I previously used or you can actually take those flaps and shove them down and use got to be glued in front of your ears. That way it can give you that sideburn looking that really cutesy look. But overall. This is the way and i mean it took me about an hour to make this wig.

I love it it s so cute. I think it s probably one of my new methods. But um don t forget to enter in a giveaway all you gotta do is comment below what type of hair. You want and follow me and west cakes on all of our social medias and i ll see you guys in my next video.

I ll definitely be giving you guys an update on this video. I mean update on this hair or honestly because a lot of you really love it so ” ..

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